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"Who cares about that Dalmatian shore? I think a lot. It's time I had my own house." She laughed and said, "I'm a big girl now, so I'm going to find the best small suite.". If you behave yourself, I can let you spend the night there occasionally. It was just the right tone, Eve thought, friendlike, but not too enthusiastic. You can't make her feel like you're sucking up to her. Alexandra looked at her sister with concern. "Does Grandma know?" I told her this afternoon. Of course she didn't like the idea, but she understood me. I was going to get a job, but she insisted on giving me an allowance. Alexandra asked, "Would you like me to go with you?" What a bad, two-faced fox! First you kick me out of the house, and now you pretend you want to go out with me. Ok! It's not that easy to get rid of my little Eve! I will show you that I will have my own suite-I will get the best decorator to decorate my house-and I will be completely free. I'm going to invite the men to my house for the night. I will be completely free for the first time in my life. This is really exciting. Thinking of this, she replied,Flushometer valve, "That's very kind of you, Alex, but I'd like to live alone for a while." Alexandra looked at her sister, and a deep sense of loss came over her. This is the first time they have been separated! "Let's see each other often, shall we?" "Of course,Time Delay Tap," Eve replied. "There will be more than you think." www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM.t|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang Book 5 Eve and Alexandra 1950 ~ 1975 Chapter 26 Eve returned to New York and stayed at a hotel in the middle of the city. An hour later, Brad Rogers called. Your grandmother called from Paris. Eve, obviously there's something going on between the two of you. "Nothing," Eve laughed. "Just a little family —" she was about to make up some elaborate lies when she suddenly realized the danger ahead. From today on, she has to be very careful. She never cared about money before. Money is easy for her. But now money is important to her. She didn't know how much she was going to get in monthly stipends, and for the first time in her life Eve was afraid. Did she tell you that she was going to draw up a new will? Asked Brad. Yes, she mentioned it. Eve was determined to play smart. I think we'd better talk about it face to face. How about Monday afternoon at 3? "Very well, Brad." "In my office, okay?" "I will go." At five minutes to three, Self-closing Faucet ,Self-closing Shower Valve, Eve entered the building of Kruger & Brent Ltd. The guards and the staff who opened the elevator greeted her respectfully. People know me, Eve thought. I belong to the Blackwell family. The elevator took her to the manager's section of the building, and a few minutes later Eve was sitting in Brad Rogers' office. Brad was surprised when Kate called to say that he was going to disinherit Eve, because he knew how much Kate cared and loved her granddaughter with special status, and he knew what Kate had planned for her. Brad couldn't imagine what was going on. But it's none of his business. If Kate wants to discuss the matter with him, she will. His job is to carry out her orders. For a moment he felt pity for the lovely girl sitting before him. When he first met Kate, she was not much older than the girl, and he was still young. But now he was an old man with white hair and a foolish hope that one day Kate Blackwell would realize that someone loved her deeply. He said to Eve, "Here are some papers for you to sign. Please look at them, and then —" "There is no need." "Eve, it's important that you understand these documents." He began to explain, "According to your grandmother's will, you are still the heir to a trust of more than five million dollars, and your grandmother is the legal guardian of the money.". It's up to her to pay you sometime between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five. "He cleared his throat." Now she's decided to give you the money when you're thirty-five. " It's a slap in the face. Starting today, you will receive an allowance of two hundred and fifty dollars a week. How is that possible! Two hundred and fifty dollars won't even buy a decent dress. It's impossible to live on two hundred and fifty dollars a week. They did it to humiliate me. This old bastard must have set me up with my grandmother. He sat comfortably and triumphantly behind his large desk. She wanted to take the big bronze ruler and throw it in his face and smash his head. She could almost feel his skull crunching under her hands. Again, in his deep voice, Brad said, "You can't open any accounts in the store, personal or otherwise; you can't buy anything anywhere under the name of Blackwell.". You have to pay cash for anything you buy. It's a nightmare and it's getting worse. Also, if any rumors about you appear in any newspaper or magazine, whether in China or abroad, your weekly allowance will be stopped immediately. Is that clear? "Clear." Her voice sounded like she was humming. About your grandmother's life insurance, you and your sister Alexandra each have five million dollars. Your insurance policy was cancelled this morning. "After a year," Brad continued, "if your grandmother is satisfied with your performance, your weekly allowance will be doubled." "There is one last rule," he said, with some hesitation. She wanted to hang me, and Eve thought, "What's the rule?" Brad Rogers looked uncomfortable and said, "Your grandmother doesn't want to see you again,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, Eve." But I want to see you again, old woman, and I want to see you angry to death.

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