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What is khojinindia?

khojinindia-India's B2B Global Marketplace at e-commerce platform, khojinindia is the only one of online channel establishes a reliable connection between buyers with suppliers globally and khojinindia never charge for these services.

Is khojinindia trustworthy?

Yes, 100%, Businesses with a good reputation, experience, customer service, quality products and services, proper registration, and certificates will always get top listings on our b2b marketplace.

What is the concept of khojinindia.com?

Marketing is high-priced Except you’re a chief producer with a massive advertising and marketing price range, getting new leads is high priced and time-ingesting. Misplaced relationships and agree with Change is all about relationships and trust. If you couldn't get a smooth perception of records, you could hold returned from running with companies you don’t recognize.

Which is better khojinindia or Tradeindia?

All b2b portal have their own particular specialty such as if you want to business with a domestic you prefer a local portal if import-export you pick or chose an international global portal. if you want to specific business like textile apparel, textile machinery, and cloth garment, online b2b apparel portal is best where you can find 10000+ manufacturers, supplier, and exporter. all this experience you can get on the only khojinindia, not other's.

Is khojinindia genuine?

Yes, Products selling on khojinindia are Individually cheaper and Genuine.

Is khojinindia really effective getting leads?

Yes, They are, I feel that the concept of a Business community that Corelogs has brought is concept wise better. It is fairly big and lets businesses share their requirements and send quotations among each other creating leads and opportunities.

How many people are using khojinindia Is it good or not?

As of March 2020, khojinindia b2b global marketplace had helped over 1.4 thousand business owners, wholesale businesses, logistics services to sell their products online. khojinindia b2b Portal India also making significant investments to leverage the growth of mobile internet penetration in India.

What is the khojinindia revenue model?

khojinindia is B2B online marketplace where buyers & sellers meet their business demand. 10 million buyers are visiting khojinindia for their requirements. 2.5 lacs products are listed on it. The revenue model is the listing charge for the supplier to get verified & confirm the lead of the respective product.

How can I buy products from khojinindia?

Locate the items that you want to buy or are interested in first. Locate the companies having or manufacture the product close to you. You may then give the company an inquiry or call them. You should send out a requirement board and let suppliers send you their contact details if you can not find specific goods. This is a really good application.

How do I sell online on khojinindia?

khojinindia is the biggest B2B Platform for SMEs to showcase their products and receive business leads and queries online. To start selling on khojinindia follow these simple steps: Visit www.khojinindia.com On the top right corner, find the button Become a seller Click the above mentioned button Fill the form that appears on your screen which asks for your Name, Company Name, Mobile Number, Email Id and City and click Submit, and wait for approval, after approval You can start adding your product details like Photo, Description, Price etc Complete your company profile and other details for higer visibility Since you a new seller you will be tagged as Hot Lead and soon khojinindia team will contact you to guide you further You can also take paid packages of khojinindia to increase your product visibility to get more leads.

Is khojinindia good for business?

Yes, khojinindia-India's B2B Global Marketplace at e-commerce platform, khojinindia is the only one of online channel establishes a reliable connection between buyers with suppliers globally and khojinindia never charge for these services.

Which is better khojinindia or Justdial to sell products?

If you want to deal in the Local retail base then you should join Justdial. Justdial is good for local service providers and is best for retailers. If you want to do business in bulk quantities then you should join khojinindia. khojinindia is India's largest B2B online Marketplace, for manufacturers, Traders, whole-sellers If you want to sell your product globally khojinindia is one only platform in India to do that.

Is khojinindia genuine Is it a good platform for suppliers?

Yes, khojinindia is genuine and it works wonders. It helps buyers and sellers connect - and it takes extra steps in ensuring your business grows. It's the only true platform for Suppliers currently in India and China because of network effects - 6 years of great hard work - it has an enormous advantage.

Is khojinindia an MNC company?

No, khojinindia is the only Public Domain, A B2B Global Marketplace at eCommerce Platform.

Are the leads from khojinindia are fake?

No, khojinindia Provide their subscriber genuinely and guaranteed Leads, but quantity depends on the user membership plan.

Is khojinindia only for bulk purchases?

Most users are on khojinindia Bulk seller and purchase, but coming soon khojinindia on B2C Platform also.

Does khojinindia ship worldwide?

Yes, khojinindia delivers goods worldwide except China.

Is khojinindia useful to find customers?

