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Eco Planer Laser Guided Land Leveler

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Eco Planer Leveler
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  •  Hassle-free, reliable, effective & easy to operate power mast which saves both time & energy.
  •  More leveled and smooth soil surface obtained.
  •  More uniform moisture environment for crops. Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, and fuel.
  •  Improved crop establishment by uniform spreading of water, seeds, fertilizers & chemicals.
  •  Decreases the time to complete tasks of irrigation.


Brand Fieldking
Material Steel
Color Orange
Working Width 2
Bucket Sheet 8
Scraping Blade 125 / 5 Inch x 10 mm
Drawbar 100/4 Inch x 100 / 4 Inch
Height 600 / 24 Inch
Beri Udyog Pvt Ltd