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There is a treasure in the hands of Hades Cave, which is naturally full of confidence. In the face of the crowd, he launched the attack first. In the crowd, there were two people who were only a little different from him. That is the real person of the Golden Sword and the Fairy of the Fire Harp. You can know the attributes of these two people by listening to their names. In addition to his cultivation in the middle of the robbery, the Golden Sword Zhenren was famous for being able to make a good sword. His magic weapon was the golden sword in his hand, not even a flying sword. He is a single disciple of the 40th generation of Jianmen. Jianmen is famous for its sword. It is a rule laid down by the ancestors that only one disciple is accepted in the past Dynasties. It is said that they are the side branch of the sword fairy. Huoqin Fairy is the 13th generation single disciple of Huowu Zhenju. Fire Dance Zhenju not only accepts only one disciple in the past Dynasties, but also only accepts people with fire attribute constitution, which is quite important in this galaxy. The flying sword of Hades Cave belongs to water. When the magic weapon is obviously stronger than his opponent, he wisely shoots the flying sword at the Fire Harp Fairy. The fire harp fairy quickly sacrificed her flying sword, although she was extremely reluctant to take her flying sword of fire attribute and the fairy sword of water attribute, but it was not up to her. Fire and water are incompatible, the two, whose true yuan is strong will have a greater chance of victory. The real person of the Golden Sword saw that the hole of the underworld pointed the spearhead at the fire harp. He knew that the master did not want outsiders to intervene in the contest. The fire harp was also a stubborn person. She did not ask for help, and the Golden Sword did not dare to come forward to help. Hades hole is happy leisurely, if two people go up together, although rely on immortal implement, but he still does not have the assurance of victory really. Every time the water fairy sword of the Hades Cave collides with the flying sword of the Fire Harp Fairy, it arouses a "sizzling" sound, and the Fire Harp Fairy only feels that the primordial spirit will be consumed a lot. She knew that she would fail sooner or later, but she had to make a final effort. In the meantime,stainless steel squatting pan, she fought against the trauma of the primordial spirit, and after swinging the flying sword of the real person in the Hades Cave with a flying sword, she quickly offered a red ribbon. The name of this ribbon is Tianhuoning, which is also the magic weapon of Huoqin Fairy. This magic weapon is refined in the flame of the center of the earth, but the fire above is the true fire of three flavors that has gone beyond the scope of cultivation, comparable to the fire of that day. It can also be regarded as a low-grade fairy ware. She offered the formula, a few handprints changed,stainless steel shower tray, and that day Huoning went directly to the flying sword of the Hades Cave. But he wanted to fight with the Hades Cave. Confused. With a loud shout from the real person of the Golden Sword, he could clearly feel the power of the immortal sword of the real person of the Hades Cave, which was absolutely not comparable to that day's fire. With such a hard touch, I'm afraid Huoning will be so useless that day. The heart of that day Huoning is more or less a fairy, so it is a pity to waste, temporarily unable to control the excitement in the heart, even so shouted out. The Fire Qin Fairy had no time to pay attention to this, because she was quickly changing the formula, and when the Fire Ning was about to wrap around the flying sword of the Hades Cave that day, it suddenly turned into a huge fire phoenix. This fire phoenix is burning all over the body, but it is comparable to the fire in the center of the earth, which is more than twice as big as Jiang Ming's original fire phoenix. The phoenix had already grasped the flying sword of the Hades Cave under its claws, and the powerful geocentric flame sprayed at the flying sword. Without spraying once, the mind of the Hades Cave was shocked. I couldn't help but let go of the method of controlling the flying sword. The flying sword of water attribute is made by the essence of ice in the sky with the immortal element of water attribute. Although it will not be destroyed under the flame in the center of the earth, Time Delay Tap ,Manual Flush Valve, it can not stand the temperature of the flame in the center of the earth. Hum He snorted in the mouth of the hole, exhaled a foul breath, and the formula on his hand changed rapidly. An ice dragon was born directly from the claws of the phoenix and was directly entangled with it. Although the temperature of the flame is very high, but the appearance of the ice dragon has let the flame of the phoenix press down a lot, so a winding, directly on a small circle. But the ice dragon is getting thicker and thicker, and is about to entangle the phoenix. Although these two spells are based on the magic weapon and the magic attack, but after all, the flying sword of the Hades Cave has gone a lot of levels compared with that day's fire. On that day, Huoning was at most a quasi-immortal, not even a first-level immortal, but the flying sword of the Hades Cave was a sixth-level immortal. How could it be compared. Just now, the primordial spirit of the Fire Harp Fairy received a lot of shock. On that day, Huo Ning directly showed his true shape, and under her control, he quickly flew back into his body. It's really a good sword, old man Jin Jian. If you don't make a move, I'm afraid you won't even have a chance to fight back. "The Fire Harp Fairy knew that the Hades Cave was not simple. After just a few collisions, she was already slightly injured by the shock of the primordial spirit, while the other side was not injured at all." Haha, the fairy has opened her mouth, and my Golden Sword is naturally going to help. Offended. The last sentence was said to the real person in the Hades Cave. He suddenly disappeared, and the next moment, he was already above the front of the Hades Cave. At their level of cultivation, they are disdainful of sneak attacks. Almost at the same time, the fire harp fairy's attack was launched, and a fire dragon quickly attacked the Hades Cave. Hades hole can only hastily start teleportation, moved to the back of the golden sword, two attacks are hit on the shadow. Ming Dong took advantage of the two men's old attack, too late to launch the next attack, and attacked the back of Jin Jian Zhenren. The Golden Sword naturally felt the attack from behind. With the encouragement of Zhenyuan, he handed over the Golden Sword so straight that he became the flying sword of the Hades Cave. He was worthy of being a disciple of the Sword School who was proficient in body and swordsmanship. The flying sword of the real person in the hole of the underworld was easily swung open, frightened, and the sword of the real person in the golden sword came back directly by the force of the collision. Behind him, the celestial fire of the fire harp fairy came up again, and the hole could only encourage Zhenyuan with all its strength, and then grabbed the golden sword with its bare hands. Jin Jian Zhen Ren was shocked. This Ming Dong Zhen Ren had a lot of contacts with him before. He must know the power of his Jin Jian. Since he dared to catch his Jin Jin with his bare hands, he must have evidence. Hades hole is very helpless, he is naturally aware of the power of the golden sword, encouraging Zhenyuan at the same time, but has quietly carried another fairy. That is the white fairy ware that only Jiang Ming has seen. At this moment, he can control the flying sword while controlling the white fairy. After the flying sword was knocked away by the real person of the Golden Sword, the Hades Cave circled around and stopped the fire that day. On the other side, his hands are already filled with white things,Time Delay Faucet, the golden sword finally saw the difference, the water attribute constitution of the hole actually issued a white light on the hand, that must be strange.

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