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Most sensitive women will regard their children as more important than themselves. This is the mother's life, and it is also the glory of women. It is precisely because of this that human life can continue forever. But if the child has not yet been born, it is completely different. Women will never have deep feelings and great love for their unborn children. Because at this time, her maternal instinct has not been fully triggered. This is human nature. Motherhood is perfect, supreme, completely unselfish, reckless, reckless, and never demanding any price. But human nature has its weaknesses. Shen Bijun closed his eyes. If a person can really feel at ease and die quietly, sometimes he is luckier than living. In this world, there are not many people who can really die without regret. Shen Bijun did not want to live, but she knew that she could not live any longer. This is the Jedi. She's in a desperate situation. She's completely desperate. But at that moment, she suddenly heard a very familiar voice. It's Xiao Shiyilang's voice. The voice seemed to be in her ear. Shen Bijun was so ecstatic that he couldn't help turning his head to look at him. But Hsiao Shih-lang went on to say, "You must not turn around and come to see me again. Try to relax yourself and relax your whole body, as if you were lying in your mother's arms in the most comfortable bed. You are completely carefree. Don't think about anything. No one can hurt you." He spoke very slowly, every word very slowly, and there seemed to be a strange force in his voice that could make people settle down completely and trust him completely. Shen Bijun sighed softly and said, "Can I speak?" "Speak softly and slowly," said Hsiao Shih-lang. "I can hear you." The sound is closer. Shen Bijun said: "I can not move, can also relax themselves, but there is no way not to think." "What are you thinking about?" Asked Hsiao Shih-lang. Shen Bijun said, "I think if we move, we will sink. Will we be trapped here forever?"? Can't you think of a way to get away? "Of course there's a way," said Hsiao Shih-lang. Shen Bijun said softly, "As long as you have a way to get away, I will feel at ease. It doesn't matter what I do." Before she had finished speaking,saw palmetto extract, she saw Xiao Shiyilang's shining eyes. This is a pair of stubborn and cold eyes, sometimes with some mischievous look, with some sarcastic smile, but never showed any kind of emotion. Now these eyes are full of joy, relief, gratitude.. Shen Bijun blushed. When she said that, she did not see Xiao Shiyilang, so she could not help revealing the truth, if she had seen him, she would not have the courage. But now Xiao Shiyilang is so close to her. She could almost feel Xiao Shiyilang's breathing. "You couldn't see me, but now you can," said Xiao Shiyilang, avoiding her gaze. "Yes," said Shen Bijun. "I never moved, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,lycopene for skin," said Hsiao Shih-lang. "Otherwise I would have sunk. Since I didn't move, how could I have moved here?" Shen Bijun naturally did not know the reason. Hsiao Shih-lang said, "The mire looks dead, but in fact it's always flowing. It's just that it's flowing very slowly, very slowly, so we can't feel it." He added: "Just because I didn't move at all, I drifted with the flow of the mud.". If you struggle, you will only fall down. That's why you stay here. Shen Bijun did not speak. But in her heart, she was glad: "If I hadn't struggled and moved forward with the mire, how could I see you now?" Xiao Shiyilang said: "Not far ahead is the land. As long as we can endure there, we will be saved.. It won't take long. I'm sure you can do it, can't you? His eyes involuntarily turned and fixed on Shen Bijun's eyes. Shen Bijun could not help staring at his eyes. She still did not speak, but her eyes seemed to say, "I can do it for you." What comes out of the eyes is also the sound from the bottom of the heart, which can neither be seen by the eyes nor heard by the ears. Not many people can hear this sound. This sound is heard with the "heart". But Xiao Shiyilang heard it. After a long time, Shen Bijun sighed softly and said, "Now I know I was wrong." "What's wrong?" Asked Hsiao Shih-lang. Shen Bijun said, "I used to think that the way of Heaven was unfair, and I often deliberately made the world cheap. Now I know that after all, Heaven has eyes." Xiao Shiyilang said slowly, "Yes, so no matter what you do, you can't forget that there are eyes in the sky watching you at any time and anywhere." No sound, no movement, no life, everything between heaven and earth seems to be dead. The mire is also dead, and no one can feel that it is flowing. Can it really carry us to dry land? Shen Bijun did not ask, nor was he in a hurry. Her heart is very calm, at this time, at this moment, this situation, this situation, she seems to have been satisfied! Is it dead? Is it live? She didn't seem to care at all. She was afraid that Xiao Shiyilang's shining eyes would see through her heart. She was afraid that Xiao Shiyilang would feel that her heart was beating faster and faster, and her breathing was getting faster and faster, so she had to find something to say. But what to say? "Do you know who saved us this time?" Asked Hsiao Shih-lang suddenly. "Of course," said Shen Bijun. It's you. She suddenly noticed that Xiao Shiyilang's breathing was also very short. Her heart was more flustered. "It wasn't me," said Xiao Shi-lang. "It wasn't you," said Shen Bijun? Who is it? "It's a wolf," said Hsiao Shih-lang. Only for a moment, his eyes seemed to be looking far away, and he said slowly, "The first time I came here, the wolf brought me here." "I heard you tell that story,best green coffee bean extract," said Shen Bijun. Hsiao Shih-lang said, "It was the wolf who told me that there is a magical power in this mire that can heal people's wounds. It was the wolf who taught me how to survive and how to endure.". Shen Bijun sighed lightly, "I'm afraid it's not easy to learn these two words.".

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