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Ling Feng is good-looking and walks on the street, which makes many girls look askance. Honey, let's not talk about other things today, just have a good stroll! Tian Mi nodded to Ling Feng, her eyes slightly curved, obviously smiling. Chapter 268 Master Doctor Wait for me (14). Tian Mi nodded and did not refuse. Ling Feng seems to have made a special understanding of Suzhou, and after taking Tian Mi to the temple fair, he went to many interesting places. After a whole day, Tian Mi had a good impression on Ling Feng. Well, if it's a big boy like Ling Feng who is careful and sunny, it must be a good strategy! It was not until it was dark that Tian Mi and Ling Feng returned to the Linjiang Inn. Up to the fifth floor, Tian Mi unveiled her veil and looked at Ling Feng with a smile on her face: "I had a good time today. Thank you, Ling Feng." Ling Feng sent Tian Mi to the door of the room and looked at Tian Mi intently: "Can I hug you?" On the way back, Tian Mi once again solemnly refused Ling Feng. At that time, Ling Feng asked her: "If, I said if, I was the one who saved you eight years ago, is it possible for us?" Tian Mi did not want to let him despair, very simply nodded: "If the person who saved me was you, then, at that time I did not fall in love with the master.". You are really good, so I think I will like you. Ling Feng smiled, smiling with some free and easy. Tian Mi's words, at least let him know,5 person hot tub, not that he is not good enough, but did not appear when Tian Mi needed most, did not appear before Tian Mi fell in love with Gu Liyou. Tian Mi smiled and stepped forward, putting her hands around Ling Feng's waist and pressing her face against his chest. Bless this good boy silently in my heart. Moments later, Ling Feng loosened Tian Mi: "Tomorrow I will go back, you have to be good!" " Tian Mi nods: "You also should be good!" Ling Feng smiled and touched Tian Mi's head and turned away. Not far away, Gu Liyou had a panoramic view of all this. Frowning tightly under the mask, he tried to ignore the discomfort from his heart and told himself that this was the result he wanted, wasn't it? Now Tian Mi finally accepted Ling Feng,hot tub wholesale, isn't that good? But in the heart also has a voice to open the mouth: "Not good!"! How good! Clearly yesterday also said to keep him for a lifetime, the twinkling of an eye into the arms of others, how can, how can this! Restraining himself to ask Tian Mi and Ling Feng about their development, he turned and went to the living room. Ruthless doctor, let's talk. Ling Feng stood at the door of the living room, looking at Gu Liyou's back with a serious face. Gu Liyou turned to look at him with an indifferent look, and after a long time, he nodded. In fact, he is afraid, afraid Ling Feng is to tell him that Tian Mi has accepted his news. Yesterday, I once again asked Mimi to marry her. Ling Feng lifted his feet and walked into the living room. When he reached Gu Liyou's side, he stopped. And then honey turned me down. Ling Feng also said that he also knew that Gu Liyou did not like to talk, so he only said to himself: "I thought I was not good enough, originally, because honey already had a favorite person, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,China spa factory, and that person, is not someone else, it is you!" As soon as his voice fell, Gu Liyou looked at him. Ling Feng hooked his lips and smiled coldly, showing the royal family's momentum: "Are you surprised?"? At the beginning, I was particularly surprised. You said you were an old man in his thirties, and you were almost as old as my father. Why does Mimi like you? She cried last night. I don't know if you noticed her reddish eyes because of you. Ling Feng took a deep breath: "Today, I spent a whole day with Mimi, and when I came back, she refused me again.". She said that although she could only watch you silently, she was willing. Ling Feng stared at Gu Liyou and said, "I promised honey to keep this secret for her, but I really couldn't bear to see her suffer such grievance and torture.". I'll be back tomorrow, but I'll keep an eye on you. If a year later, honey and honey, she is still guarding you, you are still just her master, I will definitely rob! A face firmly said, Ling Feng also did not look at the reaction from the worry, directly turned away. Gu Liyou clenched his fists tightly in both hands, and for the shock that Ling Feng had just brought to him, he was still somewhat unable to recover. He thought that the scene he had just seen was that Tian Mi had accepted Ling Feng. Originally, is it because Tian Mi refused Ling Feng? "Ding-male good feeling degree + 5, good feeling degree 95, ah ah ah ~ good soon to complete the task, the Lun family very excited very excited ~" Soak in the bath bucket of Tian Mi is also very excited, ninety-five o'clock, that is to say, add a good feeling, she completed the task! She was still immersed in joy, the door was suddenly opened, frightened her body instantly stiff, staring at the people: "Teacher, Master." Tian Mi hid her body below her neck in the water and made a gentle gesture with her hands. Seeing that Tian Mi was bathing, Gu Liyou immediately turned around, but he did not leave. Tian Mi stared at Gu Liyou's back and blinked, "At this time, shouldn't you leave Lun's room?"? Two people are so deadlocked, after a long time, Gu Liyou just coughed lightly: "You get up, I do not turn around." Tian Mi Black Line She pouted, but she got up obediently. Listening to the sound of water behind me, my mind showed the scene I had just seen when I entered the room. Tian Mi's white skin was as glittering as jade, shining in the light of water and candlelight. Gu Liyou swallowed saliva, rare, some shy red ears. After a moment, Tian Mi walked to Gu Liyou's side and said, "Master, are you looking for me for something urgent?" There was doubt in her eyes. If it wasn't an emergency, she should have left immediately after taking a bath, instead of staying. Gu Liyou nodded and looked intently at Tian Mi, which seemed to have some hot light inside. Tian Mi blinked her eyes, waiting for the rest of Gu Liyou. Gu Liyou did not speak,jacuzzi manufacturers, but raised one hand and put it behind his ear, holding the mask on his face with one hand. With a click, Gu Liyou took off the mask.

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