US Tax Filing In

US Tax Filing In


USTAXFiling services has a team ofdedicated expert tax professionals which consists of Chartered Accountants, taxlawyers, tax management consultants and its legal compliance team. We make useof the latest in technology to make ITR filing simpler and easier for thetaxpayers.

We offer Tax notice management services,with tax specialists having the relevant experience in handling tax assessmentcases, who assist you in becoming tax-compliant. The issues in your tax noticeare highlighted and resolved by providing you the necessary online support. Ourservices enable both Individual taxpayers and business owners to adhere theguidelines in the US and Indian taxation laws.

Our experts provide in-person service toseveral US & India expat and inpat clients. Our team has deeply researchedboth the US and Indian tax laws and tax treaty agreements which enables us toserve our clients in a proficient manner and with compliance to taxation rulesof US and India. Our team consists of CAs and EAs.

Our tax advisors are specialized inhandling all type of complexities like ESOPs, RSU, PFIC and 5471 FOR HNIclients. Additionally, our tax experts also help with tax planning, which leadsthe taxpayer to save taxes.


·        U. S. TaxReturn Filing Service

o  Federal Return Filing

o  State Tax Return Filing

o  City Tax Return Filing

o  Consultancy on 401K &Retirement Plan

o  E-filing the FBAR (Foreign Bank& Financial Account Report)

o  ITIN (Form W-7) Applications

o  SFOC Procedure (StreamlinedForeign Offshore Compliance procedures)

o  FATCA Reporting Compliance

o  Get the right advice forefficient tax planning

o  4868/2350 Extension Filing

o  Amendment Tax Return with IRScompliance

·        India Tax FilingService

o  We focus on both tax saving& tax compliance

o  Accuracy maintained in all taxfiling cases

o  Tax team files all possible taxdeductions

o  Get an instant reply to allyour tax queries

o  Clients avail post-filingsupport around the year


·        Tax NoticeManagement Service

o  Our aim is to simplify theprocedure of ITR filing and cover the common sections such as 139(9), 143(1),143(2), 148, 156 and so on. We facilitate accurate tax preparation andrepresent you to the tax authorities. Our digital tax filing platform servesthe needs of every taxpayer all under the same roof. We are one of the leadingtax solution providers, offering tax advisory services to file the returnsrelated to taxes in the US and India from the comfort of your workplace.

·        BusinessIncome Tax Return Filing Service

o  We do everything fromselecting, preparing & filing the suitable ITR

o  Grab every tax-savingopportunity as we file your return

o  Proactive response ensuringminimum tax outlay, by optimizing taxes

o  Tax planning for Long termfinancial goals

o  Complete care on tax compliance& scrutiny from the tax department

o  Experts handle Business taxqueries around the year


·        NRI Tax FilingService

o  We prepare & file ITreturns for Indian expats

o  Tax planning gets a holistic approach

o  Compliance to Foreign ExchangeRegulations

o  Potential issues torepatriation addressed

o  Advance tax planning onlineoffered at best prices

o  Comply with domestic tax laws& DTAA for optimum tax payments

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