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When Renaud heard no reply from Garzo, he added, "I'm in a bad mood today, because I miss you more than I did yesterday. The magic of the lover's blessing you cooked with your own hands seems to be much stronger than the effect of the one I ate a long time ago. My dreams are full of your figure." Add three crazy regrets. Only when his hands are cheap can he put ten levels of super MSG. Look, the effect is good! Renault sighed: "I should have understood your mind earlier. After all, you wanted to ride me from the first sight of me. I should have given you a chance.". But it's not too late now. When we meet again, I'll let you ride me enough. "Shut up!"! I didn't mean that at all. Can I beg you not to say it? Jia San grabbed his hair and took a deep breath. He was afraid that he could not help but want to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. Renault laughed. "You don't mean that?"? So what do you mean? Don't you like to ride on me, my dear Jiasan? Or do you want to ride, not what I'm saying now, but to.. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't say the word ride again! He's going to be poisoned by this word. Renaud's laughter vibrated Garzo's eardrums, making him want to pull out his ear clips. By the way, why didn't he unplug it? He should have pulled it a long time ago! As soon as Jia San's hand touched the ear clip, he felt something hard poking his shoulder. Gazan looked up and saw a huge ugly dragon face looking down at him from the top of the bell tower. ……” Gassan forced a smile. "Hi, hello,stackable plastic pallets, Lord Dragon." The huge claws of the dragon were bent, as if they were resting on the shoulders of Jiasan and as if they were clasping him. Your smell.. It's a little weird. The voice of the magic dragon came into Garsan's ears. Plus three can switch freely between human and demon blood, and he is now a human of pure Xia blood. But the dragon still felt a little different, about three plus the talent of the succubus. Really? I took a shower last night. Jia San deliberately raised his arm and sniffed. The dragon bowed his head. "That's not it. My intuition tells me that we should have a little relationship. Do you have dragon blood?" No. He did absorb a lot of dragon blood in the hybrid territory, but he made sure that he had converted those blood into energy, and there could be no residue. If the dragon still feels close to him,drum spill containment, then nine times out of ten, it's still related to his demon blood. After all, this magic dragon will be transformed into a magic dragon because of the breath of the abyss. Garzo quickly threw Renaud, who had molested him, out of his mind and turned his mind to the game: "I am a pure human." "Really? I think it would do me a lot of good to eat you." The dragon clasps its claws. Jia San looked up and smiled. "Can't you solve it peacefully?" The dragon laughed: "Your mission is doomed to let us not solve peacefully, according to the agreement, in the case of my compliance with the rules of the game, I can kill you all." Add three blinks, "What are the rules of the game that the big match side tells you?" If you want to take away the princess, I can hunt you down. Aren't you robbing the princess now? Magic Dragon Road. "I didn't rob the princess. I was just asked by the dead of the Rednus clan to bring the warrior dead named Jinglong to see their princess. What the princess would do after that was all her personal behavior." The magic dragon bared his teeth. "In my opinion, this is the act of robbing the princess. I can kill you!" Add 3: "What are you doing with the princess?"? Haven't you already got the luck of a hundred years of Rednus? The dragon grunted, "Not too far away." "Hm?" Plus three, mobile garbage bin ,euro plastic pallet, I don't understand. The dragon is a little grumpy and a little aggrieved: "If I want to get the luck of the Rednus, I must not be too far away from the bearer of their luck." Plus three a little understand, this quid pro quo looks like a loss to the Rednus clan, but in fact, if the dragon can not stay away from the princess who bears the fate of the clan, it is equivalent to protecting the princess for a hundred years, because if the princess dies, the connection between the dragon and the Rednus clan is likely to be broken. Of course, the dragon can also choose to imprison the princess, but the princess's temperament should not be honest and clever type, the dragon dare to imprison her, I am afraid she would rather choose to commit suicide. This is really.. It's a little bad. Add three honest way. The magic dragon raised its claws to hold Little Red Riding Hood on the top of its head and said unhappily, "Cunning human beings, all the contract magic they make is only beneficial to human beings!" "Why don't you use the magic contract of the dragons?" Seeing that Jinglong was still whispering something to the princess, Jiasan asked casually, stalling for time. The magic dragon suddenly grabbed and threw him out. Plus three rolls in the air and floats back down the air current. "Haven't you seen it yet?" She asked? This poor magic dragon, it has changed because of the breath of the abyss, and it is mutated in the egg, that is to say, it is likely to lose the inheritance memory of the dragon race. Oh, this poor, sad guy. Jia San was also sympathetic, but he was more concerned about another question: "Does its dragon blood still work?" Special beauty: "The dragon blood is the dragon blood, what it loses is the inheritance memory, is not the blood.". It's just that its blood is contaminated, and if the wild horse count of the sea people wants to use its dragon blood, he has to be purified by the wizard. The tender bud suddenly said, "This magic dragon should not be very old." "You see that?" Add three questions. "Look at its horns and wings, including its body shape, it doesn't look like an adult dragon.". And as far as I know, all adult dragons who are infected with the breath of the abyss are extremely irritable, bloodthirsty and do whatever they want. But this dragon, don't you think it's more like playing a game? I've never heard of an adult dragon willing to do a race with a human. "A young dragon?" Add three headache, if this is a brutal adult dragon, he killed each other, take each other's dragon blood, he will not feel guilty,wholesale plastic pallet, but in the face of a young dragon, and is not a heavy killer of the young dragon, he is a bit unable to do it.

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