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With one hand flashing, Chen Feng's hand was like electricity, pointing hard at the steamed bread, and the aura in his hand sank into the steamed bread like lightning. The steamed bread instantly became crystal clear and shining, and a blurred halo was looming on the steamed bread. At the entrance of the steamed bread, Chen Feng carefully felt the aura of # #. Although the aura was a little stronger than before, it was still far from the safflower pill. Chen Feng shook his head and smiled helplessly and continued to attach himself to the aura. On the bluestone road, Chen Feng, wearing a yellow gown, walked leisurely towards the library. The breeze around him and the fragrance of flowers in the wind made him feel good. Finally, I can practice the immortal method. As long as I learn the immortal method, the distance between me and Luzhong will go further! Thinking of Luzhong, Chen Feng clenched his fist tightly, and at the same time looked forward to the immortal secret book in the library. Yo ~! Isn't this brother Chen? A strange voice came in the distance. Chen Feng frowned and turned to look in the direction of the voice. He saw that Brother Liu, who had humiliated himself in the square before, was coming with several disciples who were also dressed in Tianyun Gate. Elder Martial Brother Liu! Chen Feng had already learned from Wang Zun about the disciples of the elders, so he was very clear about the Elder Martial Brother named Liu Hai. He was narrow-minded and arrogant, and his own strength had reached the seventh level of Qi training. Liu Hai walked up to Chen Feng, looked up and down at Chen Feng, then reached out and gently patted Chen Feng's face a few times, with an exaggerated expression. Not to mention, wearing the service of our Tianyun Gate,metal racking systems, it's really a bit human. But I'm really curious about whether Younger Martial Brother Chen learned to bark like a dog or not. I didn't have a chance to hear it last time, but I was disappointed! Liu Hai said, and several people behind him burst into laughter. With a flash of murder in his eyes, Chen Feng said in a deep voice, "Elder Martial Brother Liu, if you want to hear a dog bark, it's very easy. If you learn a few words yourself, you can hear it. Why bother others?" As soon as Chen Feng said this,pallet rack shelving, the laughter suddenly stopped. Liu Hai looked at Chen Feng in astonishment, and immediately a touch of Yin Li appeared on his face. He never thought that this mortal without any strength would dare to talk to himself like this. Liu Hai raised his eyebrows and said. Boy, do you dare to say it again? Chen Feng stood proudly, looked straight at Liu Hai, and said word by word, "I said, Elder Martial Brother Liu, you can learn to bark by yourself. Do you want me to repeat it again?" "You!" Liu Hai was furious and pinched the formula with one hand. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration appeared around him, and a red flame gushed out in his hand. Elder Martial Brother, no! Several disciples beside him were immediately frightened. It was a big crime to kill the same disciple. Especially the other side was the disciple of the three elders. If Chen Feng died in the hands of Liu Hai, I'm afraid Liu Hai would have to be abandoned and become a mortal. Yes, Elder Martial Brother, this boy is just a mortal. If you delay your future because of him, it's not worth it! A man with a horse face hurriedly pulled his bangs and looked anxious. Liu Hai heard the dissuasion, radio shuttle racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, looked at Chen Feng with anger on his face, and then gnashed his teeth and said. Chen Feng, be ***ing careful, don't let me find a chance! With that, Liu Hai shouted, "Go!" He turned and left, but before they could leave, Chen Feng grabbed the shoulder of the horse-faced man. The horse-faced man was stunned and turned his head to look at Chen Feng, only to see a big hand whistling in, which had come to the door of his face. Pow! With a crisp sound, the horse-faced man felt a burning pain on his face and was knocked down directly. Remember to call me Elder Martial Brother, not that boy! Chen Feng looked down coldly at the horse-faced man, then glanced indifferently at the stunned crowd, then paced away and walked calmly in the direction of the library. Liu Hai and others all looked at Chen Feng in a daze, they did not know where Chen Feng came from the courage, unexpectedly so arrogant. But they knew that Chen Feng knew his identity at this time. He was no longer the disciple of the Sundry Court who was bullied by others. He already had the qualifications to challenge others, so there was no need for him to do meaningless forbearance now. Book building, located on the west side of the inner courtyard, the whole building is divided into three floors, up to several meters high, the whole body is made of superior fine wood, antique and magnificent. Chen Feng stood outside the library, sighed with emotion, and walked slowly into it, only to see that on the first floor of the hall, many disciples of Tianyun Gate were quietly looking for the books they needed. Chen Feng walked around on the first floor, and in his mind he already had a general understanding of the first floor. On the first floor, all the books stored were miscellaneous talks, secret books of martial arts in the secular world, as well as some introductory knowledge of refining utensils and medicines. Seeing that there was nothing he needed, Chen Feng walked towards the second floor, but when Chen Feng reached the stairs on the second floor, an old man in Huangshan reached out to stop his way. Younger Martial Brother, except for the regular room on the second floor, only the elder and the disciple can enter! The old man obviously did not know Chen Feng, he just looked curiously at the inner courtyard disciple who did not seem to have been cultivated. Chen Feng smiled, stretched out one hand, and a waist card appeared in his hand. The old man examined the token carefully and was even more suspicious, but he still got out of the way and gave Chen Feng a passage. Ignoring the old man's surprise, Chen Feng walked up to the second floor with an indifferent face, then made a left and right inspection tour, and then walked toward the right row with the immortal method that could be practiced during the period of practicing Qi. Volume 1 Chapter 15 Fire Bullet Chapter 15 Fire Bullet The second floor of Loushu is unusually quiet. On the neat bookshelves, there are all kinds of old books. When Chen Feng first saw the immortal classics, he was so excited that he wanted to learn all the classics, but it was obviously impossible. After some careful consideration, Chen Feng only chose a fire bullet, because Chen Feng knows the truth that miscellaneous is better than fine, instead of wasting time to learn more immortal methods, it is better to master a kind of reality first,teardrop pallet racking, and immortal practice takes years, not overnight. The old man on the second floor saw Chen Feng come out and smiled softly. Then he swept his eyes in Chen Feng's hands and said. Younger Martial Brother, the books in the library cannot be taken out of the library. Do you want to print a copy? 。 kingmoreracking.com

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