Kylin bl [Modern Military Literature]

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"What would happen to you if you had a good chance of winning?" Lu Zhen is very curious. Xia Minglang turned his face, his eyes sincere and affectionate: "I will say, baby, to have confidence in me." Lu Zhen fell down with a "poof" of laughter and thumped the ground unceasingly: "You, you are really..." Xia Minglang smiled gently and slowly returned to his previous appearance, bending one leg in front of his chest and hanging his head on his knee. Lu Zhen felt a little surprised, this is not like the normal Xia Minglang, although the normal Xia Minglang looks very lazy, but that kind of lazy style hides the strength like a spring. He always seems to be a rascal but very arrogant. He is always generous but also likes to be competitive. This is a subtle contradiction, can not be described in words, even in the most gentle smile of Xia Minglang, his eyes still have a slight awn, he is the existence that people dare not treat presumptuously. But now that kind of seductive aura has disappeared, Lu Zhen almost wants to touch the short hair on the back of his neck, and then hold him in his arms. Lu Zhen was startled when he realized that his impulse was wrong, and no matter how he looked at it, it was not right. As usual, if Xia Minglang had done such a beautiful thing, he would surely show off to death in his own face, and how arrogant he liked, he would make an inscrutable expression. What happened to you Lu Zhen slowly stretched out his hand, and the distance between them was not long. He crawled with his fingers for a long time, and then gently put it on Xia Minglang's thigh. The sky is high and the sea is wide, giving people the illusion of being at the end of the world, but Lu Zhen clearly knows that all his brothers are not far behind him. However,foldable bulk container, at this moment, like a little boy in his first love, he is eager to touch his lover's body. It seems that as long as he touches a little bit, he can feel the mechanism of Xia Mingming's skin in his palm, and the temperature and touch transmitted from his fingertips to his heart are reassuring. Nothing. Xia Minglang shook his head: "I just think it's good to be alive." Lu Zhen laughed, "I haven't done anything bad recently!" It's not my fault if you're philosophical again! Xia Minglang did not say anything, he turned his face sideways and gazed intently at Lu Zhen's palm, as if he had never seen it before, slowly holding it up and looking at it carefully,plastic pallet manufacturer, from the back of the hand to the palm, from the lines of the palm to the calluses of the finger roots, every point, every point, simple and focused. Lu Zhen only felt puzzled, but did not dare to make a sound. He nervously pricked up his ears to search for even the flapping sound of a seabird flying across the sky in the distance. Captain. Lu Zhen finally couldn't stand a slight cough. He wanted to say, "Please don't molest a good woman in broad daylight." Xia Minglang, as if he had not heard anything, closed his eyes slightly and gently pressed Lu Zhen's palm against his cheek. Lu Zhen suddenly opened his eyes wide, his heart beating like a drum, he did not understand what was going on, the time and place were not right, but damn emotional. He felt as if he had split into two. One is crying anxiously: "Wake him up, wake him up quickly, when ah, random heat!"! The other one is addicted to.. Lu Zhen thought, I can't always refuse him, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, from the beginning to now. The blood of the whole body rushed to the top of his head, Lu Zhen felt his face burning, his throat burning with thirst, as if drinking liquor, looking into the distance, the sky and the earth had changed color, the sunset glow was dripping with blood. Thrilling panic and chaos! "Do you want to do it?" Lu Zhen blurted out that he heard his teeth chattering and wanted to bite his tongue and swallow it. Xia Minglang slowly opened his eyes and looked at him. His eyes were rich and deep, like a deep well. He could not see any emotion. The hot and humid tip of his tongue slowly slipped through Lu Zhen's palm. As if electrified, Lu Zhen's whole body was trembling, his fingers unconsciously shrank, but he was held down, carefully licking and biting the most tender part between the middle finger and the ring finger. He remembered that Xia Minglang had said that his whole body was covered with sensitive belts, which was probably true, but it should only be effective for this bastard. Really want to die, want to die, do not take such, Lu Zhen almost some despair, the legendary fox spirit does not take such teasing scholar. Come on! Just die! He suddenly closed his eyes and opened them again, clasped Xia Minglang with his wrist reversed, and pulled him to his feet. I remember a place. Probably Lu Zhen dragged Xia Minglang to jump on the reef and finally let him see a stone crevice. Just jumped down, Xia Minglang has been posted up, Lu Zhen was knocked back by him, the back of the head into Xia Minglang's thick palm, was tightly held. Do you really, really want to do it? Lu Zhen sniffed with grievance and his eyes were red. Just a rush against the wind has made his mind clear, this place is really not safe ah! Too unsafe, broad daylight, no shelter, the sea breeze brought the laughter of people not far away, so that he panicked. Xia Minglang looked intently at Lu Zhen's eyes. After a while, he sighed softly: "Let me hold him for a while." His voice is very heavy, as if from the chest, Lu Zhen Leng can not refuse, in fact. Hugging is also very unsafe. Why are there so few things you can do? The close kiss stretched down from the root of the ear and was deliberately suppressed. It was gentle as if there was no desire. Xia Minglang coaxed Lu Zhen's hand and pressed it under his body: "Use your hand, okay?" The voice was hoarse and soft, as if it was not in the ear, but directly from the bottom of my heart, which made me feel itchy. Lu Zhen was bewitched, the palm of his hand obediently pulled open Xia Minglang's training pants and got into them flexibly. His fingertips had a full and hot touch. He snorted, because Xia Minglang had already held his. Yes, this is how to hold each other's hands, double the teasing I have suffered, I treat you in the way I can't stand, naturally, this feeling will return to myself in an instant, body clinging, hungry friction between two layers of cloth! Unable to kiss deeply, for fear of leaving traces on the body that are hard to fade, Xia Minglang repeatedly sucked Lu Zhen's earlobe, and the hot and humid tip of his tongue slipped into the auricle, which was the most deadly stimulus, making Lu Zhen tremble all over his body, so he could only bite his fingers and endure not to moan. Lu Zhen is young in the end, love is fierce but not lasting,plastic trash bins, suddenly raised his face, Xia Minglang saw his bright red tongue trembling between his teeth, throat rolling around.

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