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Related Resources:A history essay is a prose sketch of small length and free composition, presenting general or preliminary thoughts on the subject of history

A history essay is expository and affirmative-illustrative in nature.

The history essay is dominated by semantic analogies and parallels, illustrated analysis rather than plot or logical sequence. In the essay, the author expresses an opinion, a position, and tries to prove it, rather than uncompromisingly asserting it. The essay has a moral studybay reviews, the author expresses and proves his position. The presence of a specific topic of the essay does not provide an exhaustive interpretation, definition, assertion, analysis. It is necessary to characterize the phenomenon from all sides, without covering it completely.

When choosing a topic for an essay, remember that you have to be sure that you:

  • Have a good knowledge of the topic;

  • clearly understand the meaning of the statement;

  • can express your attitude to the statement (agree with it in full or in part, try to refute it);

  • know the terms that you will need for the competent discussion of the topic (terms and concepts that you will be able to use);

  • be able to give examples from history to support your position.

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