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Prime Minister Urea Subsidy Scheme | KHOJinINDIA

Prime Minister Urea Subsidy Scheme

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  • PM Urea Subsidy Scheme 2019-20:  

    Under the Pradhan Mantri Urea Subsidy Scheme, small and marginal farmers will be given exemption in urea fertilizer. The objective of this scheme is to provide urea fertilizer to poor farmers at reasonable prices for farming. As you know that the central government has started many government schemes keeping in mind the interests of all the peasant brothers. Such as Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, debt redemption scheme, farmer loan waiver scheme etc. The main goal of all these schemes is to encourage the farmers of the country. So that the farmers' self-confidence will be increased and the farming yields can also improve.

    Recently, the Modi government has issued an order to officially launch the PM Urea Subsidy Scheme. This decision will help the lower class and marginal farmers of the country in farming. Urea fertilizer is very important for the crop. Therefore, the central government has decided to continue this urea subsidy scheme till 2020. Under this scheme, urea will be made available to farmers at a lower price than the market. With this, there will be no increase in urea rate of any kind.

    Prime Minister Urea Subsidy Scheme 2019-20

    As we mentioned above, the central government has issued an order to restart the Prime Minister's Urea Subsidy Scheme. Under this scheme, there will be no increase in urea prices till 2020. So that farmers can get urea easily at low cost. Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer, which the farmer uses for his cultivation. The correct use of urea fertilizer is good for crops, increasing its crop yield. In this article, we are providing you all information about Pradhan Mantri Urea Subsidy Yojana . Please read the entire article till the end for this.

    Benefits of Urea Subsidy yojana -
    • The PM Urea Subsidy Scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.
    • Under this urea subsidy scheme, all farmer brothers will be given subsidy on purchase of urea for their crop.
    • So that more and more farmers can be encouraged to harvest better.
    • Those farmers will be the biggest beneficiaries under this scheme. Who could not buy Urea Manure due to lack of money.
    • Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer, which the farmer uses for his farming. Its crop yield increases.

    Use of anything more than its right amount causes harm. Therefore, excessive use of urea may result in crop loss. In addition, the land where the crop has been planted can also cause damage. Therefore it is very important to use urea properly.

    Note - For any other information related to PM Urea Subsidy Scheme, youcan contactyour nearest Farmer Welfare Center .

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