Childe Wei at the end of the Han Dynasty

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Wei Ning was slightly stupefied and said with a faint smile, "I don't seek fame and fortune, and I don't want to be a high-ranking official. Who will criticize me?"? Ha ha, you are oversensitive! Um. Since the general called me, then quickly help me wash up! Now Peng Tuo three counties have been flat, I also expected, he should find me, alas, such a leisurely day is gone.. Green calyx Wen Yan rolled his eyes, immediately served Wei Ning update wash up, busy for a long time, finally appropriate, Wei Ning shook his cuff, the corner of his eye swept a roll of book silk on the boat, eyes slightly trance. He slowly picked up the book and silk, looked carefully at the words on it, nodded, and turned back to the bed. Lifting the bed, a knock, Wei Ning moved the bed board away, but it was a small dark pavilion, hesitated again and again, Wei Ning or carefully put the book silk in. This country, used to often run to me here to steal to save drink, I do the dark cabinet is not in the past, ha ha, if there is a chance to return to Yang Zhai later, see if you this guy has the fate to find this letter! Wei Ning's eyes twinkled and he thought to himself for a long time. Volume II Yellow Turban Chaos Chapter 69 Deliberation "Master, Wei Ning Childe is coming here!" Yang Fenggang will eat lunch, then listen to QinBing forward message. People smell speech face slightly pleased, now all to Wei Ning is admire,shuttle rack system, even hughs no matter what to do to consult one or two, Peng Tuo three cities fall in just three days more time let Wei Ning's prestige in the army straight to hughs. Five thousand men on twenty thousand yellow turban, plus Yang Zhaicheng Gaochi deep, all officers and soldiers generals roughly estimate if storm the city, is to lay, I'm afraid the casualties are hard to bear. Which like now, the first world war, not only Peng to die, twenty thousand bandits, the Han army but one or two hundred casualties and mostly minor injuries, cultivation for a while can fight again. And all this is due to the weak young man. Wei Ning already arrived,push back racking system, so maybe can immediately send troops to attack the remaining yellow turban bandits, people now again and again, the war is also more dense, in Yang Zhai cultivation day, is already restless, eager to go to the door. Liao Huaxin drop, although quite hughs, Wei Ning, etc. Appreciation, but after all is drop identity, and the previous identity or embarrassing yellow turban bandits, is still not yet into hughs subordinates, just sit alone in a seat. At the moment to see everyone's face happy, Liao Hua quite puzzled, but also followed the doubt to look outside the door. Coppage saw that Liao Hua was out of tune with his colleagues. Before the banquet, he greeted him and sat down beside him. At the moment, he looked puzzled. Taking advantage of the strength of the wine, he turned sideways and whispered to him, "Yes, you don't know the name of the person who protected you that day. That guy is called Wei Ning.." On the other hand, that guy really values you. I've never seen him pay so much attention to anyone. Liao Hua then suddenly, heavy duty metal racking ,industrial racking systems, thought about it, hesitated to turn around and whispered, "that canal." It was this man who turned forward and used a trick to break me and so on? Such calculation is really a good means! "Well!"! That's the guy's plan. Coppage nodded, and then some resentful way, "hum, every time is to let me when lure the enemy, cheat the enemy, ambush and so on!"! I, Xu Huang, a handsome man, should charge on the battlefield! This time, no matter what, I want to invite a pioneer. Don't rob me! When Liao Hua heard this, he was slightly stupefied. "General Xu is very good at martial arts. He is a general. How could he receive such a military order?" Coppage face a change, wry smile way, "boy, this you have to remember, that guy is lazy and harmless on the surface, but the heart is narrow-minded!"! It seems that I said a wrong word before, and he stared at me all day. I want to do something, but he won't let me. I'm so angry. By the way, you should be careful in the future. Don't mess with that guy! "I think he is gentle and has the style of a great man, but I don't want to be such a villain!"! How could General Xu be willing to be so angry? Liao Hua a listen, this is not a typical exclusion of others? Immediately flew into a rage, the voice also can not help but a lot of high, provoked the people frequently look askance. Coppage looked at the crowd to this side, his face changed, hurriedly pulled Liao Hua who was about to stand up, can not help but laugh again, "you this boy.." Ha ha, yes, yes, I didn't make it clear! Liao Hua saw coppage laughing, with a trace of doubt floating on his face. Coppage stopped laughing and said to him, "although that guy always deliberately brushed my wish, but several times down, every war, the deployment of troops is to do their best, the place of great merit is still assigned to me.". You misunderstand him, boy. If he is such a villain, how can we admire it, ha ha, just now is my little complaint! All right, you should know after a while. But don't tell him what I told you just now, or what will he do to me? Liao Hua nodded, still puzzled. Wei Ning swayed leisurely toward the lobby, but a few minutes away, just let him walk for ten minutes to arrive. Just want to lift the leg into the threshold, suddenly the tip of the nose some itching unbearable, a sneeze out, but just saw coppage in that and Liao Hua whispering, thought to himself, "I said how suddenly sneeze, is coppage this guy is speaking ill of me to Liao Hua?!"! Mmm! Look at his wretched appearance, there must be nothing good! Coppage was talking with Liao Hua, suddenly heard no sound around, only heard a sneeze, the corner of the eye swept the door, I saw Wei Ning staring at himself with a smile, my heart missed a beat. Looking at Wei Ning malicious eyes, coppage heart a panic, secret way, "is not it?"? I just spoke in a low voice, and he couldn't hear me. Wei Ning withdrew his eyes and listened to hughs while ordering people to clean up the rest of the tableware and food, while letting people put a seat on his side, then shouted to him,metal racking systems, "my big son of Wei, you can let me wait!" Wei Ning shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said with a faint smile, "I'm not like the generals. I've been in battle for a long time. I'm a weak scholar!" 。

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