Come on, he's still a student.

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Either there is a ghost in Xia Xiu's heart, or there is a ghost in what Xia Xiu knows. He said that half of it was for my own good, or he wished I would be tortured to death by my curiosity? Do not want to understand, simply no longer think, I must have a chance to ask Xia Xiu to understand, so hanging a question mark to live, in a few days I have to boil into a white-haired girl because of excessive use of the heart and brain. When I got back to my apartment, Sue was sitting on the sofa eating potato chips and watching TV. When she saw me coming back, she greeted me warmly with a mouthful of potato chip foam. Seeing that the half-foot space around her mouth was filled with countless suspended particles because of her opening, I earnestly said to Sue: "Sue, you can ignore me when you eat in the future.". Tell me that half of what you eat can come out of your mouth. It's a waste of food, and you can't eat enough. Sue glanced at me and said to me as she ate the chips, "Ann, don't think I can't see through your devil's heart just because you have an angel's face. I can hear it. You're teasing me. Humph!" I said, "Sue, don't say anything else. Come and sit on my side for a while. You just ate a big mouthful of potato chips and said a long sentence. The air around you is full of suspended matter now. Come here quickly and sit for a while. I'm afraid you'll suffocate." Sue grabbed a cushion from the sofa and threw it at me as hard as she could, shouting, "An avalanche!"! I'm down! The day before yesterday, when she pinched my arm, she cried with emotion: "Overwhelming!"! I think her perception of tricks is a little biased, but I didn't say I put up with it. The day before yesterday, after she washed her hands,tile profile factory, she didn't wipe them dry. When she threw water on me, she also cried out from the bottom of her heart: "Overwhelming!"! I don't think she has a correct understanding of what is called an avalanche, but after all, she has realized that the first day's understanding of the avalanche is wrong, which is also a progress, so I still endure it. Yesterday, when she was tickling me like a madman on my body, she actually shouted loudly with a voice that rang through the sky: "Overwhelming!"! I think,stainless steel edge trim, although she once again misunderstood the true meaning of the avalanche, but after all, she once again realized that yesterday's cognition on the tactics was wrong, in line with the principle of again and again, I clenched my teeth and endured. However, to this day, she even threw a broken cushion with a mouthful of fried potato foam and shouted loudly: "overwhelming!"! So I thought, I can't stand it! I have to! I wonder if she was possessed by Guo Furong after watching My Own Swordsman. Why are all her tricks overwhelming? I raised my foot and kicked the mat that Sue had thrown. As I kicked it, I asked her loudly, "Sue, didn't you fight with your John for three hundred rounds?"? Why are you so energetic? Sue glared at me and said angrily, "Bad Ann, I just said it as a joke with you. Do you really believe it?"? I'm not a casual person. I said, "Sue, you know so much about Internet culture. You really shouldn't have said that to me. You know, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, after you say that, I'm bound to go on.". Sue, you are not a casual person, but you are not a casual person. Su Yang raised his head to me and said in a low voice, "Ann, I can't beat you. You wait for the evening and see how I can use my invincibility to deal with you!" I picked up the mineral water on the table, while twisting the lid while raising eyebrows and said to Sue: "The voice is so small, how good is the effect of threatening people?"? Why are you waiting for the evening? Come now, and let me see what new tricks you are doing in this round. When I finished speaking, I handed the bottle to my mouth and looked up at the mineral water crazily. I was a little thirsty when I was in Ozina, but I never drank water, and now I'm even more thirsty. As I looked up to drink, Sue's door creaked slowly open, and then a figure strolled out of the room, a frivolous peach face like a ghost into my line of sight! Accompanied by the appearance of Peach Blossom Ghost and his Peach Blossom Ghost Voice, he grinned at me and said: "Hi, Ni Ni's little sister, we meet again!" I immediately choked in a mess! A mouthful of mineral water was sprayed out by me in a state of two fools at the expense of their lives. Then I coughed as if I was about to die and greeted the Peach Blossom Ghost ferociously and resentfully with deep affection: Why haven't you been stewed with pickled cabbage yet, Second Elder Martial Brother! That day on the plane, Li Taohua, that is, Li Shifeng, a coquettish man, always tried to tease me. I always pretended to sleep and ignored him with my eyes closed. Li Shifeng especially has the extraordinary ability to resist loneliness while unwilling to be lonely. I ignore him, and he answers his own questions. He asked me: Ni Ni, what are you going out for? I pretend to sleep, I close my eyes, I don't answer. Then he looked for the answer himself and said, "Well, I guess you went out to study.". He asked again, "Ni Ni, can you rest assured when you go out alone?"? I pretend to sleep, I close my eyes, I don't answer. Then he looked for the answer himself and said, "Well, if you are worried, you will definitely be worried. Children travel thousands of miles and parents are worried.". But it's always good to learn more while you are young. He asked again, "Ni Ni, don't you feel uncomfortable if you pretend to sleep like this?"? I just pretend to sleep, I just close my eyes, I just don't answer! Until I got off the plane, I said a word to Li Taohua ferociously, and then walked away quickly without looking back. I said, Second Elder Martial Brother, Shifu just told me in a dream that you talked too much nonsense and asked me to find someone to take the time to stew you with pickled cabbage! I'm busy, and you should be self-conscious and hold the pickled cabbage to jump into the pot. When Sue saw that I actually knew Li Shifeng, she was so surprised that she even said "Yi" several times. Then she tilted her head and said to me with an intoxicated face: "Ann, you are so great. You already knew John before!" I'm dizzy! What kind of logic is that? I hit a ghost on a plane and it has something to do with "stick"? I clenched my teeth and said to Sue, "Sue,tile trim manufacturers, be good and wipe your saliva first.". Also, how can you find a guy with such an ugly English name to be your boyfriend? You said that when you took him out for a walk after dinner in the evening, how could you call him John as Wangcai Yueyue? 。

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