Yes, Looking for foreign customers for your business? there is no better place to find genuine buyers than khojinindia B2B platforms. Chances are that you already know what B2B platforms are but if you don’t it is never too late to learn about great things on khojinindia. khojinindia is the online trading marketplaces where traders come together to buy and sell in a mutually profitable manner. khojinindia is specifically designed to facilitate tradesmen to trade without the hurdles of traditional business methods.

Why are khojinindia Google results mostly on top 10?

It’s because the authority of their root domain is so high that most of the results that you see in Google don’t even need any backlinks to show up on page 1. You could outrank them by increasing the domain authority and page authority of your own website, but you will also have to make sure that all the other stuff on your website is perfect as well.

How is khojinindia's work culture

it's quite astonishing but when we talk in different terms: Attitudes of the employees - Peers are very friendly and it's been fun working with them though they are always the meeting still they are awesome. Can khojinindia look upon (suggestions): 1. Fun activities every month to keep the employees refresh, 2. Team lunch / Team dinner or movie time should be arranged to encourage, understand, and improve employee efficiency. At last, I would like to say it was great working in khojinindia especially in the marketing team bcoz they always motivate and encourage innovativeness and new ideas.

What is the commission of khojinindia?

NO, There is no commission. List your business on khojinindia portal and get business inquiries. If you want genuine leads and inquiries you can go for Paid Services. If anyone is interested to promote their product or services in the UAE market, just go through the website and list your Business absolutely Free.

How effective is khojinindia membership for business?

There are many things with each membership plans, it depends on your business size and requirements.

Does khojinindia buy wholesale goods?

khojinindia won't buy wholesale goods. The people or business owners registered on the portal will buy wholesale products from you to get your self-register and you will get inquiries for your registered product and you can also send inquiries to other people for their products.

Are wholesalers listed on khojinindia genuine?

Yes, but you always need to be careful. you should ask khojinindia Executive first.

Is it good worth to take khojinindia paid service for businesses?

You can start your journey on khojinindia with their basic service called Free Service. It gives your company an online presence with a professionally-designed catalog for your company. Here the benefits: Higher listing on khojinindia in comparison to free catalog 7 BuyLeads every week under khojinindia Advantage Program Catalog control panel on mobile and desktop to add/delete/edit information (Sign In to khojinindia) Buyer contact on the exclusive way Access to the payment gateway, Pay with Paypal. Moreover, it also depends on your business lineup. Start with their basic service and see what kind of response you are getting, and then you also upgrade your services accordingly.

Does khojinindia really give a good business to suppliers?

khojinindia received many business deals with domestic as well as international. so it would depend on your business also, on your products to sell.

Who is the founder of khojinindia?

Mr. Navneet Chauhan is the Founder and CEO of khojinindia.

Does khojinindia charge fees from sellers?

It Depends on the membership plan.

Is khojinindia the best for a B2B business?

Yes, khojinindia is the only platform, providing you multi-vendor function.

Does khojinindia take supplier permission for free listing?

Yes! Yes! KhojinINDIA simply provides an open marketplace for free listing, where you can list your business and goods free of charge. If you want to reap the full benefits from this service, though, it should be a good idea to go for a paid listing. Given the large network of suppliers that the platform has, it is important to stand out from the competition. In such a scenario, a paid listing can profit you greatly.

What is khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace at E-commerce Platform?

KHOJinINDIA B2B Global Marketplace having over 5+ years of expertise in the digital marketplace. The khojinindia B2B Marketplace currently caters to registered users and briskly expanding its database of manufacturers, suppliers, and companies from all over the world. khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace platform is intelligently designed and developed to address fierce business competition by providing a safe, fast, reliable, and authentic medium of trading. KHOJiniNDIA is integrated with all new advanced features and functionalities that have never been offered by any other B2B portal. To compete with aggressive marketing trends and brand development KHOJinINDIA is the only B2B portal helping millions of traders in expressing their presence Nationally.

Can I link khojinindia with an existing website or it should be used on its own?

KhojinINDIA.com Marketplace can be used both as a stand-alone website or as part of a current internet web page and is extraordinarily effective in each instance. If you want to use khojinindia.com as a part of your net website, you may need to hyperlink out of your static pages to the purchasing home page. For example, "Our online keep" would want to link to www.Instance.com/store. You additionally have the ability to customize the khojinindia.com layout to healthy your current internet site.KhojinINDIA.com additionally has a completely powerful feature called Widget Mode. It allows you to embed a khojinindia.com storefront in any present web site together with WordPress, Wix, and others.

