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I'm thinking about it, and I'm not going to meet you, but to stop it. Unexpectedly, as soon as the first snake left the tree, the second big snake flew up, crossed its two strange heads, clamped the tail of the former snake tightly, connected with the former snake end to end, and flew forward together. The third snake followed suit and clipped the tail of the second one. Like this even two even three, between the eyes, even five or six, like a rainbow in the air, also like a straight line. Look at the air, the snakes in the back are still continuing. Although these snakes are not as big as the first two snakes, they are not much different. The last two are shorter, and they are also about ten feet long. A snake at the head is only five feet away from where the cloud phoenix lives. As long as four or five more are connected, the second largest one can be reached. At the same time, thousands of poisonous snakes in the trees all started, flying out one after another, turning into dozens of rainbow of different thicknesses, attached to the trees in the air, straight out, and suddenly became a spectacle. Yunfeng had expected that the snakes would come together desperately, but he didn't think of such a strange way to come. On the diagram, although there are golden needles piercing ten thousand bees and an eagle falling into a flock of crows, all of them are few to defeat the masses, leaving no half. But this snake is based on one, and several bodies are connected. If you cut off the first one with your sword, the second one will be shot like an arrow, and you will not be able to slow down. On the contrary, it is better to encircle in all directions, or to surge like a tide, with thousands of snakes advancing at the same time. One can use the solution of wind and clouds, and it will die if it is close to you; the other can use the solution of force to draw a gap, and it will be easier to strike when the sword falls to the end. First, I only thought that it would be more difficult for a group of snakes to come together, but I didn't think that it would be much more difficult to wait. Only then can we know that there are all kinds of strange things in the world. If we do not experience one thing, we will not gain wisdom. Do not dare to take the liberty to come forward, first to prevent the road to defeat. Looking back, I saw a wide plain, full of rattan nets,Fiberglass tape measure, very luxuriant. He suddenly remembered that the two snakes had just been entangled by vines. He had a sword in his hand and was not afraid of being entangled by vines. When a snake comes, if it really can't cope with it, wouldn't it be better to fight poison with poison and lure it into the net? This fairy sword has never been lost when it falls in the air, and now it has to be used to defend itself from disaster, which is really fortunate. Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered the flying needle given by Wu Gu, a magic weapon for self-defense, which was said to be able to send and receive. Because once released, do not see blood, do not hurt the characters do not return, although passed once, also did not try. It must be better than a sword. Why did you forget to take it? As soon as he reached into his arms and took out the flying needle, a series of serpents in the front were less than twenty feet away from his body, and the red letter in his mouth was more than two feet long. I saw a group of snakes like ripples like a chaotic bend arch, shush a strange cry, after the snake opened the double head, when the head of a snake suddenly like a crossbow arrow off the string, straight over. Yunfeng did not know that the two snake kings had been beheaded, and the group of snakes came out desperately. As soon as they saw the snakes coming, they shouted, "It's good to come!" Two feet a little strength, Walking measuring wheel ,cattle weight tape, flat vertical up several Zhangs high and low, ready to let the snake head, and then make a water to catch the moon, cut it into two sections, so as not to meet the head, it spewed poison gas. Who would have thought that the snake was very clever? As soon as Yunfeng jumped up, he arched his body, landed on the ground with his tail pointed, and turned his head to the sky. He also straightened up and put it on. Still calculate cloud phoenix all over the body skill number, change endless, see this snake unlike before that two potential son quickly jump over the head, also follow oneself to wear up. Busy that is to change moves, not waiting for the snake head, mouth and nose closed the breath, a jade belt around the waist of the solution, block the neck of a sword. Immediately, the two snakeheads flew high from left to right, and blood splashed like a spring in their necks. The snake was not finished, and its body did not fall down, but still went up. In the midst of his busy schedule, Yunfeng suddenly heard the sound of hissing everywhere. Knowing that it was the queen snake, he did not dare to fall. Regardless of the blood stain, his left sleeve covered his face, and a ROC spread its wings. He turned around and kicked the snake horizontally with both feet. He took advantage of his strength to stab the snake obliquely, and the dead snake fell straight back. A group of snakes came, one after the other. In the twinkling of an eye, the second snake jumped up and saw the enemy flying straight up. A big snake, the first one, lifted off and shared a bitter hatred of the enemy. It also looked up and put it on. Less than half the height of the former snake, the body of the former snake had been kicked down, one after the other, both of them were in a hurry, and they hit each other. Coincidentally, the middle of the thick and large snake body crossed the tail of the snake, more than several times, which was embedded in the double-headed cross of the sub-snake, filling tightly. It was originally a fierce snake with a big head, a hollow neck and a narrow entrance, which could not be taken off any longer in eagerness. The dead snake had a long life. Half of its waist was caught by the second snake, and its head was cut off again. As soon as it was in pain, the front and back halves of the snake were twisted in disorder, and the front half of the second snake was wrapped tightly and firmly. He was so anxious that the second snake repeatedly made a strange cry, his eyes showed a fierce light, his two heads were swinging in disorder, and a long tail of his lower body was standing up straight, swinging in disorder all the way, making the dust fly and the rocks ring. It had fallen on the ground where Yunfeng had lived, but suddenly it hit the top of the rattan net and was immediately entangled. The snake was not much smaller than the first two that had died, and its tail had been entangled. It was more and more anxious. It struggled to get up, only to see its body bulging more and more. When it flexed and stretched once or twice, there was a sound of cracking hemp. The underground rattan net was broken by it, and a large piece of mu was attached to the snake's tail, flying up. When the two snakes were just entangled, the third one also flew out, and the rest of the snakes and rainbows were connected and jumped up one after another. When the third one was approaching, he was first hit on the left side of his head by the tail of the second snake. The snake was in pain. As soon as it flashed, it landed on the rattan net and was immediately entangled. On the one hand, it was slightly smaller than the second snake, and on the other hand, its whole body was entangled, and it was not as easy to exert itself in the open space as the front half of the second snake, so it struggled to entangle its head and tail, to entangle its head more and more tightly, to entangle itself more and more tightly, and to form a pile. The remaining dozens of snake rainbows had just escaped from each other and flew out, just as the second snake was showing its power and its long tail was dancing in disorder. The place opened up by Yunfeng was originally not big,Pi tape measure, but the long tail of the snake was dancing wildly, which blocked the way of the snakes. Not long after, the second snake picked up the rattan net and danced so hard that the wind and rain could not penetrate. These small snakes were either knocked unconscious by the second snake or blocked in the middle. They fell into the rattan net and entangled themselves. tapemeasure.net

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