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During the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Because the country is generally peaceful, corruption is becoming more and more prevalent. Qianlong, the emperor, took the lead in romance, so the prostitution industry became more prosperous. For example, the Qinhuai River, the most famous place of fireworks, has emerged many famous prostitutes throughout the country. Such as "Er Tang", Zhao Xiaoru, Xun San, Xu Shouzi, Zhu Da and so on, attracted many self-proclaimed dissolute guys to come, and even some people who had no line even compared these famous prostitutes with the "Eight Beauties of Jinling" in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. Guangzhou, as a place where merchants gather, is also a rare prosperous place in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, correspondingly, it is inevitable that there will be some high-end places for those rich people to seek pleasure and entertainment. Although Guangzhou is not a place of talent. The brothels here are not as good as the famous prostitutes in Qinhuai River and Yangzhou brothels, who generally have high attainments in poetry, books, rites and music, but they are not too bad, and it is enough to deal with those elegant characters. Laifeng Tower, located in the south of Guangzhou,automated warehouse systems, is such a place. The procuress surnamed Lu. His name was Lu Youer. He was only twenty-eight years old. When he was four years old, he was bought and trained by the former procuress of Laifenglou. At the age of thirteen, she began to receive customers. At the age of fifteen, she became a famous prostitute in Guangdong. After the age of twenty-three, because there was a new "replacement", her social status fell day by day. Relying on the close relationship with the behind-the-scenes owner of Laifeng House, she got the position of a procuress and was responsible for running the brothel. "There are so many guests here during the day?" He Gui came back from Baiyun Mountain with Wang Zhanling and other guards. Seeing that He Jinxi was not at home, he inquired about it and went straight to the south of the city. However, when he came to the door of the Phoenix Tower, he was still a little surprised to see those people coming in and out. He has visited the eight hutongs in Beijing. In his impression, brothels are usually officially open at night, and there should be very few guests during the day. Just like the eight hutongs, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, although they are famous all over the country, they are full of guests at night and busy in the hutongs, but there are basically no guests during the day, and most of the brothels are closed to thank customers. But now just after noon, how can there be so many guests in Laifeng Tower? "My Lord, there are a lot of businessmen coming in and out of Guangzhou. No one can say when they will come or when they will leave. Therefore, brothels are usually open day and night!" Wang Zhanling was also a local snake in Guangzhou before he Gui's Qinbing leader, and he knew something about it. When he heard He Gui's question, he immediately answered. Keep the door open? Is it difficult to.. Are the prostitutes in Fenglou divided into day shift and night shift? He Gui asked. Subordinates don't know. But I guess it's about the same! Wang Zhanling laughed. Then they are really tired. He Gui shook his head with a wry smile, then stepped forward, ignoring the big teapot on the opposite side, and went straight in. "The adults in Beijing all say that Westerners are dogs and sheep.". Otherwise, why do they have to drink milk? This means that they have to eat milk.; Milk dissolves it. 。 If you don't eat for a few months, your eyes will be blind and your stomach will be blocked. Therefore, when Westerners feast, the most valuable food is rhubarb. Even the poorest people hang a small bag of rhubarb on their chest and often lick it with their tongue or sniff it with their nose. Rhubarb and tea are only produced in the Qing Dynasty, so those barbaric Westerners must rely on the Qing Dynasty. And I, the Qing Dynasty, just refuse to trade. That is to say, if you refuse to sell them rhubarb tea, you can kill the Western devils immediately. So, ah, this battle with the Westerners is really unnecessary. Is it just some rhubarb and tea? As long as those foreigners make amends to us and give it to them. Why did you lose so many warships in vain. Don't you think so? Entering the antechamber of the Phoenix Tower, he had just found a seat by the side and beckoned Wang Zhanling and others to sit down. He Gui saw a middle-aged man holding a Beijing film on the table in the middle of the antechamber, spitting and spitting about the war between Guangdong Province and foreigners. Only. This guy is obviously not interested in their use of force. When the other people at the same table with the middle-aged man heard these words, they kept nodding and echoing, as if the guy was right. My Lord, would you like me to teach these bastards a lesson? Wang Zhanling sat beside him and looked at He Gui's face and asked. It's just a bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well. That's not necessary! He Gui shook his head. Gentlemen, please have tea! He put the teapots and teacups on the tray in front of them one by one and asked them with a smile, "You don't look very familiar. I wonder if there are any girls who are familiar with you."? Will the little one go and call you? "Is Miss Xianglian here?" Seeing that he Gui did not turn his head and did not want to speak, a guard took the initiative to ask. This Xianglian girl. He Jinxi's lover found by Shi Yuyan. Miss Xianglian? The big teapot was slightly stupefied. Gentlemen, Miss Xianglian is having a guest. Why don't the little one go and find you some other girls? Guaranteed to be no worse than Xianglian! How "I don't want anyone else, so I'll find Xianglian and ask her to come and wait on me right away!" That guard also does not see what is expensive, just insolent. — "This.." The expression of the big teapot seemed a little embarrassed: "a few gentlemen, it's not that the younger one won't go, but Miss Xianglian is accompanying the guests. They are all our food and clothing parents who have come to Fenglou, and they haven't left yet.". It's not good for the little ones to go and disturb them, is it? "What food and clothing parents, I am not?"? Get him out of here! The guard pounded the table again and snapped. Don't be angry, sir. If you really want to see Miss Xianglian,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, it's not impossible. I'll ask you first. Please wait a moment! Seeing the guard's face, the big teapot seemed to be afraid and hurriedly arched his hand. Then he ran to the center of the front hall. He Gui and others saw him walk up to the table where the middle-aged man who had just been talking nonsense about Beijing movies was sitting. They whispered a few words to a woman who was flirting with the middle-aged man. Then, the woman accused the middle-aged man of a crime and came to them step by step. Laughter came before anyone arrived:.

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