CoolKid Confection

CoolKid Confection


Coolkid Confectioneries are manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of confectionery items. Its wide range of products are tempting and rich-textured. Coolkid Confectioneries mainly focuses on the health and wellness of our consumers. So our high nutrition products are milk powder, choco gams and coco toco(Cereal Breakfast) etc. Our wide ranges of products are having the best quality with the mouth-watering taste. We ensure that our all products contain the different nutrients which fulfills the requirements of all nutrients in your body and improves your wellness and health. With our milk powder products, you can create various delicacies from shakes to many different sweets and desserts which enhances the taste of your edibles. Our choco gams are attractive rainbow coloured candies rich in chocolate and coated with the crunchy sweet layer. The Coco Toco product is standing out in the market as it is really delicious and designed for transforming your meal into a treat. 

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