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Before the assembly number rang, the head of the duck egg head personally escorted his mistress, Little Chrysanthemum, back to the small mansion in Lotus Pond Lane in the county town. He had not returned yet. In the black van he hired, besides Little Chrysanthemum, there were three large boxes of silver. In the whole regiment, there was only one third battalion commander who volunteered to lead people into the salt city to surrender. He was the most energetic. He led the whole battalion with more than 70 guns, held a white flag, and drove into the salt city from the Yangqiaokou in the south. Last night, Fang Sheng sent someone to talk to him about the sale of guns and fire. He went in to deliver the goods. After he got the money, he went to northern Hubei. A friend introduced him to Wu Dashuai. The new job was a colonel without soldiers. When the head of the duck egg head came back and the assembly bugle sounded, it was already dusk. In the ears of people in the salt market across the Yellow River, the bugle sounds not so magnificent. However, the salt market is still in preparation, soldiers to block, water to earth cover, the first fire must win the strong prestige. Although the situation on the dam was isolated, it was in a favorable position. Although there were many shoals in the old Yellow River in the severe winter, the defense forces could Wade across the river, but they had to attack the high pile under the muzzle of the gun. So the heartwarming legs Fang Sheng gathered all the guns on the shanty in the east of the dam to the high pile and gave them to Tang Liu, an iron fan, to scrape. Don't look at the stout and dark Tang Liujiao as a barbarian, but the barbarian has a good idea. He told Uncle Qi, who was leading the shantytown gun team, to pile all the gun piers on the top of the pile. No matter whether there are people or not, the more and the denser the pile, the better. "The officers of the defense are all cowards," he said, laughing with white teeth. "Let them count their guns across the river first, and their calves will turn!" He asked Uncle Qi to supervise the work of digging gun stacks, and ordered people to go to the busy streets of the salt market to pull cloth to make flags, no matter what color the cloth was, as long as the material was light and soft,304 Stainless Steel Coil, it could dance with the wind. It was easy to do things when there were many people. Before noon, hundreds of long flags carried by long poles were ready. Tang Liu Gui personally urged them to bury them on the top of the pile one by one. Every three or five gun stacks stood a long flag. From east to west, a long high pile changed in less than half a day. The gun stacks were closely connected with the gun stacks, and the long flag fluttered next to the long flag. The sun shone on the flag. Into a succession of seven miles of colorful and bright clouds, the north wind flapping the flag, brushing the flying and dancing, the sound shocked people. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Wind and sand 005 5 "People say that Cheng Yaojin has three quick axes, and I have three quick knives for Tang Liu!" Tang Liu, carrying the bottle, said to everyone: "This is just the first knife, let them look up and see our momentum!" We are also a joint venture of seven miles. "Master Tang, your second knife should also be bright. How about we take a look first?" Said one of the squatters, wearing a black sheepskin hat, a coat of grey and blue cloth, and a silk sash wrapped tightly around his waist. He looked as if he had not come to fire, but as relaxed as a hunting gang in the winter leisure season. This second knife? Well, I'm going to form a broadsword team! Tang Liupao said, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "You should all know that the Beiyang Defense Force is a piece of bean curd. It's easier to use a gun than a knife with him. Nowadays, guns are expensive and it's not easy to get there. With a broadsword team, there's no need to shoot at all. The tiger drives the sheep away and jumps out to pounce on it. I'm sure it won't take much trouble to scare those cowards into handing over their guns!" "Cheerful!" That man says: "Have that brother to receive my gun, I and Tang Ye group broadsword team, chop those tortoise grandsons to go." "Good!" Tang Liu Gua shouted, "Those who are strong and not afraid of death and are willing to wield a knife, please come here.". Clothes, I teach you to chop and block, let the defense forces taste the taste of fast three knives. As soon as Tang Liu Gua climbed up the mountain, the broadsword team was soon formed. A hundred big men and more than a hundred single knives of different styles gathered together. Tang Liu Gua divided them into ten groups. Each of them cut off his upper body, bare chest and back, and practiced on both sides of the railway on the top of the pile. That kind of knife skill was very primitive and simple. It was really just three strokes-vertical chop, oblique chop, and horizontal block; Tang Liu-pao only taught them to take a step forward, cut a knife, followed by a tiger jump, and with every powerful movement, he asked everyone to shout as if they were cutting Beiyang soldiers. …… The weather is so cold, the top of the pile is high, the north wind is sharp and fierce, although it is only to practice the knife, it is not up to everyone not to work hard! "Vertical-chop!" Tang Liuchao roared like thunder. The swordsmen took a big step forward according to the order, holding the handle of the knife in both hands, with the back of the knife facing the bridge of the nose, and slashed it down, shouting in unison: "Hey!" After a tiger jumped to the ground, Tang Liu scraped and roared: "Slant-split!" The swordsmen raised their single knives to the right, flashed a bright arc of light, and cut them rapidly. Because of the fierce force, their bodies were slightly slanted, and they still shouted in unison: "Hey!" The soup six scraped to say a good, makes the palm to wipe the wine bottle mouth, drank the wine, again shouted said: "Horizontal--blocks!" " This time, the knife hand no longer just exhaled a short and powerful word, but opened his throat and spat out an earth-shaking word "kill" like spitting fire. Hundreds of throats were knotted together, and hundreds of suffering and angry hearts were knotted together, forming a torrent, surging and echoing, crashing into the distance as if to swallow something or break through something. Tang Liu roared slowly at the beginning of scraping, and the swordsmen also moved slowly. Slowly, Tang Liu roared faster and faster, and the swordsmen wielded their swords quickly. Vertical chop! Slant split! "Horizontal block," Tang Liu scraped and shouted. The swordsmen frowned, opened their eyes wide, danced with the light of their swords, and shouted, "Hey, kill!"! Hey, hey, kill! When the small street in front of the garrison camp was clamoring for death and fleeing bravely, Tang Liu had already led the newly formed knife team to practice for an hour until everyone was sweating all over. You don't have to use any clever way to strike a fire. You can rush fast, attack fiercely,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and shake the sky. "Tang Liugao told everyone:" In front of these gits of the Beiyang Army, you just need to do the three points I said. You don't need the knife head to drop blood at all. The momentum alone will frighten them into throwing their guns! " "This is only the second knife," said the man in the black sheepskin hat. "Our Master Tang still has a third magic weapon that hasn't been sacrificed yet." 。

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