Boudoir Notes _ August Winnie

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"Nanny Lin and Dew were busy asking why. Hsiao Ching pouted and said," We were watching upstairs earlier. The girl seemed to be afraid of Fourth Master Bai, so I said he was not good. Both of them laughed, and Xiaoqing suddenly said, "Little Sixth Master is good." The dewdrop spat. "Are you talking nonsense again?"? Little Sixth Master is good, but every time he sees you, his nose is not his nose, and his eyes are not his eyes. He just starts to hit you. So you still say he's good. Are you so bitchy? Xiaoqing said disapprovingly, "Where am I cheap?"? I just feel that the little sixth master is naturally not good to me, but he is good to the girl, this is the best, we are just servants, do you want the little sixth master to be good to me? "He's not a bitch. Naturally, it's true to be nice to girls." Lin's nurse and the dewdrop were both surprised, but they also felt that there was some truth in this. The three of them chattered and were about to rest in the middle of the night when they heard something strange in the inner room. Lin Nai Niang hurried in to look, but saw the cloud servant girl buried under the quilt, also do not know how, is desperately struggling with open hands and feet, a quilt like a dragon dance ups and downs shaking, Lin Nai Niang surprised and laughed, hurried forward to pull up the quilt, and called the cloud servant girl. After several cries, the cloud servant girl woke up, looked at Lin Niang for a while,push back racking system, then touched her body, and then slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that her forehead was glittering, nurse Lin knew that she must have had another nightmare. She took out her veil to wipe her sweat and asked, "What kind of dream did you have?" "The cloud maid collected herself and said," Nurse, go and call Xun Feng. "" He's asleep in the middle of the night, "said Nurse Lin." What do you want him to do? " The cloud servant girl looked anxious and urged, "I have something urgent to do. Go and call him." The nurse saw that she was so anxious that she dared not be stubborn with her, so she had to get up and ask the dewdrop to go outside and call the wind. Not long after,asrs warehouse, the wind arrived and saw that the cloud servant girl had changed her clothes and was sitting under the lamp. When she saw him coming, she asked the nurse to go out. "What's the matter?" Xun Feng asked. "" Why did the Fourth Master come to Luoyang this time? "She asked with a dignified expression. Xun Feng knew how important it was, so how could he answer this? Seeing that he was speechless, the cloud servant girl stood up and stepped forward and asked in a low voice, "Xun Feng, tell me the truth. Is it related to Zhou Zhifu that the fourth Master has come?" As soon as Xunfeng's expression changed, he raised his eyes and looked at the cloud servant girl. From the bottom of his heart, through a trace of cold air, he said, "You.." How do you know? When the cloud servant girl saw him admit it, she raised her hand to hold her forehead and murmured. "What's the matter?" Xun Feng asked. The cloud servant girl shook her head and said, "Xun Feng, you, you immediately.." Go to Luoyang and find the fourth Master. You have to tell him that what he's doing now. No way! Xun Feng was stunned. "What does that mean?" The cloud servant girl closed her eyes, but the tip of her tongue was stiff, and she could not answer. The sound of the rain outside the window was like a river surging. In the eyes of the cloud servant girl, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, there was a long river gushing out for no reason, flooding wantonly, pushing houses and falling trees, and many people were floating among them, sending out heart-rending cries. Among the thousands of cries for help, a man snapped, "It's him, it's all him!"! Bai Yu Bai Heng Zhi! If it wasn't for him.. None of those people will die! Chapter 64 At this time of Yu Zhou Zhou Zhou Shao Zhang, the Zhou family is a distinguished family in Yu Zhou, Zhou Shao Zhang is very capable, under the rule of Pure Brightness, the official voice is also good. Zhou Zhifu had three daughters, all of whom were married. He had only one son, who loved him as much as his life. He was seventeen years old. The year before last, he was engaged to a young lady from Li Zongbing's family in Yuzhou. As expected, he was well-matched. He had chosen a good day this year and was about to get married. Anyone who had seen Mr. Chou praised the elegant young man and the elegant family style, and said that he was as talented and beautiful as Miss Li, and that he was a natural couple. Who would have thought that on the day of marriage, there was an unexpected miracle. At that time, the door was full of guests and the gongs and drums were loud. Zhou Gongzi led the newlyweds into the door. When he was celebrating, there was a sound of sad music outside. Someone carried a coffin and came to the door. The prefect of Zhou was in charge of Yuzhou, and the Zhou family was a prominent family in Yuzhou. Now he married Li Zongbing, which was the icing on the cake. Although he was called the "prefect", he was like the "king of Yuzhou". Who dared to come to find him on such a big day? So the whole city was alarmed, and the guests inside were all surprised and surprised, because they came out to see what was going on. Zhou Shaozhang came out in anger, but saw the white banner held high. It was indeed a coffin. Zhou Shaozhang stepped forward and shouted, "Who is so bold?" As soon as the voice fell, I saw a man in white next to the coffin, walking slowly. As soon as Zhou Shaozhang saw it, he was taken aback. It turned out that it was none other than Cheng Yannian, the judge of Yuzhou, who was an official in the same place with him. Surprised and angry, Zhou Shaozhang stepped forward and asked, "Old Cheng, are you crazy?"? It's a good day for my family. What are you doing here? Cheng Yannian was much older than Zhou Shaozhang, and now his hair and beard were graying. Hearing Zhou Shaozhang's question, he looked up with tears in his eyes and smiled. He patted the coffin and said, "Of course I'm here to seek justice." Now there were more and more guests inside and people watching the scene of bustle outside. Zhou Shaozhang had to put up with his anger. He stepped forward and said, "Old Cheng, if you and I had some discord in officialdom, we wouldn't have made such a scene. We just have to discuss it carefully in the future. Today is a good day for my son. Don't be ignorant of the sense of propriety. It's not easy for us to meet each other in the future." Cheng Yannian stared at Zhou Shaozhang with tears in his eyes. He said, "You have a future, but I have no future. Your son is on a good day, but my daughter is buried. How can I negotiate with you again?" These two words, said firmly, with blood and tears, the people present naturally heard clearly, for a moment slightly in an uproar, do not know what happened. Only Zhou Gongzi, who was standing beside Zhou Shaozhang, looked slightly changed, but still did not make a sound. When Zhou Shaozhang saw Cheng Yannian looking at his son,mobile racking systems, he thought to himself that there were so many people gathered that he was afraid that they would be entangled and could not be cleaned up. "What are you fooling around for?" He asked! It doesn't make any sense. Come with me. Let's go in and talk. Zhou Shaozhang stretched out his hand to hold Cheng Yannian's arm and tried to pull him in. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yannian struggled hard and said, "I just want to make it clear to you here at this time. You don't have to think about favoritism and hide it. Let it go." 。

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