Does khojinindia.com work with PayPal?

Yes. PayPal, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout price gateways are supported by using khojinindia.com. There are extra than 50 charge carrier vendors completely integrated into khojinindia.com. If your selected payment company isn't on the list, you could continually make a request and we can broaden a custom payment module for you.

Can I prevent order and other touchy statistics from being accessed by staff?

KhojinINDIA.com Marketplace features a couple of ranges of administrative get right of entry to that may be customized for every administrator inside your organization. You determine which records every employee can access.

Why Start a B2B E-Commerce Store on khojinindia B2B Marketplace

If you’re running a manufacturing facility and selling your products to businesses or you’re a wholesale company, you need to automate the purchasing process. The easier and faster your purchasers can buy from you, the more they are satisfied, and the bigger the chance they will stay with you. khojinindia B2B Marketplace can help you build an effective and easy-to-use B2B e-commerce store.

Choose storefronts, hide prices

Close your B2B storefront to hide merchandise and expenses from unauthorized customers. To see the catalog, a purchaser needs to log in to the shop. This function additionally facilitates to strengthen the moderation—the admin will check registered customers manually.

Personal prices for purchasers?

You can create personal businesses with extraordinary privileges on your b2b on-line keep. For example, create distinct corporations for small and massive wholesale shoppers and set character reductions for them. If a product has a discount already, it could be ignored—the client best receives the character bargain. Another cool characteristic here is Client stages. It assigns a purchaser to a privileged person institution once they spend a certain sum of money. It substantially automates the price formation for customers. You may even schedule the regular user institution update through CRON.

Easy integration with third-party services

KhojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B & B2C functions an effective API, which permits you to integrate the b2b eCommerce platform with any third party service: accounting structures to replace prices automatically, CRM to get more orders and keep in touch with your consumers, ERP, EDI, advertisements, analytics, and whatnot. Create a powerful, perfectly operating b2b e-trade atmosphere with khojinindia B2B Marketplace in its core.

Multiple storefronts

With khojinindia B2B Marketplace, you could create a vast a number of storefronts and manipulate them through one management panel. The cool aspect about it is which you are unfastened to configure storefronts independently: the look and experience, merchandise, charges, charge and shipping alternatives, pages, and other parameters. For instance, create two storefronts: for B2C and B2B. Set different charges, product descriptions, dispose of the online checkout from the B2B storefront or even near it for unauthorized users. On the B2C storefront, create promotions for stop customers and on the B2B— for corporations (merchandising guidelines for B2C and B2B can fluctuate loads). Now, you actually have two impartial shops controlled from one admin panel.

Multiple users in one customer account

The clients can create multi-person debts. As a rule, the the shopping process in businesses includes more than one individual. For instance, a supervisor creates an order, supervisor exams it and can pay, and an accounting man works with the papers. No need to percentage account credentials— all of them can work in a single account as extraordinary customers.


This function is available in one hand if you have several warehouses. Warehouses can have a one-of-a-kind range of objects in inventory, and the delivery length from exceptional warehouses can fluctuate lots. The consumers want to recognize the exact number of items in stock and the transport time. And you want to track the stock one after the other in every warehouse. That’s exactly what this characteristic does— informs clients and helps you track inventory in warehouses.

Fast order creation in the admin panel

Create orders manually within the admin panel without even touching the mouse. Your managers might be able to quickly create orders for consumers to speak to them on the telephone. From our clients’ revel in, some clients don’t need to reserve via the website— they just got used to name and order through the phone. In khojinindia B2B Marketplace, all of the orders—located by using consumers on a website and on the telephone— are accrued and processed in a single area. No mess, no confusion.

Product variations?

To the consumers and help them pick the proper product from a range of comparable merchandise. You are free to show variations as separate catalog objects or group versions beneath the figure product. Variations are generated automatically primarily based on product features. Let’s say you sell a smartphone. It has 3 shades—black, blue, and white, and the storage capacity of 32 and 64 GB. Color and garage ability are smartphone features .Combine these capabilities and generic versions in a single mouse click— no need to create separate products from scratch. Variations are configured as separate merchandise with man or woman costs, quantity, and different parameters. Purchasers can find versions via search and filtering.

Price list downloading

Purchasers can download the rate listing right from their b2b client debts. The cool aspect is that the charge listing indicates real prices for the patron, contemplating person discounts. Moreover, a customer can download the charge listing from the internet portal. This rate listing most effective consists of merchandise. The purchaser simply bureaucracy an income thought from it and sends it to the closing client.

