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And the bell saw the expression of Xie Youyun, others can naturally see, everyone see Xie Youyun this out, and think of the time to go out this morning, is to associate, some gossip when really feel more funny, the prime minister mansion, is really a moment will not miss the opportunity to give them gossip. They want not to say, there is no way! "One worship heaven and earth, two worship high hall.." "Before he had finished speaking, he saw the boy at the gate come in hurriedly and say," I'd like to inform you that the Empress Su in the palace has arrived. Xie Yun was startled and tried to calm down. "Please, please." This time millet summer arrived, let Xie prime minister is very uneasy. He knew the relationship between Su Xia and Jin Zhi. He was afraid that Su Xia would affect Jin Zhi. He stared at Xie Youyun, as if it was a warning. Xie Youyun was stunned for a moment and looked at the door. Su Xia, dressed in a red tassel skirt, entered the door. She smiled and said hello to everyone. Su Xia hurriedly said, "Get up quickly. You are like this. I feel embarrassed in this palace." Her voice was graceful and gentle: "This palace is from Nanzhao, and I have never seen a man and a woman of the Northern Qi Dynasty get married.". The heart is very curious, today heard that Xie Childe married, is begged the emperor, want to have a look. I don't know if it will disturb Mr. Xie. A short sentence is also to explain why will come, beautiful people everyone likes to see, the bride covered with a veil can not see, but this beautiful Su Xia empress can see, everyone feels bright at the moment. Su Xia is a good color, but also after dressing up,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, nature is more beautiful. Xie Yun would not be confused by Su Xia's beauty, but he said politely, "The empress is worrying too much. The empress is seated." Su Xia hurriedly shook his head: "This can not be used, the palace heard that the seat is the elders, the palace can not afford." She gave a charming smile and said, "I'll just take a look at it. Shall we treat this palace as an ordinary guest?" Such approachability really makes people like it. Lu Han seemed to smile and whispered to the bell beside him: "She was probably an actor in her last life. This play is really good." He Ling narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Tell me, why did Su Xia come?" Two people close, the voice is low, others naturally did not hear what they said,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Lu Han heard the words of the bell, but silent down. But soon, and the bell is showing a shallow smile, not to mention the side, is Xie Youyun looked at Su Xia that painful expression, that is also explained one or two, and the bell tilted his head, tilted his head and Lu Han said: "You guess, Su Xia in Xie Youyun where there is no success?" Lu Han sneered, "Of course I succeeded." At this time Xie Youyun's expression betrayed everything, although he quickly covered up the past, but it is clear that his acting is not as good as Su Xia. In addition to Lu Han husband and wife, other people are also suspicious, but we are all people, who will not say much. Neither of them was talking, and at this time, Prime Minister Xie really wished he could kill this witch, the witch of Nanzhao. If she came at this time, she would only affect him. He coughed lightly and said word by word, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "Worship the hall!" Xie Youyun was silent for a moment and stood there motionless. Xie Yunli said, "Start!" The voice was a little louder, at this time, Xie Youyun seemed to wake up, he looked at his father, looked at the full house of guests, looked at the bride around him, and looked at a water-red Su Xia, for a moment unexpectedly did not know what to do. 、215|1211 "One worship heaven and earth, two worship high hall, husband and wife worship.." Xi Niang smiled reluctantly and sang loudly that she had presided over so many marriages, and that the first time she saw the bridegroom's face was not as black as the bottom of the pot. This matter of the Xie family, after really can not touch, the first time the bride died, the second time is such a state, the bride is not dead, but the bridegroom official like this, really do not take into account the feeling of the bride's family ah. And To put it bluntly, the boy beside the bridegroom, which is holding the bridegroom, ah, is clearly pressing him to worship the hall! Xi Niang's face smile twisted, others saw, also naturally feel embarrassed, but Xie Yun is the prime minister, Xie Youyun is Xie Yun's eldest son, no matter how awkward the scene, we can not go, but also can not say much, just pretend to be very festive. It's just the atmosphere. He Ling stood quietly beside Lu Han, she did not know if Lin Yingzhi knew that the hijab was so embarrassing, and what kind of mood it would be, but at this time, she was particularly hoping that Lin Yingzhi could not get married, if not married to Xie Youyun, would not be so sad? Just this idea is just a change of mind, soon, and the bell is back to God, Lin Yingzhi is not her, she does not like Xie Youyun, so can think so, but Lin Yingzhi is different, Lin Yingzhi really like Xie Youyun, and the bell originally did not know what kind of feeling like a person, but now "a little" like Lu Han, is also understand a few minutes. But even if is understood, and the bell also knows, no matter when, love will not be put in the most important position by her, but will not fall into such a world because of the so-called love. But say before to ten thousand, she is not Lin Yingzhi after all, Lin Yingzhi to Xie Youyun's obsession, need not say more she also see clearly. Husband and wife worship each other and send them to the bridal chamber. A marriage is finally a success. Xi Niang breathed a sigh of relief, and the others were not so. He Ling saw that everyone was going in the direction of the new house, but did not follow. Lu Han asked, "Why don't you go and have a look?" He Ling shook her head. She smiled. "I think it's better for me not to go.". And you know, I'm not a very fun person, and I don't have anything interesting to do, but speaking of it. He Ling looked at the back of Princess Su Xia and said slowly, "Why do you think your father let Su Xia come over?"? I always think it's not quite right! "As far as you know,Magnesium Oxide MgO, don't guess." Although Lu Han was not clear about the emperor's intention to do so, he knew that the emperor would never agree with the concubines to see the courtiers get married. Even if you like it, it won't be like this. stargrace-magnesite.com

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