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KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace


An Indian Invention of Digital India

India OWN business to business search engine 

1. Introduction to the Administration Panel

2. How to Add and Edit Products

3. How To: Add a Payment Method

4. How To: Add a Shipping Method

A marketplace is where many individual sellers sell their offerings through a common storefront. What took off a customer’s attention towards a marketplace from traditional KHOJinINDIA is a large variety of similar products available at varied prices by different vendors.

With KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace you can open your online store without to much hassle. With KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace you can create your own Own Online store or a single seller eCommerce marketplace. There are around 35000 live stores that are built using KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace worldwide. KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace is a paid piece of software but running an eCommerce platform built using KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace is cheaper than running software that requires custom developments from the third party development company. 

KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace posses 500 features that are commonly provided by every eCommerce  Store. This means you can launch your fully functional eCommerce Store right away. 

In case of a paid solution where the development of code is done by KHOJinINDIA, a store owner may require to get a modification or buy add-ons so as to get the ultimate platform they need. This means extra spendings and increased bugs. With increased bugs and vulnerabilities there is more probability of downtime. Hence the number of visitors withdrawing back from the website increases by many folds and therefore lesser conversion rate.

To overcome such hurdles, Sellacious and KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace as well, provide solutions to ensure that a platform owner reaches their sales target, generate more money, and ensure marketplace presence and abundant footfall at their e-store. Using the number of built-in add-ons a store owner will eliminate the trouble in dealing with the third party developer and upgrade the problem caused by system incompatibility and new versions of the feature.

Cross-Sell and Upsell   

It is essential to offer customers a wide variety of products on your platform. You may have thousands of customers but still, if there ain’t many products to offer the income may not grow that fast. To boost the income you need to increase the average bill amount of each cart. KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace provides a bunch of cross-selling and upsell tools for that.

The store owner can enable the feature to display similar products, the product most bought and the same product with prices offered by multiple sellers, the best seller and on sale products, different products with the same prices, etc.

With the ‘Buy Together’ feature, a seller can create product combinations and set discounts on them. Another cross-selling feature is ‘Customers Also Bought’ helps to sell additional products to the customers. This box gives highlights of the products that other customers buy while purchasing the current one.


Mobile Responsive Templates  

Half of the online shoppers buy products from their smartphones. So a Store must be properly functional and eye-catching on any device. KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplacetemplate is responsive which means all the elements are arranged to fit the screen. With responsive designs, the potential buyer feels comfortable browsing your store and Google also ranks it higher in search results.


Call Request  

Many a time, customer don’t want to register themselves on web stores and go through the whole buying process. They might prefer to order the product on call. With the ‘Call Request’ system in KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace, you would not lose that audience. The customer clicks ‘Buy with 1 click button’ and enter the contact details. A sales manager calls back from your store and can confirm the order manually.


Powerful SEO    

Your potential customers would be reaching your storefront easily if it is well search engine optimized. You get more sales, more traffic, and better reach to the targeted audience. By default, KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace supports all the SEO techniques that Google encourages. Such tools help   SEO friendly URLs, Canonical URLs, 301 redirect which is a permanent redirect from one URL to another, and google snippets like Google Maps.


A store admin can also set the metatext for their store because of which the search engine understands your store better and rank it high in search results.

Fully Customisable  

Change the KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace eCommerce the way you want. A developer has complete access to the source code which empowers them to create a feature they want. The source code matches the internal coding standard and thus is easy to understand and yes all this is just free of cost.


With such features, KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace might be a great eCommerce Search Engine with No investment, the support that you may end up paying for till the time your Store is based on KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace. 
Acting like a double-edged sword, KHOJinINDIA Global Marketplace doesn’t charge on a monthly basis, You typically don’t have any other option but to buy it. Moreover. 
It might be different from Shopify and BigCommerece who are charging immensely on a monthly basis from their customers but it makes no difference working with Wordpress. Additionally, yearly payment required for upgrading your online store system on a consistent basis condemns you to pay mandatorily for the most serious businesses.