In-stock notifications for purchasers

If a product is out of inventory, you may allow the purchasers to reserve earlier or subscribe to the in-stock notification. This manner, a patron doesn’t need to test your internet site daily to recognize if the product is in stock once more. The customer will obtain the notification to the mailbox as soon as you have got the product.

Low-stock notifications for vendor

To offer your purchasers the best service, you need to refill your store before the product runs out of stock. Low-stock notifications can help you keep track of the number of items left in stock. Once the number decreases to a defined threshold, you will know that it’s time to refill the stock.

45 product parameters

khojinindia B2B Marketplace features a flexible product configuration page that offers over 45 product properties to configure. For example, you can set the minimum order quantity for cases of soda to 20, so that purchasers could buy a minimum of 20 cases of soda or more.

Automatic invoice generation

After a purchaser places the order, khojinindia B2B Marketplace automatically generates the invoice. If then a purchaser adds or deletes products from the order, the invoice is updated regenerated according to new order details. This feature greatly saves time on paperwork

Issues with Logging into the Administration Panel in khojinindia?

If you encounter problems when you attempt to sign in to the administration panel of khojinindia, then one of the following solutions might help: Make sure that you enter the correct email and password. Use the email address you entered when you create an account on khojinindia. If you can’t remember your password to the administration panel, use the Forgot your password? 3. Clear the browser cache. Different browsers have different methods of clearing cache, but the standard key combination to do it is Ctrl+R.

How do I add products to my khojinindia catalog?

1. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store, then click the + button in the upper-right part of the page. 2. The product creation page will open. Configure the required properties of the product. You’ll be able to edit the product properties later at any time. Some properties don’t appear during product creation and are available only when you edit a product. 3. Click the Create button.

How to Adding Multiple Products on khojinindia?

Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store. Click the gear button in the upper-right part of the page and choose Bulk product addition. 3. Add products and fill in the empty fields. 4. Click Create. Cloning a Product If you plan to have several products with identical properties, you don’t need to create each of them manually. Instead of specifying the product properties each time that you add a new product, you can: Set up one sample product with the common properties. Clone the sample product. Change the names and individual properties of the clone products. On the List of Products Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store. Select the products that you’d like to clone by clicking on them. Choose Clone selected in the Actions menu. 4. Clone products will be created with Disabled status. 5. Edit the clone products and enable them by changing their statuses to Active. On the Product Editing Page Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store. Click the name of the product you’d like to clone. The product editing page will open. Click the gear button in the upper-right part of the page and choose Clone.

How to Update Prices and Stock for All Products in khojinindia?

khojinindia has a special page where you can update some properties of all products at once. For example, you can increase the prices of all products by 10%, or increase the list price to display discount labels on all products. To update all products: In the administration panel, go to Products → Products. Click the gear button in the upper-right part of the page and choose Global update. 3. A new page will open. There you can update the following product properties: By default, the update is performed for all products. But if you use the Add product button, then the properties will be updated only for the selected products. Price List price In stock (the number of products in stock) Price in points Once you’ve chosen how to update product properties, click Apply.

How to Importing Products on khojinindia?

You can import (upload) products from a CSV file. CSV is a popular spreadsheet format. A line in a CSV file is one line of the table. CSV files can be edited in spreadsheet editors such as LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel. We recommend using LibreOffice (a free office suite) to edit CSV files. To demonstrate the full process, let’s export one of the products to a CSV file first. Go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store. Select the products you’d like to export by clicking on them. Choose Export selected in the Actions menu above the product list. The Export data page will open. There you will be able to choose the exported fields and change export properties. Each exported field is an equivalent of a product property. We recommend that you leave everything as is for the first time. After everything is set up, click Export. Open the exported file in the spreadsheet editor. The default delimiter for CSV is a semicolon. Each column of the table contains a specific type of product data. The product is identified by the Product code; it means that: All products must have unique product codes. If a product code already exists in a database, the product with this code will be updated or replaced. When you import a product, some fields are required: Product code Language Store—the storefront to which the product belongs. Product name—the name of the product Category—the category to which the product belongs Other fields are optional. This time we recommend exporting only these required fields. Use the sample product as an example and add new products to the table. Each line is a new product. Save the file in the CSV format, and you’ll be able to import it.

How to add a Digital Product on khojinindia B2B Portal?

