Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

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Xiao Han looked at the new village with a straight face: "The book is not credible, but the new village, you can not leave your homework behind, do you know?"? And you and Huang Wei must not be too eager to make progress, at least after you go to college, right? She didn't want her childhood playmate to drop out of school early and get married, and what if the other party didn't marry her after the accident? However, for now, she has a good impression of Huang Wei, and later met several times, she deliberately let the snowball spy listen to his ideas, is still an honest and affectionate boy, so she never stopped the new village! But even so, she did not want the new village to break through the defense line early, their age can not afford these. Xiao Han, you can rest assured, I didn't let him move anywhere else, I just trusted you to tell you this, I didn't tell. "What are you talking about?" Xiao Nuan's sudden appearance startled the new village and patted his chest: "Xiao Nuan, aren't you watching Xiao Feng and the upstart playing Gobang?"? When did you come here? She told Xiaohan this because she had absolute trust in Xiaohan since she was a child, and if Xiao Nuan listened to it, she would lose her life! "Sister Xincun,Nail machine supplier, I just came here. What did you say just now that you were so scared?" Without waiting for Xincun to answer, Xiao Nuan turned to Xiao Han and said, "Sister, why haven't they arrived yet?"? I especially want to see my second aunt's brother Kun Yong right away. My mother says he looks like Andy Lau. My favorite is Andy Lau! Xiao Nuan said to lean on Xiao Han's side, the last time the second aunt and brother Kun Yong sent grandma over in the afternoon, and then let Zhao Ma send a car to send them to the aunt's house, so Xiao Nuan did not see brother Kun Yong, after hearing Zhao Ma say that brother Kunyong looks like Andy Lau and looks better than Andy Lau,Nail production machine, she was very upset! Today, Zhao Ma told her that her aunt's family and her second aunt Kunyong's brother were coming. Xiao Nuan began to look forward to it. From morning to noon, she didn't see anyone. She was really worried! Chapter 290 disappointment. Xiao Han looked at Xiao Nuan and couldn't help laughing: "Xiao Nuan, you have to understand one thing. Mom just said that Kun Yong's brother looks like Andy Lau. As for looking better than Andy Lau, it's probably because there are layers of relatives. Mom's eyes are a little confused. You can't place too much hope on him!" In her previous life, she was also looking forward to it. As a result, at the moment when she saw Kunyong's brother, she was disappointed and poured cold water from head to foot. She could only say that Zhao Ma had beautified Kunyong's brother too much. She had never seen Kunyong in her life, so naturally she could not say anything about it. Small warm some dubious: "I feel the eyes of the porridge is not so bad?" Xiao Han patted Xiao Nuan on the head and said, "I'm afraid that the greater your hope, the greater your disappointment. You should be normal, don't you know?" The new village is also interested in hearing: "Then I have to wait to see how Aunt Zhao's eyes look!" " He looked at Xiao Han with a smile and whispered, "Xiao Han, I know you are perilla. With such a big star as you in front of me, I have no interest in other stars!"! Andy Lau is quite handsome, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, but there is no Fang Chu and Ebony Shuai, nor Ning Zhenshuai! Of course, Xiaohan was not surprised that Xincun could recognize her. After so many years of childhood, it would be wrong if she couldn't recognize her. She grinned and said, "Just recognize her, as long as you don't go out and talk nonsense!" The new village pouted discontentedly: "Do I spit like that?"? Yesterday, my mother saw your interview. Oh, it was your interview with the top student in the college entrance examination. She kept wondering. After you were on TV, it was more like the perilla reported two days ago. Finally, I dispelled her doubts! "My mother said that if I could get a champion in the college entrance examination on TV, she would have no regrets in her life, but would the champion be so easy to take the exam?"? Xiaohan, why am I so unlucky? Why have I been in junior high school for four years? The words delay me for a year, but people say that the girl is one year older and one year older, which is not intentional to harm me! Xiaohan couldn't help laughing. The new village was really a bit unlucky. Midong suddenly changed the junior high school to a four-year system the year before last. The new village just caught up with this level. Otherwise, the new village would have taken the high school entrance examination last year. Xiao Han smiled and said, "Xincun, it's all right. You won't become stupid. Don't worry. As long as you have confidence, there will be a champion!"! There will be one on TV! Xincun was so angry that he patted Xiaohan: "Xiaohan, you laugh at me, but I really envy you. Now when you walk outside, you can hear people praising you everywhere that you are the first college student in our village to go to the capital to go to college, and the first college student to appear on TV!"! They have never been so surprised that you are the chairman of Hanyi! "Xincun, in fact, where to go to college, is not important, the important thing is that you can get into the university you like, you can go the way you like in the future, but also with people who like you and you like him, this is the best!" When Xiao Han said this, he no longer smiled cheekily, and his expression became very serious. Xiaohan, talking to you is comfortable, I now feel that my classmates are particularly naive, you said that you will go to the capital in more than ten days, what can I do if I miss you later? When the new village said this, there were tears in his eyes. You can write to me, call me, and I'll be back on vacation. "Xiao Han, Xiao Feng, Xiao Nuan, your aunt and aunt are here. Come here quickly!" Xiao Han was saying that Zhao Ma's shouts came over. Xiao Han quickly patted the new village: "Don't you want to see my mother's eyes? Go and see Andy Lau!" " Then he pulled the new village and called Xiaofeng upstart to walk to the gate. Xiao Nuan had already run away. Sweat! Xiao Han walked over and saw my aunt and others getting down from the van. He quickly said, "Hello, aunt!"! Hello, second aunt! Hello, brothers! Hello, sisters! Hello, brother-in-law! There are a lot of people coming. My aunt has two elder sisters (the elder sister is in Yanzhou), a brother and a brother-in-law,nail manufacturing machine, plus my second aunt and brother Kunyong. My uncle is still working in Yanzhou Media Mine. In my impression, the year after next, my uncle retired and found out the mine disease. My aunt's family moved to Yanzhou except for the second sister who got married. 3shardware.com

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