Black bag group of the goddess of war

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Luo Yuxi because summed up the experience, after cooperating with Tang Yu is also good, but the speed is slower than He's trip, but also got 9 points. The group of Li Xia and Si Haicheng is relatively small and somewhat awkward, but there are also seven points. My God, it's not easy for fishermen. After landing, Li Xia sighed. Si Haicheng smiled beside him with a small painted face. Luo Yuxi is also painted face, turned his head to see the side is still fresh and clean He Zhixing, Luo Yuxi was shocked: "God, Zhixing, you are too powerful, almost did not touch the mud ah." To this, He Zhixing smiled modestly: "Well, I am more careful. Every time I pull my face a little farther. Oh, I can still see my face. What can I do if I paint my face?" "You're looking for a fight." Luo Yuxi made a joke and wanted to put mud on his face. He Zhixing pretended to hide. Then was Luo Yuxi to wipe a, also followed the face. At this time, being wiped does not affect anything, and there is a stem. Therefore, He Zhixing let Luo Yuxi do this. Zhou Xinwei gritted his teeth and looked at him with deep eyebrows. She's just one step behind. After a brief tidying up, they began to return to the guesthouse with their own kegs. Today's shooting is almost the same, the most is to go back, play a little game, and then wait for the real confrontation in the kitchen tomorrow. On the way back,hydraulic fitting supplier, it is still driving the atmosphere with the atmosphere, playing with the stem, in short, can not let the atmosphere cool down. Zhou Xinwei has been looking for opportunities to rub the flow of He Zhixing, and as a result. I didn't rub against it. Tut-tut, your little sister is on the hot search. In the middle of the bus, everyone was a little tired, and there was no one talking. At this time,brass tube fitting, Dongshu with a small hand, suddenly opened his mouth. He Zhixing's heart missed a beat. Zhou Xinwei has no works recently, nor has he been exposed. If he is on the hot search, it is not easy to say that it is related to knocking on his door last night. Therefore, he Zhixing's eyebrows will jump. Last night? He Zhixing asked cautiously in his consciousness. East Shu nodded the cat's head, the action inexplicably hot eyes. He Zhixing did not care about these at this time, but paid attention to them. The mobile phones used by MCs at this time are temporary mobile phones provided by the crew, not the artists'own mobile phones at all. So, even if you want to see it, you can't see it. If you want to see it now, you have to see if Dongshu can open a back door for him here. In fact, Dong Shu for these, really do not care too much. I looked at the hot search news for He Zhixing in time. # Whose door does the female artist knock on at night # In this hot search entry, there is a video of Zhou Xinwei knocking on the door of He Zhixing last night. It's really the full video. From Zhou Xinwei out of his room, and then carrying a plate of fruit, to knock on the room to congratulate the trip. As a result, needle valve manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, after knocking for a long time, he found that there was no response. Zhou Xinwei also raised his feet and kicked two feet into the void. Then he turned around and went back to his room angrily. If it's just a normal knock on the door, it's easier to clarify. There are many such things in the circle. Who really cares. But those two feet, although the kick is empty, in the end not very good-looking. At this moment, although this entry is still in the back, it is about twenty. But the heat is rising very fast. Because someone found out that this should be the shooting scene of the latest issue of "Hi Kitchen". Almost everyone knows who the artists are participating in this issue. After all, the official website will definitely put some news. Although it is good to maintain a certain degree of mystery, but if the protection is really too strict, how to let the corresponding MC fans, to watch the program, and then buy the peripheral? So, we have to put some news. The audience knows which artists there are in this issue. At this time, seeing Zhou Xinwei's actions, everyone began to speculate, curious and concerned. Some people on the Internet are speculating that this is the room of He Zhixing, and that it is Tang Yu's. Tang Yu is young and lively, Zhou Xinwei once said that her ideal other half, she hopes to be a lively person. So, in contrast, the audience felt that behind the door, it might be Tang Yu. But Si Haicheng escaped the disaster because he was relatively calm. The words of the trip to congratulate, naturally there is also speculation. But if you can't stand the more than eight million fans of He Zhixing, you can really tear up the living. Therefore, we dare not go to He Zhixing easily. "Your fans are very strong." Dong Shu also commented while watching. He Zhixing did not respond to anything, while paying attention to their own reality, do not show any unusual expression, or action. At the same time, he should be careful to look at the big screen in front of him. That is the hot search news on Weibo. I have finished watching the video, and now I am reading the evaluation of He Zhixing. The fighting capacity of his fans is super strong. This is known from the trip to He in the previous life. Otherwise, he would not be so good to Zhou Xinwei. Chapter 1294 Hi, man 24. In the previous life, when the two people were together, the number of fans of He Zhixing had exceeded 15 million. Zhou Xinwei's fans at that time were about 3 million. The fame of the two people is a little worse. In addition, there are a lot of fans of He Zhixing. So, when they first got together, Zhou Xinwei was abused by his fans for a long time. Of course, there may be only fans, and some anti-fans and so on. Because of this, He Zhixing will be particularly good to Zhou Xinwei, but just to make up for a little guilt in his heart. If not oneself, Zhou Xinwei is still living his own stable life, but also can rise normally, and then become a flow floret. But with their own together, but was violent for a long time, because the reputation is not very good, coupled with that time, resources are not good competition, so the time to enter the first-line floret, or a few years late. Now think about it.. There is no right or wrong. After all, if you choose this road,38 tube fitting, you have to bear the consequences. Last life, out of guilt, I helped her carry the weight for so long. In this life..

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