Follow the step to Adding a Digital Product Add a product. Open the Files to sell tab on the product editing page. 3. Add the files that you want to sell. Files can be grouped by folders. 4. The additional properties are available for digital products on the General tab in the Extra section: Downloadable—this checkbox is ticked automatically after the file is added to the product. Enable shipping for downloadable products—if this checkbox is ticked, shipping costs will be calculated for this downloadable product just like for normal products. Time-unlimited download—if this checkbox is ticked, the product download period never expires. The digital product has been created. Create a test order and check the result. If you uploaded a file for the downloadable product, there will be the Files tab on the product page on the storefront. Once a digital product is purchased: An email with the download link is sent to the customer. The download link will become available on the order details page of the customer’s account. 3. All the purchased digital products will be available to the customer on the Downloads page of the customer’s account. In the administration panel, orders with downloadable products will appear on a new tab called Downloads. Their administrators can approve the download, prolong the download availability period, and check the number of downloads left.

How To: Set up a Maximum Order Quantity for a Product in khojinindia?

To set up a maximum order quantity for a product: In the Administration panel, go to Products → Products. Click on the name of the product you’d like to edit. Enter the desired number in the Maximum order quantity input field under the Pricing/Inventory section. Click the Save button. After that, a customer will not be able to order more items of this product, than the number set up in the Maximum order quantity option, at once.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce?

B2B commerce is the selling of goods to businesses. B2C commerce is the selling of goods to individual consumers. The main difference is one of professional versus personal use.

What are some benefits to having a Business on khojinindia B2B ecommerce site?

Increased sales: With less outreach and analysis work, more sales. Increase the visibility of the brand: Win RFPs based on SEO and ease of discoverability by request. Scalability: Scale both inbound and outbound sales of your brand, generating income for additional equipment and product lines. Expansion: Reach into new categories or geographies beyond your current product, using a common source of reality and regional sites to gain consumer loyalty. Win on customer service: Have an integrated, personalized customer experience

What are large companies who utilize khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace at e-commerce Platform?

Sony. Amway. Remand. Reliance. Pancras. Mahindra. LG. Videocon. etc.

What are some critical features of khojinindia B2B e-commerce sites?

Allow customers to quickly purchase, track, and reorder. Create custom price catalogs for individual customers or groups. Enable fixed-price lists, percentage off, or volume-based discounts. Set minimum, maximum per product. Allow for multi-level purchase approvals + user authority levels. Sync inventory, orders, and customers automatically with your existing admin. Integrate the systems your business depends on: 3PL, OMS, ERP, and CRM. Provide a B2C site experience for a B2B customer (login required).

How can khojinindia B2B ecommerce serve personalized experiences?

Customer groups allow you, after login, to create customized web experiences tailored to particular groups of people. Some of the attributes include: Showcasing goods that are not open to other communities or the general public, Hiding goods that are not applicable to that specific category. Serving precise pricing, which is also pre-negotiated. Enabling quick repeat transactions.

How can a khojinindia support custom ordering?

Custom quoting tools, exclusive variants, and client groups enable companies to accept quotes via their website for e-commerce. After that has been achieved once, it is possible to position the customer in a special customer category that allows faster re-order without first interfacing with the quote engine.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can have in my store?

No. With khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace you can have an unlimited number of products as well as categories. Thanks to the use of the world's most famous MySQL databases and other contemporary technologies, khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace does not limit you in any way.

Does your khojinindia collect any statistical data?

khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace collects a wide range of statistics covering various aspects of store attendance. Analyzing this information allows store administrators to make the necessary improvements and maximize store efficiency.

Does your khojinindia B2b Global Marketplace have the drop shipping feature?

Yes. This feature is available in the standard version of the khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace. It allows retailers to showcase goods in the store but not keep them in stock. When such products are purchased, khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace emails wholesalers (suppliers) order and shipping details. In such cases, suppliers ship products directly to the customer, and shipping costs are calculated based upon the supplier's address. Your profit is the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

How To: Create a New User Group for Vendors’ Administrators in khojinindia?

Marketplace owners can determine what vendors’ administrators can do in their admin panels. To this end, they can: Create user groups with limited privileges for vendors’ administrators. Set the user group as default, so that all newly-created vendors’ administrators would end up in that group. Step 1. Create a User Group In the Administration panel, go to Customers → User groups. Click the + button on the right. Enter the name of your user group in the User group field. Set the Type to Vendor. Click the Create button. Open the newly-created group. Configure the group’s privileges as you see fit. Click the Save button.

