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Without Chu Tianming's control and urging, the energy began to swallow the alien energy in the body on its own, and the milky white energy, which had previously been very stubborn, ran away as if a mouse had seen a cat. Stone milk energy how can let it escape, directly a hungry tiger attack, will be in front of the milky white energy surrounded, a few blink of an eye, will be these energy swallowed up, and then continue to the rest of the milky white energy. Chu Tianming has been paying attention to the changes in the body, see the stone milk energy so powerful, immediately a happy heart, knowing that he has no need to worry, now he has to do, is to wait for the stone milk energy to swallow up these alien energy, and then he can begin to use these stone milk energy to restore the body's injuries, if there is excess, but also to strengthen their own body. Three minutes later, the milky white energy in the body has been gathered in a corner by the stone milk energy, all sides are light green stone milk energy, these surrounded by milky white energy like a group of thieves surrounded by the police,Nail machine manufacturer, trembling with fear. The light green stone milk energy went all out and rushed up directly, swallowing the energy in a few moments. The alien energy in the body disappeared, Chu Tianming's internal organs finally began to resume operation, but this is not over, to know that the alien energy on his wound is much more than the alien energy in the body, is still waiting for the stone milk energy to swallow it! These stone milk energy really did not let Chu Tianming disappointed, spent four or five minutes, will be entrenched in Chu Tianming's wound on the alien energy swallowed a clean,wire nail making machine, not even a little bit left. Completed the work of clearing the alien energy, these stone milk energy began to restore the injury on Chu Tianming's body, while replenishing the immortal power and life essence he consumed. Without the interference of alien energy, I am afraid that Chu Tianming himself can quickly recover from his physical injuries, not to mention that now with the help of these stone milk, it hardly took a few hours for Chu Tianming to recover to his heyday. There is still a lot of stone milk energy left. It seems that I can attack the realm of Luo Tianxian first! Chu Tianming's heart moved. As early as when fighting with the demon emperor, Chu Tianming already had the feeling that he was going to break through, but at that time he could not grasp it. Now, after a long time of accumulation, Chu Tianming finally grasped the feeling of breakthrough. Now, he just waited to break through the bottleneck of Luo Tianxian, and then he could directly promote to the level of Luo Tianxian. The next moment, Chu Tianming carried the power of immortals in his body, surrounded the energy of stone milk, and began to impact the realm of Luo Tianxian. The energy in the body is more than five times stronger under the blessing of stone milk energy. Such a powerful energy has long exceeded the basic requirements of Luo Tianxian. What Chu Tianming has to do now is to condense a big Luo seed in the body. When the big Luo seed blossoms three flowers on the top, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Coil Nail Making Machine, Chu Tianming can directly become a big Luo Jinxian. Chapter 643 Da Luo seed, Cheng! In the body, the energy is running crazily. In the center of this energy storm, a glittering seed begins to change from illusion to substance. In just three days, Chu Tianming has swallowed countless elixirs. This big Luo seed, far more than he imagined to be able to condense. In fact, the vast majority of Luo Tian Xian will not be in the impact of the realm of Luo Tian Xian when the condensation of big Luo seeds, they are generally in the Luo Tian Xian after Dzogchen, will begin to be able to gather big Luo seeds, with incomparably huge energy, nurturing the seeds of big Luo, nature is far easier than Chu Tianming now condensation. The reason why Chu Tianming wants to start condensing now is that he has his own reasons. Big Luo Jinxian does not mean that a breakthrough can be made. Big Luo seeds are also divided into high and low grades. Obviously, the big Luo seeds that are only condensed in the impact of Luo Tianxian must be the highest, while the big Luo seeds that are condensed after becoming Luo Tianxian Dzogchen can be said to be relatively low-end. High big Luo seeds, naturally easier to open three flowers on the top, and the three flowers are very strong, while low-end big Luo seeds, want to open three flowers on the top is more difficult, and even if it comes out, it is also very fragile. For example, a top Da Luo seed can produce top three flowers between 1000 and 5000 years, while a medium Da Luo seed takes ten times or even tens or hundreds of times longer, while a low-end Da Luo seed even has a certain probability of never producing top three flowers. Throughout the history of the great power, which one is not in the breakthrough Luo Tianxian on the condensation of big Luo seeds, and big Luo seeds out of the top three flowers, will also condense a natural magical power, the strength of this natural magical power, also depends on the strength of the top three flowers. Some gifted magical powers can even make a big Luo Jinxian kill the quasi-holy strong. You can see the power of this talent. Chu Tianming is also more envious of this natural magical power, he now learned only one magical power, that is, invisible, this magical power is powerful, he has seen. With the cultivation of Taiyi Jinxian, he could walk freely under the eyes of the demon emperor in the middle of the quasi-holy period, so that he could not find himself, and he still remembered two other magical powers in his mind. Every door is not to be underestimated. Once learned, it will certainly add a lot of fighting power to him. Fen Shen Avatar, Chu Tianming has always had the desire to learn, but has not taken time to learn, fixed body Avatar is also powerful, even if it is only the first glimpse of the path. Can be fixed by their own cultivation as the first level of the opponent, once practiced to the depth, fixed than their own cultivation for several levels of the strong can do. And the seed of Da Luo blossomed out the magical power condensed by the three flowers on the top. But they are much more powerful than these, and most of them are aggressive and have extraordinary destructive power. Chu Tianming was in a hurry to gather the seeds of Da Luo so early. First, in order to become a big Luo Jinxian as soon as possible, and second, in order to be able to condense a more powerful talent. Chu Tianming is like this,High Speed Nail Making Machine, or not, if you want, you must have the best.

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