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"Did you steal it?" Asked Xiao Qingcheng coldly? Did you kill Lian Shuang and Qingfeng? Han Duan raised his chin. "Yes, I killed him." As soon as Xiao Qingcheng pressed the palm of his hand, Han Duan immediately drew his sword and shouted, "Xiao Qingcheng, I don't want to fight with you. If I want to get the book back, I'll let Chang Huan go!" A red light appeared between his fingers. Without looking at him, Xiao Qingcheng said, "When did you learn to be a white wolf with empty gloves?"? Want to see Chang Huan? I'll help you! The next day, the weather was fine, and Lan Xi had not been able to sleep for two nights. Early in the morning, she received a message from the prime minister's mansion. She simply cleaned up and drove out. Not far from Bihu Lake, she saw the red-topped carriage rushing in. She quickly reined in her horse and got off. Childe Ji! Ji Lingyun turned down the frame and said, "I'm going to look for you, but I can't keep the account book." Lan Xi was surprised. "What happened?" "Han Duan went out last night and hasn't returned yet. I think he went to look for Xiao Qingcheng." Lan Xi was stunned: "He.." He told me not to be impulsive, but why was he so impulsive? Ji Lingyun said in a low voice, "I don't know whether Huan is alive or dead. Aren't you in a hurry?"? Han Duan. I can't sit still anyway. Lan Xi sighed again: "My original intention was to exchange the account book for Huan'er, but Xiao Qingcheng never noticed my intention. He believed that you had stolen his account book, and knew that Huan'er had a very good relationship with Han Duan. He thought that Huan's hand could lure you out, and Han Duan was taken in as expected!" Ji Lingyun said angrily, "He is full of tricks. Even if we take the account book, he won't be happy. He will only put us in danger." Lan Xi nodded: "Yes, I thought last night that as long as he is free, you will be in danger. So I have to use the emperor's power to capture him. Now I will go to the palace with Zhang Xiang to meet the emperor. After I find a way to capture him,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, I will force him to tell the whereabouts of Huan'er." Ji Lingyun wondered, "Your Majesty?"? How is the emperor going to take him? Lan Xi gazed at Bihu Lake and said softly, "If the emperor still doesn't want to make it public, I must have a glass of parting wine with Xiao Qingcheng." 72. How to find the dawn? [VIP] "Pow!" The grey leather book was heavily placed on the imperial desk. The man in yellow robe behind the desk clenched his fist tightly and squeezed out four words between his teeth: "Wolf's ambition!" Zhang Zhiting stepped forward and knelt down, saying, "Your Majesty, please allow the old minister to send the imperial guards to seal the building and capture people." Lan Xi stood on one side, watching the emperor's expression, only to see his broad eyebrows furrowed,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, bulging eyes, protruding jaw bone, even if there is no words, but can not hide the anger of the face. How many shocking names in that account book, how many huge amounts of expenditure, has already exceeded the general boundaries of reciprocity, if there is no self-interest, if not, why do you need to gather the court officials, not to mention the sensitivity of the reigning emperor, even Lan Xi can see from the account book is not appropriate, the hidden meaning behind those figures, like a pair of thief's eyes, eyeing the dragon seat covetously; Like a sharp blade, it pierces the heart of Xia's power. The ambition of the wolf is obvious! Three days in a row, Lan Xi has lost patience, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, I do not know where she is, I do not know whether she has suffered, whether she has been injured, the only thing he knows is that his Huan son must be looking forward to saving her, often think of this, Lan Xi's heart is cut to pieces, and even regret why he learned painting instead of martial arts, how can he frighten the thoughtful old Jianghu by stratagem? He waited, waiting for the emperor to give the order, with the strength of the imperial army to bring down the man, but now only to take him, take him to pry out the whereabouts of Chang Huan. However, after only half a cup of tea, the emperor's expression changed, from the previous anger to contradiction, the hatred in his eyes disappeared, and the deep emotion of entanglement overflowed. Suddenly, he held his forehead and said in a low voice, "It can't be done openly." Lan Xi's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. The emperor Zhang Zhiting knelt and crawled a few steps, shouting loudly, his voice full of anxiety and unwillingness, and a hint of hatred that iron does not become steel. The emperor glanced at him, closed his eyes for a long time and shook his head slowly: "Zhang Xiang, I have told you that this matter is not only related.." More involved, I'm afraid he has something else in his hands, in case the heart of the dead fish is broken, shake it out. It's a small thing to catch him, but it's a big thing to shake the court. Look at this book. If I open it.. His eyes were full of disappointment. "There will be no one in the court," he said with a wry smile. Zhang Zhiting knelt down and did not lift his head, but his beard trembled slightly because of anger and excitement. "I understand," he said in a loud voice. "It's good to understand." The emperor put down his arm and said in a deep voice, "But if you don't get rid of this thief, I'll feel uneasy. I'll do as I planned. I'll summon him to the palace and the six guards will take him." "Your Majesty!" Lan Xi opened his mouth, "can the grass people report this matter?" "Speak." "This man is highly skilled in martial arts. There are six guards in the palace. I'm afraid he can't be captured." "Oh," the emperor waved his hand. "Last time I wanted to take him, but I was stopped by Zhang Xiang. Each of the six guards is a top master. If we make a move together, no matter how high his martial arts are, it will be difficult for him to fly." "Grass people have no intention of offending, but grass people have seen his skill with their own eyes. This man has both internal and external cultivation, and the best sword in the world has been defeated by him. Your Majesty.." "Alas." The emperor interrupted Lan Xi with a sigh. "I know what you mean, and thank you for sending me evidence. This loyalty to the monarch and the country is really rare. I will turn over your father's affairs again when I am free." "Your Majesty!"! Grass people do not mean this, "blue Xi some anxious," that person is really fierce, grass people are afraid to let him into the palace, rashly capture him will be bad for the emperor! " The emperor frowned at Lan Xi and said for a long time, "I'm in this position. I can't just think about myself. I have to think about keeping the inheritance of the Xia Dynasty and keeping the peace of the court, so that the people will not fall into the truth. There are so many miscellaneous feelings that I can't explain them in detail. I know your mind, but if I want to take him, this is the only way I can do it!" Walking out of the Imperial Palace, Zhang Zhiting sighed, "Your Majesty is really embarrassed. If you don't think about it and destroy the Qingcheng Tower at one stroke,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, there will be a storm in the Xia Kingdom." Lan Xi stopped and stared at the huge palace and the gray palaces on both sides. There was only one name in the center of her brain: Chang Huan. The summer sun shines on his body, but he can not feel a trace of warmth, only disappointment is boundless.

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