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Fleet Car Wash Equipment

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KKE Fleet Wash System is a Drive Through Car Wash Equipment with stationary arches. This system is suitable for washing large fleets in short amount of time and lesser investments.

The equipment is very similar to a Conveyor Car Wash Equipment, however, it does not have the conveyor to pull or push the car. The Car is to be driven through the equipment at a slow speed. 

The equipment moves away from the vehicle should the car move at high speed which might have a possibility of damaging the equipment.

Standard Features

  • Hot-dip Galvanised Steel Equipment for long life
  • Pre Wash Arch
  • Soap Spray Arch
  • Mitter Curtains
  • Wrap around Brushes
  • Rain Water Arch
  • PLC Controlled Equipment
  • Wheel Guides

Target Groups

  • Taxi Operators
  • Car Services Stations
KKE Wash Systems Private limited
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