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"Two million." The arrow is matchless and opens its mouth to bid slowly. Her style remains the same, doubling the price as soon as she opens her mouth. For the provocation of the arrow matchless, Li Qiye smiled and was not in a hurry to bid. Li Qiye was not in a hurry to bid, but the young man who spent a lot of money had to bid. He was much more cautious than the rich and powerful man like Arrow Wushuang. 2050 000 ." The young man, who spent a lot of money, shouted such a price, which not only showed his determination to the furnace God, but also did not offend the arrow. Three million. This time, although the price has not doubled, the price of the opening is still frightening. At this point, the presence of other buyers simply shut up, no longer offer, they simply can not match the arrow matchless. 3050000 ." The young man still added another fifty thousand, although he did not want to compete with the arrow matchless, but he was determined to win the furnace God. Four million. The arrow is still unstoppable, and the price of the opening is still frightening. Now such an offer seems to be a game of matchless arrows and rich young people. Such a quotation really made the rich young man very helpless. Then he had to stand up and bow to the arrow and said, "Arrow Fairy, I know you are interested in this furnace God.". However, the arrow fairy is not a medicine man, nor does it necessarily need such a furnace God. "It's none of your business whether I need it or not." The matchless arrow is extremely arrogant to everyone, and no one's account is sold. "Of course, of course," said the young man, bowing down. It's just, the arrow fairy,massage bathtub manufacturers, this furnace God is very important to me. My Huangfu family has always had a marriage relationship with the Medicine Kingdom. Now the God of the Herbal Medicine Emperor of the Medicine Kingdom is going to live outside. As a pharmacist, I feel very sad. I want to take a picture of this furnace God and return it to the country of medicine, which is a respect for the emperor of herbal medicine. Therefore, please spare your hands, as long as the Arrow Fairy is willing to give me this furnace God, the Arrow Fairy has any need to speak. "Why, doesn't this young lady covet your things?"? Miss Ben doesn't lack anything. No matter who she is, she is arrogant. Although her character is not liked, it shows that she is a confident and crazy person. No,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, no, no. The young man also understood the matchless character of the arrow. He quickly apologized and said, "That's not what I meant. What I meant was that in the future, if the arrow fairy needs any help, as long as the arrow fairy says a word, I will follow it." With such an arrogant character, Jian Wushuang liked others to flatter her and be soft on her. Hearing the young man's words, she finally nodded and said, "Well, Huangfuhao, this young lady will give you a favor today.". If you quote five million, I won't argue with you any more. "I'll give you five million." At this time, the young Huangfuhao said to the auctioneer. Although this practice is not in line with the rules and regulations, the price of this furnace God today has exceeded the sky-high price, so even Shirenfang is turning a blind eye. Sure enough, the arrow kept its word, and when Huangfuhao reported five million, she stopped bidding. (To be continued.) Chapter 631 money, endless swim spa ,endless swimming pool, I have plenty. "Five million, for the first time, is anyone going to pay more?" Said the auctioneer. At this time, who is willing to bid, although this furnace God is really great, but, five million such a sky-high price, not many people can take out, for a furnace God and do their best, this is not worth it. Seeing that no one bid again, Huang Fuhao breathed a sigh of relief. With this furnace God, he may be able to please the medicine country. Ten million. However, Huang Fuhao had not finished his breath, and a slow word sounded. This time the opening quotation is Li Qiye, at this time, Li Qiye sitting there, leisurely, leisurely, people can not believe that such a sky-high price figure is reported from his mouth. When Li Qiye quoted such a price, Bai Weng and Shi Hao, who were beside him, shivered, their legs were weak, and they sat on the ground. Huang Fuhao was so angry that he vomited blood. He finally let the arrow be unparallel. Now he suddenly killed a Cheng Yaojin, and what made him vomit blood was that he doubled the price! "This is, this is crazy!" Everyone is silly, I do not know how many people took a breath of cold air, such a price is simply like crazy, it can be said that such a furnace God is not worth such a price. At this time, the buyers present, whether sitting on the balcony of the big shots, or those hidden in the dark of the great religion Lao Zu, are looking at Li Qiye. The person who can take out tens of millions of great talents in one breath is absolutely scared to death. Big brother, this, this, this is not worth it. Shi Hao could not help but stop Li Qiye, such a price is too scary, Li Qiye bought him, he did not dare to want. Nothing is worth it, although I can help you get another furnace God, but my time is limited, rather than waste time, it is better to take it. Li Qiye said lightly. For Li Qiye now, such a thing as Jingbi is really nothing. He is in and out of the major burial places. Now his family is very rich. It can even be said that Jingbi is just a number for him. For him, only the supreme immortal and the peerless treasure can make him interested. Huang Fuhao at this time there is an impulse to kill Li Qiye, he finally settled the arrow matchless, Li Qiye opened his mouth to double the price, which made him crazy in his heart. Huang Fuhao took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "11000000!" At this point, the presence of buyers can not help but hold their breath, we all feel that this is too crazy. If we say that this furnace God has refined the elixir of the emperor and the price has soared by tens of millions, it is absolutely worth it. However, it is said that the furnace God was replaced after the Emperor of Herbal Medicine became the Emperor of Medicine. There is even speculation that the furnace God had been replaced before the Emperor of Herbal Medicine became the emperor of Medicine. Therefore, it is hard to say whether it has ever refined the elixir, but it has never been refined. If a furnace God has refined an imperial elixir or an elixir,outdoor endless pool, especially an elixir, its value will be completely different, and its medicine storage will also have a greater change. Now it's hard to say whether this furnace God has ever refined an elixir. Such a sky-high price is simply a gamble.

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