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Sima Hui recalled that in ancient books, it was recorded that there was some kind of black iron in the Kunlun Mountains, which could make it difficult for people to wake up in nightmares. It was said that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty once had a big black iron ball trapped in the ancient city. It is this kind of foreign body too for the most part, everybody is careless for a while, pass out in the wall crevice, each send a nightmare first, after waking up suddenly, fell into a deeper dream, and the subconscious of all people overlapped in one place, the truth may be such a truth, but all kinds of ways have been thought out, but can not find any way to crack. At this time, Luo Da Tongue claimed to have come up with a secret plan. Can escape from this strange dream space, usually have nightmares, in the end most of them are suddenly suspended in the air, once frightened, they will wake up. Without waiting for Luo's big tongue to finish, Sheng Xianglin already knew what he meant and quickly said that it was absolutely impossible. This strange dream is unusual, before the respective nightmares, have been horrible to the extreme, but also failed to wake people from a deep sleep, but was dragged into a deeper dream. Sima Hui thought that this strange dream was too long, but it did not have a beginning and no end. It was estimated that people would disappear one by one in the end,industrial racking systems, because once the body died, consciousness would no longer exist. Now, in order to survive, we have to try our best. Is the bad idea of Luo Da's tongue feasible? Just as he was thinking hard, he found a man hiding behind Gao Siyang in a trance. The man shrank behind Gao Siyang, squatting motionless in the corner. His figure looked familiar, and he couldn't remember where he had seen it. Sima Hui was startled. In addition to the archaeological team, there was a sixth living person in the dead city? It is said that dreams are the result of REM sleep and the deep subconscious,warehouse pallet racks, so everyone dreams, even cattle, sheep, cats and dogs, all have their own dreams. According to superstition, the dream is the "living soul", and the dream is between the turbidity of Yin and Yang. The living soul of the living can dream, and the ghost of the dead can also enter the dream, so it often happens that the dead ask for dreams. Is this man a ghost who died in the ancient city thousands of years ago? Or is it a "green tomb" hidden in the archaeological team? Could it be that the soul of the "Green Tomb" is also trapped in this strange dream? As soon as the idea moved in his mind, Sima Hui had already rushed forward and reached out to grab the man. The man hung his head very low. After being grabbed, he slowly raised his face to Sima Hui, but his face was naked and faceless. It was like a thick layer of white paper. Sima Huili's courage is hard again. The heart is also unconsciously afraid, he knows that there is a ghost in the dream, but who is this faceless ghost? Lost Country 4.2.6 Dead City Remaining Life 1, 2 Sima Hui saw a ghost without a face in his dream, and his heart was shocked. At this time, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, he did not know who pushed him hard and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He immediately woke up from his dream, and his eyes were dark. The stone wall beside him was cold. He felt his mouth was dry, his lips were cracked, his body was stiff, his limbs were weak, and his head seemed to have countless ants crawling in disorder. He shook his head forcefully and reached out to open the miner's lamp installed on the "PithHeemet". He found that Luo Da Tongue and others were beside him, but just now it was Sheng Xianglin who pushed him awake. Sima was in a trance, wondering if he was frightened, and now he fell into a deeper nightmare? But why has the feeling on the body been restored? It turned out that the second student suffered from Keshan disease in the forest farm. Villagers in mountainous areas who suffer from this kind of disease will spit yellow water and die after a few years. In the early stage, there are joint enlargement and cramps. Sleeping at night often cramps. At this time, they lie stiffly on the ground for too long, and their leg muscles spasm and cramp. This is a spontaneous reaction of the body, which is not dominated by subjective consciousness, so they wake up immediately. The rest of them are very close to each other. They all woke up when they bumped into each other. Luo said to the second student, "The sky is grey and the earth is boundless. Although the world is big, no one will tell us where the way to live is.". There is an old saying that all roads lead to Rome, of course, is also an ancient truth, but this truth also includes countless cliffs and pitfalls on the road, a wrong step, falling down will inevitably fall into pieces, now is a profound lesson, I think through this matter, thanks to the halfway did not leave you, from the Great Shennongjia watchtower. Then to the underground prehistoric forest of Yinyu Sea, the sacrificial hole of King You of Chu, and through the vast water body of 30 degrees north latitude and Yinshan Island, until you entered the place where the snake worshipers buried their bones in the abyss of heavy springs, you didn't play a big role all the way. I didn't expect that in this strange dream, it was because your calf suddenly turned a muscle that we were able to get out of trouble. If you didn't have such a specialty, We all have to die here for no reason. I can't imagine that you, the weasel, will pick up the window and have a chance to show your little face. With this, in the future, when I become a leader with a big tongue, I will promote you to the archaeological team anyway, but you will only have cramps. (-- 360 lines, every line produces a champion.. It seems that I have to pass on one more skill to you. After all, there are many things to make a living in this world. It is useless to make a living except reading. No matter what you learn, as long as you have an art career, you can support your family when you are young and stabilize your country when you are old. If you can't eat without a skill and complain that you can't find a way out, that's in vain, and no one will pity you even if you starve to death. The second student was so confused that he couldn't understand whether he was praising himself or scolding himself, but he also had to admire that Luo Da's tongue was not an ordinary person, and he could still talk endlessly when he was so short of water that his lips were cracked and bleeding. Gao Siyang and Sheng Xianglin are also frightened, because in that strange dream really can not think, almost can not wake up again, they help two students to open cramped legs, pick up guns and backpacks, tidy up, ready to start looking for rock tunnels to leave the dead city. Seeing that Sima Hui was in a trance and hesitated,drive in racking system, Luo Da asked, "What's the matter with you now?"? I remember you weren't like this before, when.. 。

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