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[Eh?], Naruto is surprised, scratching his hair, [I'm afraid.. I don't think you said you wouldn't go. Maybe you went to deal with something urgent, and then you would come back. Mmm It seems that I can't go swimming today, another day, haha!] [Are you really out of your mind?!], Sasuke violently shakes Naruto's shoulders, shakes his tears, and finally pulls him into his arms. [Don't say anything, don't ask..] Eight What's wrong with you? Idiot, moron, crane tail. What Sasuke says to Naruto most often . The funny thing is that the night we passed the park, Sasuke devilishly held hands with the guy who was often called an idiot by himself. It's still a little far-fetched to say holding hands. …… A bed partner or a friend with benefits is a better description of this relationship, right? Throughout the summer until the end of high school, they kept this relationship at arm's length, a little closer than a normal friendship, and not a legitimate lover. Sasuke still has a serious girlfriend once in a while. It's a superficial perfunctory. He did not feel that there was anything dirty about his relationship with Naruto,stesweet stevia, but that it was a little delicate. Things that can't be put on the surface are always particularly attractive. Naruto subconsciously thought that sooner or later Sasuke would establish a normal family and have his own children. Because in this way, I always lack of confidence. So I can't interfere with Sasuke. As for his relationship with himself, …… Since we have had happiness, we should be contented, just hope that the day will come later and later. Now that the seed of emotion has been sown, its root system will occupy the whole heart at a crazy speed, hungrily absorbing the nourishment of the soul,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, so that the whole heart has no time to take care of other things and other people. The longer it takes. The harder it is for reason to control it. Graduated from the third year of high school, two people were admitted to different universities, and the distance was widened. When he came back from his brother's school that night, Sasuke never went there again. When he got home, he removed all the photo albums and everything about his brother from sight. It's called out of sight and out of mind. , which is inherently evasive. Not seeing is not the same as not thinking. Forcing yourself not to think about it is a kind of self-abuse. Hugging Naruto or hugging other people can't fill the gap in my heart. On the contrary, it encourages the desire for the elder brother. Since it's not what you want most Then it doesn't make much sense to get it or not. Itachi recalled that his younger brother, whom he hadn't seen for a long time, was getting more and more handsome. He didn't need too much dialogue. There was a tacit understanding that he was just acting very ambiguous with Kakashi. Sasuke flashed between them with a black face. …… Flash to the present situation. Itachi graduated from college long ago. I should have gone to a county far away from home to work as an ordinary company clerk. He chose to come back here. . Despite the lapse of years Perhaps I still have to face rumors, face my father's stern and indifferent face, and face my mother's helpless sigh. But he came back for a simple reason. Silence, silence, or silence. [Move back home.. My parents have moved to another city. Don't worry.. Home …… Just me.], jujube seed powder ,fenugreek saponins, meet again, after a long silence, Sasuke spoke, with a strange provocation in his tone. Itachi did not refuse. That's all …… Fall in silence. If you don't get what you want most, the rest is meaningless. Sasuke We are so similar.. From then on, the absurd confrontation has evolved to the present, and if no one chooses to quit, the emotional struggle will not end. …… [You're finally awake! You're a pretty good sleeper, too. . That one …… I bought some hot porridge. Get up and have some. Sasuke opened his eyes. It was already the next afternoon. Remove the towel from your forehead. Suddenly, I got up and felt a little dizzy. [Why am I here?] [Eh? Do you have amnesia? ? Last night in the middle of the night, you were so drunk that you broke down the door. …… Don't let me throw you out to satisfy you?], Naruto smiled and changed his clothes. Teeth said it was important for me to go back to the internship site, you. Take another break.] [Oh.], Sasuke didn't speak again and didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave. [Well, I'll go first!], go outside the door, Naruto is leaning against the door. Don't ask Don't ask, don't ask Sasuke about last night, don't interfere with everything about him, as long as you can keep him. This time, I became a deserter again. Why do you run away every time? ? My mind is in a mess. Last night.. Rejected by my brother, very painful, very desperate, and then. Looking around, Naruto's messy apartment has no impression of how he got here. It doesn't matter …… Conscious, pain mingled with the flames of hatred will burn themselves dry. No way ! I'm going back ! Why do I have to run every time? ! When is the end of this? ?! Sasuke stood up and walked quickly out of the door, regardless of his sloppy clothes. The air outside has a damp smell, and the smell of summer has invaded unconsciously. Be filled with indignation All the way home, standing at the door, the house in front of you, your own home.. The flame in the chest seemed to be poured on a bucket of cold water and extinguished, replaced by suffocation and fear. Close your eyes Holding the doorknob in a cold sweaty palm, the door.. No lock.. Quiet, quiet before dusk. I didn't take off my shoes Go straight into the living room, walk up the escalator to the second floor, and the sound of footsteps echoes in the whole living room. At the end of the corridor, the light spilled out of the room. Sasuke followed the light source. . When we were about to reach the door of the house. The light suddenly disappeared, obliterated by the heavy curtain. Itachi, dressed in a dark red bathrobe, stood at the window and turned to face Sasuke. Surprised, Yu Guang swept to the big bed,phycocyanin spirulina, almost all the props spread out on the bed. Sasuke could not help but close his eyes and twist his eyebrows It's like someone strangled your neck. [What are you.. What are you doing [Nothing.. I knew you'd come back. You must want to do this when you come back, so I prepared in advance.] Itachi's expression and tone are totally like he doesn't remember anything about last night. Gentle as if to say "Well, come and eat.".

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