Step 2. Set a Default Group for Vendors’ Administrators

Go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons. Find the Vendor Privileges add-on and click on its name. The settings of the add-on will open. The Default user group for vendors’ administrators setting automatically assigns all newly-created vendor administrators to the user group of your choice. Change the setting as you see fit. That way you won’t need to manually change a user group every time when someone creates a vendor’s administrator. Once you’ve selected the user group, click Save.

Step 3. Add a Group to Vendor’s Administrator Manually (Optional)

Go to Customers → Vendor’s administrators. Click on the desired name to open the profile. Switch to the User groups tab. Set the status to Active for the group you’ve just created. Only the root administrator can assign user groups to other administrators. The root administrator is the administrator that is created by the system after the Multi-Vendor installation process is finished.

How To: Invite Vendors in khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace?

A marketplace sells products from many different vendors. The more vendors, the better. If you have email addresses of potential vendors, you’ll be able to send them invitations to your marketplace by email. To invite a vendor: Go to Vendors → Vendors in the administration panel of your marketplace. Click the Invite vendors button. Enter the emails of the people whom you’d like to invite to the marketplace as vendors. If you have more than one address, enter each one in a new line. An invitation won’t be sent to an email address that already exists in the system, or to which it has already been sent. Click Invite, and the emails will be sent. A link in the email will take a person to the registration page, with the email already filled in.

How to Create a Free Seller account on khojinindia?

To create a seller account, complete the following steps: Open the Administration panel of your store and go to Vendors → Vendors. Click the + button on the right part of the page. Fill in the form on the General tab and specify vendor profile attributes. Tick the Create administrator account checkbox to create a new user of the administrator type. The created administrator account will be associated with the vendor account and will be able to log in to the administrator panel to manage this vendor’s settings and products. Click the Create button. The new vendor account will appear in the list among the other vendors.

Is khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace search engine friendly?

Yes. khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace Portal completely searches engine friendly and designed to get optimum results in the major search engines. The SEO addon, which allows you to automatically create dynamic URLs from static ones, is integrated with khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace. The enabled add-on may elevate the ranking of your Product's in a search engine listing. We also recommend adding metatags and keywords to all pages of your store.

Can I sell digital downloads, ebooks, software, etc. with khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace?

Yes. khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace has a comprehensive digital delivery system. After purchasing a digital product your customer will receive an e-mail with a link to the file (immediately or only after you approve the order manually). You will also be able to define a period of time the download will be available and can extend this period for a specific order by the store administrator on the order details page.

We deal with an international client base and need to have the site in a number of languages. Is this possible on khojinindia?

Yes. khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace is completely multilingual. khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace and Multi-Vendor Technology contain translations that were fully or partly completed at the release date (95% and more language variables translated). Additionally, the content of any khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace pages both in the storefront and admin panel can be easily translated into any language, allowing you to add a new language in the khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace admin panel on your own.

Is it possible to close my store to the public from time to time on khojinindia?

Yes. Our admin panel features an option for closing the store to the public, while also allowing you access to the store at any time.

I sell a wide variety of products. Will I have to add each one individually on khojinindia?

No. The khojinindia B2B Global Marketplace import feature allows you to upload your entire product database at once in a CSV format (supported by MS Excel). You can also use this feature to import your user, order, and translation databases.

Is it possible to add options (e.g. color) to each individual product on khojinindia?

Yes. Options can be added on a per-product basis. The additional product options will be displayed on the product list and product details pages in the customer front-end. You can add a wide range of options and use our settings to adjust them however you need. You are able to select a display type of the option: a select or a check box, a radio group, a text input text, or a text area. Some options may have different variants (color - black, white, green, etc.) and it is possible to specify a separate price for each of these option variants as well as image. Moreover, you have the ability to create a global option and apply it to all selected products with one click.

How is the B2B buyer journey different from that of B2C?

In a few different respects, the B2B buyer journey is distinct from the B2C buyer journey. There are usually several individuals looking for the right answer in a B2B buyer journey. It's often a single customer on a B2C buyer journey. While a B2C shopper focuses on a single problem, the B2B buyer or buyers are likely looking for a solution to more than one issue. Since more than one person and many problems are always accounted for by the B2B shopper, the trip may be several different routes. A journey for a B2C buyer appears to be more organized.