Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

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Fang Mu Qianyue would not care about their thoughts. He sat down in the most noble and luxurious position on the high platform. His cool eyes passed by the people below, and his voice sounded like a song in the air. "Let's start." As her words fell, the side of the star left immediately announced the rules of the test. The first test was a scuffle. More than 3,000 candidates went to the test room at the same time to engage in a scuffle. In the end, only 300 candidates were selected. The competition was very cruel. Three hundred people were selected from three thousand miles, and the elimination rate reached 10:1. Although the Xingyue clan's martial arts arena is very large, there is no test stage that can accommodate three thousand people at the same time. Moreover, the scene of three thousand people fighting at the same time must be very hot. The venue is too small, which also affects the performance. I saw the star left standing on the test platform, fingers pinch formula, suddenly a different array slowly rose from the test platform, the whole test platform space has undergone tremendous changes, obviously still so large area, but the space is tens of times larger. There's more than enough room for 3,000 candidates to fight at the same time. Soon, the fierce competition began, all kinds of aura in the test space, purple and red, beautiful as the fleeting fireworks. Moon girl, is it a little unfair to be eliminated like this? The chair on one side was Xing You,stainless steel toilet, and he asked aloud. Because these more than three thousand contestants, the strength is not equal, although they are basically in the realm of the God king, but some are the first order God king, and some are already the seventh or eighth order God king, there are several God kings. If those first order God kings touch the eighth order God kings or God emperors, they will definitely be eliminated. Mu Qianyue's delicate and beautiful eyebrows and eyes were lightly raised,push button toilet flush valve, and a breath of contempt for the world lingered all over her body. Her red lips were lightly opened, and her voice, as light as water, was filled with firmness and no doubt: "There is no fairness in this world.". If they can't even pass the first hurdle, what qualifications do they have to become the young masters of the Xingyue Clan? The first level of the test, in addition to not killing the same door, there is no other rules, that is to say, you can use any means. Such as alliance, find a few strong allies, together through the first hurdle. Mu Qianyue is not opposed to strategy, in this world, in addition to absolute force, strategy is also very important, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Concealed Flush Valve, otherwise to other families, a little thing can not immediately kill the door. Solve the crisis with appropriate strategy and wisdom, so as to achieve the greatest benefits. Force is a last resort. Hearing this, Xing You nodded, knowing that he was too soft-hearted. "It's better for you to think about the long term." Although there were no casualties in the battle inside the test platform, it was still very intense, which was a moment related to the fate of the future, one by one naturally made the strength of the whole body. After a cruel elimination, there were only 300 people left in the final test. Mu Qianyue's cool and cool eyes lightly glanced at the test platform, and his eyes quickly flashed a touch of surprise. At the moment, apart from the several God emperors, most of them were class and senior God kings, but Mu Qianyue was surprised to find that there was a third-order God king, and he had not been eliminated! However, some of the sixth-order and seventh-order God kings were eliminated. Of the remaining 300 people, more than 70 were men and more than 20 were women. Xing Ziye's face turned slightly white and his head sweated slightly. He was relieved to see that the match was over. Although he won the first pass, he knew that it was very difficult for him to pass the next few passes. Moon girl, his name is Xing Zi Ye. He is a collateral disciple. He is three thousand and two hundred years old this year. His talent is very outstanding in the collateral. Xing You saw Mu Qianyue looking at the young man with a glimmer of interest and appreciation in his eyes, and could not help saying aloud. Mu Qianyue nodded to show that she knew. In fact, during the trial, Mu Qianyue noticed the young man named Xing Ziye, who organized dozens of collateral disciples to unite against other people's attacks. He has always been calm and calm, directing the team members how to attack and defend. It is not that there is no team like this that temporarily forms a team to fight against the enemy together, but there is no team that is as strong and indestructible as Xingzi Night. That's why it attracted the attention of Mu Qianyue. Soon the first level is over, and those who are eliminated are very. "Master, what will you try in the second level?" Star left asked, the master only told him a total of three tests, but the specific second test, Rao is he does not know. Illusion. Bright red lips lightly open, Mu shallow moon stood up, fingers pinch formula, a mysterious and profound handprint in her hand rapidly changing, like blooming lotus flowers, bright and dazzling, beautiful and unparalleled. A fantasy space was fabricated by Mu Qianyue. Everyone's eyes were shocked and surprised. Even Xing Tianxiang's eyes changed and suddenly became gloomy. Although he could also arrange the fantasy, he did not come at his fingertips, but had to prepare some formations. But Mu Qianyue is directly in the space array layout fantasy, this skill is far more than him! It seems that it is more difficult to imagine to destroy Mu Qianyue! Hum! But how about this? When Mu Qianyue went to the Xuan clan, it was her time to die! The Xingyue Clan is bound to return to its own hands! A person with a different surname also wants to get his hands on the Xingyue Clan? Heh. Dream! The remaining 300 contestants all entered the illusion arranged by Mu Qianyue one by one according to the regulations, and everything that happened inside was released by Mu Qianyue with a crystal ball, so everyone could clearly see what everyone who entered the illusion had experienced. Although people who enter this fantasy will encounter all kinds of things or dangers, these dangers are not substantial. Chapter 1812 counterplot [8]. Because this is just a fantasy that tests people's hearts. If he is in danger with his companions, will he choose to live and die with his companions or abandon them? Or lured by interests, or fascinated by beauty,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, or for the sake of power and status to harm compatriots by all means, betrayal and so on. All of these things that happen as much as possible in reality are playing in it. Looking at the scenes presented, the faces of all the people of the Star and Moon Clan are very complicated and their minds are different.

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