Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]

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"What are you doing, girl?" Murong Juezhanger, a monk, is still scratching his head. In fact, not only he, everyone looked at me with a strange expression, only Rong Qi, after a brief stupefaction, suddenly stared at the brick in my hand. I took the brick and shook it in front of everyone. "Look, what does it look like?" I asked. "Like a brick." Xiao Heng said in a shriveled way. I had to turn around. "What does it look like?" "Or a brick." “……” "No, like a little flat coffin." But Chen Xiaona was sharp-eyed and breathed out in a low voice. The crowd looked carefully again. Immediately a pair of suddenly enlightened expression, especially Qin Shou, a pair of thoroughly enlightened appearance, "so." But it still looks like a brick. Fine. I also seriously doubt that the person who designed this thing, how to design, bump in the hand, really like a brick, if not for the side marks, and a big, a small feature. It's hard to see that this is actually a small flat coffin. If you have to say that the tomb of immortals really has a three-life coffin, then this is the only one, but also a sarcophagus, the only sarcophagus. Therefore. To convince people, or rather, to confirm. Everyone bounced in their hands. The most exaggerated is the old madman, basket big palm, not to say,wholesale plastic pallet, but also put in the mouth to bite, you know, the old madman is a fierce corpse demon. It's a piece of cake to chew up rocks or something. But this small coffin, Leng is hard did not let him shake, visible small coffin's firmness, and extraordinary degree. How's it going Ye Qun coughed lightly and said, "Well, for now.." Think of it as a Sansheng coffin. Just as? It's not that Ye Qun's attitude is too contemptuous. It's really that this Sansheng coffin is very different from what each of us expected in our hearts. The coffin of Sansheng in our imagination is like that. Tall and tall. The reality turns out to be this. Short and poor. It's agreed that if you lie in it, you can recall three lives and seven lives? The coffin, half the foot of the old madman,plastic pallet bin, was filled every minute. There seems to be a word behind it? Qin Shou reminded me. As soon as I saw it, there were really two lines of small characters behind it. The ants were so big that I couldn't see them clearly if I didn't look carefully. And this word, does not seem to be before the tomb of immortals, the word on the South Gate of Heaven, how much earlier, everyone is a look of a circle. But now at least prove that this brick, er, no, this Sansheng coffin, should be like this. Although it's a little.. Is that legend false? If you lie down, you can recall your three lives and seven lives, but how can you lie down here? Murong took a worried look at the old madman. It is estimated that in the heart, repeated brain filling, the old madman lying in this coffin. As for the old madman himself. Except for a little curiosity at the beginning, it's basically like nothing happened. No matter how we for him to restore the memory, restore the glory of the past, worry about the broken heart of the ground, the old madman is a muddled look. There doesn't seem to be any hurry. Perhaps in the old madman's simple thinking, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet box, it is not very important to restore memory. But for a being who should be intelligent, he has the right to choose his own life clearly and clearly. I looked down at the two lines of words under the Sansheng coffin and was speechless for a moment, but at this time, I suddenly remembered a cold voice in my mind. Like a whisper. Like a light thought. One flower, one grass, one world. One life, one death, one reincarnation. One flower, one grass, one world, one life, one death, one reincarnation. I even read it unconsciously with that voice. Miaomiao, what are you talking about? "Hm?" As soon as I looked up, did I say anything? I didn't seem to be conscious at all, but as soon as I finished that sentence, the Sansheng coffin in my hand suddenly moved with a sound. It's like a cell phone suddenly vibrating. No warning at all. Immediately afterwards, the tightly closed, as if with a whole coffin lid, put aside a sound to open, completely like an automatic glance, slowly opened a gap. Then I saw that in the coffin of Sansheng, a bright glow flashed by, and the eyes of each of us were slightly narrowed unconsciously. Of course, this does not include me and Rong Qi and the old madman, Xiao Heng. Because we are not people. We all looked straight at the glow, but we couldn't see through what was inside. Then, the Sansheng coffin produced a great suction, as if to suck us all in. Careful Rong Qi exclaimed that he would come to protect me. Because I was holding the Sansheng coffin, I was almost in the middle of it, and at the same time I was under pressure, and I loosened the Sansheng coffin, but the suction of Sansheng coffin did not decrease at all. It's getting bigger and bigger. There was a lot of flying sand and stones all around. Rong Qi. I pulled Rong Qi to death, afraid that Rong Qi would be sucked away, but in order to protect me, Rong Qi completely blocked in front of me, very dangerous. Smash it. When the old madman saw that Rong Qi was in danger, he rushed over quickly. Don't come over. Rong Qi shouted loudly, the old madman moved, the whole person's center of gravity was lost, that cow's burly body, unexpectedly instantly sucked into the Sansheng coffin. Immediately after, the distance is not very far Qin Shou, unexpectedly also in the move. Ah, brother beast, I don't want to die yet. Qin Shou cried out, fat body, no violation and feeling was also sucked into the Sansheng coffin, Ye Qun was in a hurry, want to catch Qin Shou. But he underestimated the suction of Sansheng's coffin, and almost instantly, he followed Qin Shou and was sucked in. Brother Qun, don't leave me. Xiao Heng was in such a hurry that he rushed up with a cry of "wow" in a completely free situation. No I was so anxious that my liver and gallbladder cracked. I didn't expect that in just a few seconds, the old madman, as well as my three friends, who had almost passed their lives, were all sucked into the coffin of Sansheng. At this moment, the Sansheng coffin, after sucking off Xiao Heng,plastic wheelie bins, seemed to be finally full, and suddenly with a click, the Sansheng coffin was closed again. cnplasticpallet.com

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