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"Nine grades of worms?" Hong Lei gave a sneer, and his huge body burst out with surprising agility. A soldier like Lightning, who was good at speed, did not see how he moved. Hong Lei was already standing in front of him. Hong Lei was born with a pair of bloody pupils, which was particularly horrible. His face was covered with black tattoos. He slowly bent down and said, "It's a pity that someone paid the price of a four-grade cup worm and let me kill you two. Otherwise, do you think you two little reptiles are worth Hong Lei's going out?" The lightning sweated like pulp, the face was extremely ugly, and the blood on the skin collapsed, like an earthworm crawling under the skin. He wanted to run, but he couldn't move. Hong Lei's knife-edge cup, the huge insect shadow did not know when it had enveloped his head. The hierarchy of the Western Regions … Divided into nine grades. The lowest is the ninth grade sorcerer and the highest is the first grade sorcerer. Further up, a higher level of planning … The score is not measured by the grade. Lightning and Steel Hammer are both third-grade sorcerers, while Hong Lei is a first-grade sorcerer. The level difference is too much, plus Hong Lei has been a sorcerer for decades, while Lightning and Steel Hammer have just been promoted to the third grade, the gap between the two sides is a natural moat. The lightning and the steel hammer,ceramic welding tape, It is also vulnerable in front of Hong Lei. As the pressure increased, Lightning felt as if all the blood in his body was about to burst out of his veins, and his eyeballs were about to splash out. Hong Lei laughed and grabbed the lightning. Holding the two most powerful sorcerers of the Caohai tribe in his hands, Hong Lei shook his big head: "It's too weak. It's really boring." Wu Luo looked at Hong Lei. He could not save the two men. There is no doubt that Hong Lei's tree king tribe is more powerful, as long as he shows a little strength, he can easily let Hong Lei treat him as a guest of honor, please return to the tree king tribe. But Wu Luo is not going to do that,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, because. Wu Luo came forward slowly and wanted to pat Hong Lei on the shoulder, but this guy was too much. Wu Luo raised his hand and put it down. Wu Luo is also eight feet tall, but compared with a pervert like Hong Lei. Let's not compete. & O Chin. There's nothing to say. Do it. Hong Lei seemed to see his intention, holding the two most powerful warriors of the Caohai tribe in his hands, but his eyes were fixed on Wuluo. In a pair of blood pupils, the red Luoluo is disdainful. Little fellow, do you think I have no power to deal with you because I control both of them? "Do you know that people with blood pupils are born ominous? I have been rejected since I was born, but I still go all the way, until now, I have become the first warrior of the Tree King tribe!" Wu Luo sighed: "I have never heard of the saying that the blood pupil is ominous, but I think it is very reasonable, because for you, cordierite c520 ,10g Ozone Generator, it is really ominous." He raised his hand gently, and Hong Lei felt the feeling of lightning just now. A huge pressure came down from the sky overhead. He wanted to move, but he couldn't. There seems to be no sorcery on Wuluo. O move, that palm, gently pressed on the waist of Hong Lei. The palm print of a dark gold sè appeared in that Wuluo's hand and silently retreated to one side. Hong Lei felt that the pressure that filled the whole world suddenly disappeared, but there was an indescribable feeling of pain in the body. He loosened his hands, and the lightning and the steel hammer fell together. The two men gasped and collapsed on the ground, unable to move. With a wild roar, Hong Lei covered the dark gold palm print with both hands, as if he wanted to buckle the palm print out of the body! His mountain-like muscle R ròu surged like "ch cháo" water, sending the strength of his whole body to the vicinity of the dark gold palm print, but to no avail. The dark gold palm print is black and shiny, emitting a faint metallic luster. Ah Hong Lei let out a scream of pain. Since childhood because of the blood pupil and discrimination, exercise out of the iron general will, at this time to support him, let him grit his teeth and insist. His hide was soaked with sweat in the blink of an eye, but he only lasted less than ten breaths, and then he fell to the ground and twisted and rolled. Please remember the URL, if you like Shi San's "Immortal" Chapter 353 Prehistoric Demon Head, Sand Egg Hunter (Part 1) Second More Monthly Ticket! Convinced, Hong Lei fell to the ground and kowtowed to Wu Luo and turned over. He ran out quickly and left Wuluo three hundred feet before he dared to pat a mysterious tattoo on a certain part of his body. The light burst out and turned into an illusory giant insect. With a flutter of its wings, it flew away carrying Hong Lei on its back. Wu Luo withdrew his eyes and looked at the lightning and the steel hammer. The two men were particularly nervous and cautious, bowing their backs and looking at Wuluo. Wu Luo still sat on the big stone and waved to the two men, who hurried forward. "Do you understand what I mean?" Wu Luo asked Hong Lei just now. Two people nod repeatedly: "Understood, understood." "Then tell me what I mean?" Wuluo is full of interest. Two people are a little dumbfounded, you look at me, I look at you, steel hammer first way: "We promise to work hard for you like Hong Lei." Lightning then added: "We can do something that Hong Lei can't do. We promise to be more loyal than Hong Lei." Wu Luo waved his hand. "I knew you two didn't understand.". Why did I torture Hong Lei instead of you two? The two men looked at each other. Remembering the tragic situation of Hong Lei before, two people could not help but shiver, involuntarily knees a soft, plop down on his knees: "Please forgive me..." "I know exactly what you have in mind," said Wu Luo. Well, I'm a very qualified scapegoat. Steel hammer a shiver, almost collapsed on the ground, repeatedly kowtow: "Steel hammer know wrong, steel hammer know wrong..." Lightning pondered, carefully asked: "Little people try to say, said the wrong you do not mind." Seeing a little encouragement in Wu Luo's eyes, he dared to say,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "Do you need us to cover up your identity?" Wu Luo clapped his hands and said, "Yes, it's clever." 。 global-ceramics.com

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