When the slag meets the blind, wear it quickly.

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Chu Yiyun sighed and lay down carefully beside Mat Mo, trying to keep a distance from each other's body, trying not to have any contact. Mat turned over at random and pressed on Chu Yiyun's arm, which he had not had time to put away. Without giving the man a chance to dodge, Mat turned over and leaned close to the man's ear: "Yiyun, you all remember." Not a question, but a statement, the affirmative tone of Chu Yiyun lost the first opportunity to refute. Chu Yiyun smiled bitterly. "When did you know?" "The moment you regain your memory!" In fact, as early as many days ago, Mat Mo gave him a pill to restore his memory, but to Mat Mo's surprise, the man suddenly continued to play dumb, and Mat Mo did not expose him for playing with his mind. Chu Yiyun was dumb. He didn't know when he became so sensitive and delicate as Fang Wenyao. He pulled out the hand that was pressed by the other side. Chu Yiyun sighed deeply. In that case, Wen Yao, don't play with me, okay? I can't afford to play! When the truth was naked in front of him,akba boswellic acid, Chu Yiyun knew that there was no greater sorrow than the death of his heart. Mat wondered, "Don't you hate me?"? Don't hate Chu Yimeng? Don't want to take back what's yours? Chu Yiyun was silent, saying that it was false not to hate, and that it was false not to want, but the other party was Fang Wenyao! Mat silent heart disdain, look,pumpkin seed extract, this is Mu Jingfeng, Mu An those people keep talking about love, can make an arrogant person humble to the bottom of the valley, even the most basic morale and fighting spirit will dissipate. Raising his hand to touch the man's eyebrows, the mat said softly, "What if it's for me?"? Do you know how hard it is for me to get here today? And now she's ruined because of that woman! Chu Yiyun fell into silence, mat silent also did not urge, time is not early, really a little sleepy. Why do you have a hunch that you bet wrong this time? The ethereal voice is a little sad. Isn't everything still up in the air? Besides, at least he had a good time! The author has something to say: Ang Ang Ang. I am so tired every day recently. Work, exercise, ghana seed extract ,pumpkin seed extract, study, code words, I feel a little too busy. I haven't been out for a long time. But we will continue to work hard. Our goal is to be better every day. Being dead set on me by my green ex-boyfriend Awakened by a harsh ringing of the telephone, the mat meditated in a daze to throw out the mobile phone that was still clamoring, but was held down by someone, and his mind gradually sobered up, but his heart was still unhappy. Hello Mr. Xiao is really impatient! Fine! Then I'll be on time! Mat hung up the phone and looked at the person who had already got up next to him: "Get ready to take you out to meet guests at noon today!"! It's time for you to take a walk! You have to do well for me! “……” Chu Yiyun was speechless, but Fang Wenyao's character became more lively after he left him. After listening to Xi Zimo's views on the future development of the Xiao family, Xiao Hankai's eyes lit up: "Mr. Fang's stay in Anxi is simply a failure!"! Why don't you help me? Don't mess with Anxi's shit! He looked at the side of the quiet Chu Yiyun, the former successor of Anxi, who had been rumored to be missing for a long time, was only surprised for a second at first, and soon calmed down, after all, in their circle, even the resurrection of the dead could happen, let alone just missing. And for Chu Yiyun, he was disdainful, so he dared to dig the foot of the wall face to face. Xiao always laughed, Anxi is very important to me, and this fight obviously I have been involved in! Besides, cooperating with Anxi, Xiao also has advantages and disadvantages! Said the mat in a silent voice. Mat silent secretly glad that he used points in the mall to exchange a lot of information about Xiao, even after a number of years of development direction and development are included, but a little meat pain, the few remaining points, are used to blame the usual extravagant. [Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for winning the love value of important plot characters and getting 500 points!] It's really what you want! But what the hell is the love value? Shouldn't it be a good feeling? Xiao Hankai stared at Fang Wenyao and suddenly felt that this ordinary man had extraordinary charm, especially the self-confidence and momentum in his eyes, which made people move: "There are many ways to cooperate with Anxi. After Xiao Wenqing and Miss Chu get married, can't Xiao and Anxi cooperate more closely?" But don't you have to get rid of this stumbling block of Hsiao Han-ching sooner or later? Wouldn't it be better to let him burn the jade with Chu Yimeng? Xiao Hankai felt that he had underestimated the man in front of him: "Wen Yao, I like you more and more!" "Then wish us a happy cooperation?" "All I care about now is whether we can have dinner tomorrow night." You seem to have a tough rival in love. What can you do? He must and can only be mine! What if in the end you don't get what you want? In the end, I lost all my money. Then there is no way, just take him with you to destroy. "Do you really want to do that?" Chu Yiyun, who was placed beside him as a vase, finally opened his mouth after Xiao Hankai left. You have to go back. Only then can I go back. "Mat said in a pun." Do you really want to cooperate with Xiao Hankai? He's a wolf who eats people and doesn't spit bones! Chu Yiyun's face was full of worry. Who told you that I was the one who could be eaten by him? Or are you jealous? Chu Yiyun was a little angry. He hated Xiao Hankai's unconcealed sight just now. "You said you didn't like men!" "I don't have that romantic mind now!"! You also put away the child's imagination of playing house. Mat silently looked at the man's expression and sank in an instant. Stretch out both hands to encircle his shoulder: "Yi Yun, what I need is a man who can stand shoulder to shoulder with me,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, not a soft egg, at least like Xiao Hankai, to be able to do it!" "You like him?" Chu Yiyun frowned. Mat Mo did not answer him and turned on the TV by himself. prius-biotech.com

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