There are only ministers in the world

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The princes looked at Zhu Guogong with concern. He had rushed into the inner palace in a hurry since he heard that the emperor was ill. He didn't say much when he came out. He just sighed and shook his head. He was in a hurry to kill others. When he asked, he reluctantly answered. The emperor was really uncomfortable, but ninety-nine percent of them were afraid of heart disease. Princes looked at each other, also dark sigh, brothers kill each other, who is also very difficult to face everything calmly. But as an emperor, the heart is so weak, the king of the moon is not even one tenth of the queen of wisdom has not inherited ah. And the emperor's heart disease is naturally not the same as their speculation, at this time Bai Shaoqing in the room of the heavy brocade, will tell everything truthfully, the heavy brocade just quietly looking at her, the expression has not changed. Unexpectedly, in the final analysis, all this is because of me, "Bai Shaoqing murmured, has been unable to tell whether to say to him or her own words," I am now revenge for my father, and then I just want to find Xiao Liu Mu Yao, from now on away from all these disputes, live a quiet life.. Last night I thought about the past from the beginning, looked at everything I had experienced over the years, and wanted to sort out a clue,cosmetic tube packaging, but it was even more confused. I am just a foolhardy weak woman, even for his father's revenge can not feel at ease to let the enemy innocent people suffer, the world? Isn't that a joke? Think about it, maybe the teacher. Xuan Shenzi is a descendant of Bai, he did all this for his hatred, if so. At this point, I should have done a lot for him. Her eyes are leisurely, seemingly smiling, but in fact they are sad to die. "Now Chu Sheng still has an obsession with me,tube lip gloss, maybe he is still thinking about how to find out my'cause of death 'to Qin, Qin Mocking Wind.." Recently, I heard that he and Qin Huguo Gong were competing with each other everywhere. Losing the support of Huguo Gong, he undoubtedly put himself in danger. And you. She turned to him with a look of sorrow and remorse in her eyes. "I'm sorry, all I can do is say these three words to you.". Your illness will certainly be cured, and Lin's excellent medical skills will cure you. Alas! So, of the four kingdoms, I have already harmed the kings of the three kingdoms. As she spoke, she shook her head with a wry smile and turned her eyes out of the window. It was a fine day today. Looking ahead, she could see very far. But as far as she could see, she always felt misty in front of her eyes. She could not help sighing lightly: "There is still a country of Ji. No matter what plans Xuan Shenzi makes, I must get rid of his bondage. I must avoid it both openly and secretly.". Now, since Yuelin is dead, this matter should be over, and it's time for me to leave. Yue Chongjin's eyes suddenly darkened. Bai Shaoqing turned around and said, metal cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, "I want to return this identity to you tomorrow. I will carefully consider the way to leave. You just need to stay in the Hall of Gan Ning. Lin Kui will stay here until you recover.." You should take care of yourself. Xiangshan Saint is a ridiculous existence. Don't take her to heart any more. She finished speaking and sat quietly with him for a while before she got up and left. Yue Chongjin still sat, watching her turn around, thin figure gradually away, his fingers varicose open, as if to stretch forward, when the ear sounded Li Fu's faint footsteps, his movements immediately stopped. Not long after Bai Shaoqing returned to the palace, he heard that the imperial physician Lin had asked for an interview. As soon as the palace eunuch was removed, the imperial physician Lin came in quickly and saw that she was safe and sound. The old imperial physician cried with joy: "Your Majesty.." I didn't think it was him. The emperor suffered. Bai Shaoqing stretched out his hand to help him up. His face changed from his usual dull and confused appearance when facing the officials. He enunciated clearly. How could he be half silly? "Doctor Lin, please get up quickly. Without your help this time, how could I hide it from everyone for so long? I can't find out the real murderer. Thanks to you." Lin Yuyi wiped away his tears and said, "Your Majesty has killed the old minister by saying that.". The emperor pretended to be ill to find the real murderer, what a great wisdom and courage, the old minister only hated himself useless, can not help the emperor more, let the emperor personally adventure. This ambitious man. The emperor must not spare him lightly. Bai Shaoqing picked him up and said, "It's over. Don't mention it again.". ” With tears in his eyes, Imperial Physician Lin nodded and said, "Now that the truth has come out, is the emperor going to tell Zhu Guogong about the malingering?" If they knew that the emperor was not ill, they would be very happy. "I've been very upset these days," said Bai Shaoqing. "Let's talk about it later." Lin Yuyi understood at once and couldn't help choking up again. Bai Shaoqing said something that would make him feel relieved. Then he said, "I often feel dizzy these days. I don't know what's going on.". Forget it today. Come and feel my pulse tomorrow. Lin Yuyi listens to big urgent "Your Majesty, allow old minister to see a doctor now." "Bai Shaoqing shook his head and said," There are still a lot of things to be done. Tomorrow. Lin Yuyi had to agree and retired. Bai Shaoqing arranged this side, then called Lin Kui, asked the condition of the heavy brocade in detail, listen to Lin Kui said very sure, she also felt at ease, by the way to mention their own things, Lin Kui after hearing but not too much surprise color, just a little lonely expression, then a little like a look of joy across the eyes, and soon convergence fundus. Bai Shaoqing looked at him lightly, then went to find Li Fu to discuss the matter of leaving, now in the palace somehow also stayed for many days, as long as a little arrangement, to leave the palace is not a problem, Li Fu heard her say to go, is also overjoyed, must plan, immediately rushed to prepare to go. Everything is arranged, this night, Bai Shaoqing is sitting and waiting for the dawn, watching the sky outside the palace shining bit by bit, dyeing the high walls and red tiles. She sighed softly and was getting up to change her clothes when Li Fu suddenly hurried over. His face turned pale and he said, "Xiao Jin.." Suddenly there was no breath. 1 I'm sorry. I had already finished my work, but I was called to work overtime for two days. I complained and complained. So I owe tens of thousands of updates again, scratching the wall ing. 020 Hold on Bai Shaoqing turned pale with fright and rushed into the harem with Li Fu. Sure enough, he saw Yue Chongjin lying on the couch with a pale face. On one side,empty cosmetic tubes, Lin Kui was pouring medicine into him. It took him half an hour to pour the medicine into the bowl before he could barely get two-thirds of it. After pouring the medicine, Lin Kui felt his pulse again. After a while, he spat out a breath: "Come back." 。

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