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Speaking of the word "explanation", he obviously emphasized his tone, and then turned to Shen's mother, "This is because your son spoke first to disgust my child, and then he couldn't beat him. That's his waste, even girls can't beat him." The man sneered, "it's a good idea for the villain to complain first." Chang Li held her breath silently. Looking up at Xu Ningqing, his neck was slender and fragile. Seldom has she been so protected behind her back, unprincipled and completely favored. Besides, pear. Chang Li thought in a trance that he had just called me Li Li. Her heart beat heavily. Xu Ningqing finished, then looked at the head teacher, and returned to the idle appearance of the light wind and clouds. Teacher, it is indeed wrong for Lili to hit someone, but please investigate the cause and effect, and who made the dirty composition book before. We will ask for leave in the afternoon, and I will take her to the hospital to see if there is any injury. The man said, nodded politely to the head teacher, and then shook his hand and directly pinched Chang Li's wrist and walked out of the office without looking back. The first class in the afternoon is physical education, and there is no one in the classroom. Xu Ningqing walked over, the window was open, he bent slightly, and took out the schoolbag on the chair inside. "Let's go," he said lightly. Chang Li didn't respond. When he looked back, he saw that the child's cheeks were red, and he used his hand as a fan to fan his face desperately. What's the matter? Xu Ningqing looked at her for a moment. With a pause and a warm face, she walked up to him, dragging her voice and saying, "Hot." "Have a fever?" “……” Chang Li wanted to roll her eyes, the heart said to burn her face like this is estimated to be hopeless, but she can not tell Xu Ningqing,wire nail machine manufacturers, because he called her a "pear", she blushed like this. It's so humiliating. "It's possible," she answered slowly. Xu Ningqing took her directly to the hospital. The little girl had a thermometer in her mouth and her cheeks were bulging. Xu Ningqing sat opposite and looked at her for a while: "Imp." Chang Li raised her eyes and answered with the sound of a thermometer in her mouth. Do people often bully you at school? She shook her head. First time today? Chang Li thought, Li Huan is not the first time against her, so he shook his head again. Xu Ningqing frowned and did not speak. Five minutes later, Chang Li took out the thermometer, and the nurse in front of him looked at it and said with a smile, "36 degrees 4, no fever, very standard body temperature." Xu Ningqing nodded and said thank you. Is there anything else uncomfortable? Chang Li lowered her head and rolled up the sleeves of her clothes. The girl's skin was so white that it was almost transparent, so that the red and purple piece on her elbow was particularly conspicuous. Why didn't you say so? Xu Ningqing's voice is a little heavy. Often pear "Hum" sound, forefinger poked above: "Not very painful, be pushed to the wall to knock before. "Go and bandage it first." A lot of people in the hospital, simple dressing also have to register in line, Xu Ningqing simply went to the next pharmacy to buy their own disinfectant alcohol and gauze. He pulled the little girl to one side, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, his head down, his neat broken hair hanging down in front of his forehead, and his fingers wrapped around her thin arms. Chang Li sat in silence and said nothing. The man moves skillfully, and it doesn't hurt too much when the disinfectant alcohol is applied. She blinked and suddenly asked, "Why are you so skilled?" "I fought every day when I was your age." The man answered frankly. Ah Chang Li asked, "Why?" "I forgot that I was young and bad-tempered at that time." Chang Lixin said, "You don't have a good temper now, and she will beat Shen Qi later.". Xu Ningqing wrapped the gauze, rolled down her sleeves again, and asked in a low voice, "Besides this time today, someone has bullied you before?" "It's not bullying, it's Li Huan, I told you, she's so annoying." Chang Li wrinkled her nose. "That Shen Qi is like this today because he likes her. Sperm goes to the brain." After listening to the last four words, it seems that I didn't expect that such a little kid would jump out of his mouth. Xu Ningqing raised his eyebrows and laughed in a dumb voice for a long time. Does nobody like you? Why don't other boys help you? Chang Li was stunned. Looking at the man's casual face, I was a little annoyed. Yes, there are many more. She said. That's right. "Xu Ningqing smiled lazily, fingers still hooked her sleeves, smoothed neatly," then these people are unreliable, do not help us pear, and finally the little uncle has to come. " When the man said this, he was very intimate, with a small hook at the end of his voice and a three-point smile, as if he was hiding boundless indulgence and spoiling. But he was not used to it, and even when he said it, he had a teasing smile on his face. Remind her that people are just teasing themselves like cats and dogs. But her heart beat faster involuntarily. In the noisy hall on the first floor of the hospital, I heard my loud heartbeat. Those people can't be trusted, and he has to come in the end. Do you like me. Will you like me? Chang Li could not help leaning on the past, catching a little bit of arrogance: "It's not your fault." He chuckled. "Why?" "Just because of you." Stupid, she paused and plucked up her courage. "Because of you, your private life is chaotic, so Shen Qi can say that about me. He means that I am a third party." Xu Ningqing leaned lazily and looked at her sideways for a while before saying, "Why is it so chaotic?" "Stay out all night, drink, and almost take that woman home last time." Speaking of this, Chang Li instantly gushed, "Oh, yes, you used to reward a female anchor." The more Xu Ningqing listened, the more wrong he was. He interrupted her: "The anchorwoman?" "Mmm." She looked serious nodded, "the last time I saw on the news, or 'spend thousands of yuan'!". " Xu Ningqing remembered, the person leans back, "Ah", carelessly explained: "That, is someone else takes my mobile phone to do, takes my money to chase other people's girl,Coil nail machine, can be really good." “……” So that's a fake. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Asked Chang Li. "No." Xu Ningqing swept over with a pair of peach blossom eyes and added, "But 27, it's time to look for it." 。

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