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Teng Qingshan heard and agreed with this. Jin Sheng, the old thief? Shen Gongfu, you have fabricated a little famous one. I have never heard of him. Teng Qingshan sneered, but secretly calculated in his heart. Kim Seung? Last name Kim? And the mysterious man wearing a golden mask in the barbarian temple in the wilderness is also known as the Golden Elder. Why did I lie to you when I knew I was going to die? Shen Gongfu looked at Teng Qingshan with a sneer. What do you think of him? Teng Qingshan said in a cold voice. I don't know. He's wearing a gold mask. Shen Gongfu shook his head. Teng Qingshan is more and more sure in his heart. Wearing a golden mask, claiming to be Jin Sheng.. "You don't even know what he looks like, and you're still making it up." Teng Qingshan had a sneer on his lips. Hum Shen Gongfu snorted coldly, "I don't know his face, but I don't know." You'll know when you see him later. This Jinsheng old thief told me at that time that I was waiting for death like that! It is bound to be killed by you Teng Qingshan in the future! So he helped me come up with this idea. Use your Teng Qingshan's son, because your son is often in Yongan County! Just let the people of Gui yuan Zong kill your son Teng Qingshan. As soon as Teng Qingshan's only son died, he died at the hands of the Guiyuan clan. And died in Gui yuan Zong's lair. How can you not hate Gui yuan Zong? "Even if you are not an enemy of Gui yuan Zong, how can you serve Gui yuan Zong again?" "Naturally, the crisis of my shooting at Sun-god Mountain has been lifted." "At that time.." I am very hesitant about the plan of Jinsheng Old Thief. I know that if I fail, I will be in great trouble. Shen Gongfu couldn't help laughing. However Shen Gongfu has a trace of wanton madness in his eyes. "At that time, Jin Sheng said to the old thief." When the break does not break, but by its chaos! Whatever you do, of course it's dangerous. To do, there is hope that I can shoot the sun God mountain to exist for thousands of years. If you don't.. In the near future, I will be finished shooting the Sun God Mountain. "Yes,aluminium laminated tube, that makes sense." Shen Gongfu's face was ferocious. "I thought it was reasonable at that time.". If you don't do it, you will be finished. To do it, there is still great hope. "So I gave the order to go down and let the people begin to lay out in detail.". Be sure not to make any mistakes. Shen Gongfu looked at Teng Qingshan and sneered, "Teng Qingshan, your son escaped the disaster.". However, after the event,eye cream packaging tube, anything that may reveal the mastermind behind it will be solved by me. Zhuge yuanhong couldn't find any evidence at all, and he didn't give you any evidence. Teng Qingshan still cold face, rare to show a smile: "My master, gave me very strong evidence." "Evidence?"? Impossible! Shen Gong Fu opened his eyes wide and roared. Whew! A colorful streamer suddenly lit up, and Shen Gongfu only had time to touch it slightly with the magic knife in his hand, and was blown away by the strong rotating force. Puff! The reincarnation gun directly penetrated the heart of Shen Gongfu's chest, and the power of the world contained in it almost instantly crushed the viscera of Shen Gongfu's body. The bright red blood flowed out along the head of the reincarnation gun, and then was absorbed by the scarlet tassel. There can be no evidence, after all. Yes What.. Shen Gongfu stared at Teng Qingshan, although his'God 'is very powerful, can be destroyed to the extreme, he can not even make a sound in his throat, can only be unwilling to stare at Teng Qingshan, plastic packing tube ,custom cosmetic packing, and then unable to hang his head motionless. Puff! Pulling out the reincarnation gun, the flame of the undead phoenix on one side immediately enveloped Shen Gongfu's body, including the divine bow, which was burned and melted. Watching Shen Gongfu's body burned to ashes, Teng Qingshan, holding a blood-stained reincarnation gun, whispered: "My master did give me.." The strongest evidence! If the master answers'yes', I will no longer doubt it. Because this is what I owe the master! "Xiaoqing." Teng Qingshan looked at the undead phoenix'Xiaoqing 'on one side, and his body turned into a phantom and jumped onto the back of the undead phoenix. Yo ~ ~ ~ " As soon as the wings of the immortal Phoenix shook, the turbulent magma in the depths of the earth was immediately separated, and then quickly soared into the sky, breaking through the magma, breaking through the rocks, and breaking through the soil. Until it flies high into the sky. Then he flew in the direction of Yongan County, Yangzhou. Although the sun hung high, the temperature was extremely low and the cold wind was howling. When the immortal phoenix'Xiaoqing 'flew to Yongan County, Teng Qingshan looked down and saw at a glance that the whole army of Yongan County was mobilizing rapidly, especially on the school field of Guiyuan Zong, the soldiers of Longgang Army, all wearing fire armor and fire feather armor, were gathering on the school field. Gui yuanzong is going to mobilize troops against Yanzhou. Teng Qingshan's eyes immediately fell on the Qingshan Guild Hall below. Whew! The red streamer crossed a beautiful arc and quickly fell into the courtyard of Teng Qingshan's residence in the Qingshan Guild Hall. Since Teng Qingshan left, his wife Li Jun, who has been waiting, is still waiting silently in the courtyard. I saw the undead phoenix suddenly appear in the open space next to it, and Teng Qingshan, dressed in a white robe, fell to the ground at the same time. Aoyama. Li Junlian stood up and ran over. Xiao Jun. Teng Qingshan came over and took his wife's hand with a smile. Where is Hongwu? Teng Qingshan laughed. Li Jun shook his head with a smile: "I didn't tell Hong Wu that you went to shoot the Sun God Mountain to kill Shen Gongfu.". Lest he should worry. I'm afraid he's still practicing martial arts at this time. "Mmm." Teng Qingshan nodded. By the way, how about shooting the Sun God Mountain? Li Junlian asked, of course, she is not worried about Teng Qingshan, after all, now Teng Qingshan is a strong man in the empty realm, she is worried about. There are fish escaping from the net in the Sun-Shooting Mountain. If there is a hostile, idle and powerful man in the void, there will be a lot of trouble. Solved, Shen Gongfu and the demon wolf, all solved. Teng Qingshan answered. Li Jun breathed a sigh of relief. On the land of Kyushu, there is no room for mercy, but for the ordinary remnants of a sect, we can not care about it,plastic laminated tube, because the probability of producing a strong person in the virtual realm is too small. However, what has clearly reached the realm of emptiness must be eradicated. If you miss one, there will be endless disasters. Such as Gu Yong. Let Teng Qingshan have a lot of trouble.

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