Luo Shi Wu Niang (through the warmth of farming)

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"Oh, our Wu Niang's mouth is really sweet." As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and took out a piece of candy. He handed it to Luo Wuniang. "Come on, Auntie San will give you a piece of candy. Take it and don't drop it." The smiling appearance made Luo Wuniang feel that she looked like a wolf grandmother. Luo Wuniang unceremoniously took the candy and smiled even sweeter. "Thank you, Auntie San. Auntie San, you are so kind." Ah! Let her think about how long she hasn't eaten candy. This is really a candy? If she is really a wolf grandmother, do we want this candy or not? Luo Wuniang is still trapped in the middle of the tangle, three aunts have been enthusiastic with a little three women, plus a young man, into the hall. Luo Sanniang held the tea to entertain the guests. Luo Wuniang is not entangled, peeled off the candy wrapper, put that small candy into his mouth, sweet taste immersed in the heart and spleen, how long has not eaten sugar? I miss this sweet taste so much! She was still thinking about it here, and over there she was already polite and ready to get down to business. "This is my nephew's wife, whose maiden name is Liu," said the third aunt. Pointing to the other side, she said, "Daughter-in-law San Niu, this is your sister-in-law Zhao." The third aunt pointed to the woman, who was probably a few years older than Liu, and said, "These two are the two daughters-in-law of your sister-in-law Zhao. This is sister-in-law, and this is sister-in-law." After a pause, he pointed to the young man and said, "These are the three boys of your sister-in-law Zhao. Look at how strong they are." The third aunt introduced her in a circle, praised Zhao San, and highlighted the key points. Luo Wuniang, who was eavesdropping outside the hall, thought, "Auntie San has done a good job as a matchmaker." After the third aunt's introduction, Liu first opened her mouth and said politely, "I didn't expect that the eldest sister-in-law Zhao's son was born outstanding, and even the two daughters-in-law were beautiful. It's really a good fortune." Luo Wuniang secretly looked at the appearance of the two daughters-in-law. They looked ordinary, but their skin was a little white. They were really not beautiful, not beautiful, nor ugly. Confused,outdoor whirlpool, think of a paragraph of words: "Do not understand each other's character, there is no specialty convenient circumstances, first praise people's appearance is the safest", hey! I didn't expect Liu to know how to communicate. Sister-in-law Zhao listened to Liu's words and felt a little relaxed. Her son's reputation had spread to everyone in the country. It was really difficult to say a daughter-in-law. It was not easy for someone to take the lead. Although she had been guaranteed before she came, she said that she could say it with permission, but she had never seen it with her own eyes, and she could not put her heart at ease. Now see Liu's words are beautiful, what his family is like, his heart is clear, such a compliment, she will be relieved to accept. Liu's aunt (following the name of her son's generation) is really too polite. Who doesn't know that Liu's aunt is a capable person? Look how neat you are at home and outside. Sister-in-law Zhao took over the conversation and said. "Oh, you are all praising, that is, our own people listen to it. If people outside hear it, it will not be a joke." The third aunt enlivened the atmosphere. As soon as the third aunt said this, everyone burst into laughter. Luo Wuniang thought, "Where there are three aunts, there is absolutely no room for cold. There are masters of communication everywhere." Sister-in-law Zhao cut to the point: "You must know the situation of my family. Somehow, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor spa manufacturers, my son has such a reputation. You see, this is really sitting at home, and disaster falls from the sky. Today's girls have bad eyes, and no one can recognize Jin Xiangyu.". On the other hand, this is the fate of our two families. Liu wants to marry a daughter to be reserved, the more reserved is not the more precious, this matter has to hold a little attitude. So I'm not in a hurry to answer. Yes, yes, yes, it's fate to be led by a thread of a thousand miles. The third aunt saw some silence and took over the conversation. Sister-in-law Zhao was in charge of a large family. She was such a clever person. When she saw that Liu had suddenly cooled down, she changed her mind and understood: "My boy is not young, and he should have a family. But this marriage can't be forced. I always thought in my heart that I would find someone to live with my son sincerely." If we really don't have the heart to live a good life with our family, then we can't delay other girls. The last sentence is a solemn statement. Liu Shi listens to her this word one Zheng, then understand people to see understand her mind, then some feel embarrassed to rise. Yo, look at what you said, where can, our grandniece, which is a down-to-earth, hard-working and capable girl, married, naturally single-minded life. The third aunt turned the situation around. Yes, that's good. We're here today with all our hearts. Liu's careful thought was seen through, also no longer take Joe, the two sides also sincerely discuss, finally discuss the details, formally set the marriage, such as aunt Luo full fifteen years old, can be formally married. Luo Wuniang hid outside the door, secretly sighed, a woman's second life, so easily set, look at that Zhao San, the person is not ugly, the figure is still relatively strong, although did not say a few words, but it can also be seen that his temperament is still honest, even if it is a case of Qi Mei, but the bottom is that it is difficult to level, but this person is the husband of Aunt Luo, will she be difficult to level? I don't know about that. Generally speaking, this person is still good, Luo Wuniang thought about it, or go to tell Aunt Luo, let her have a bottom in her heart. Auntie Yang went home happily, things were settled, just accompanied the Zhao family out of the door of Luo Sanniu's house, the Zhao family gave her two hundred money to thank her, other people get one hundred money as a matchmaker is the sky, she got two hundred money as soon as she made a move, the joy in her heart, when they got married, they could also get a sum of money to thank the matchmaker, plus a big pig's head, which counted up a lot. This time is really profitable, can not like it? Yang Shi entered the house and saw his man Luo Tianbao sitting on a low chair, smoking a smoking gun. When she came back, she didn't speak. She took two big puffs and then exhaled white smoke. Yang Shi frowned when she saw him. She was most annoyed by Luo Tianbao's smoking. The smell of smoke was so bad that she burned a hole in her clothes from time to time. But Luo Tianbao was good at this. Yang said I do not know how many times, but how can not change,whirlpool hot tub, today Yang made money, the mood is just right, do not want to haggle with him.

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