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Hand Operated Hose Crimping Machine MODEL NO: LP/BKM/1

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Product Details:
Model Name/Number
Machine Type
Hose/Pipe Crimping Machine
Automation Grade
Machine Structure
Power Source
Hand Operated Hose Crimping Machine MODEL NO: LP/BKM/1
Product Specification
The FLEXON Hand-operated hose crimping machine is most suitable for ''ON SITE'' Repair Workshops and for Manufacturing Hose assemblies where power is erratic or not available.
The FLEXON Hand-operated Machine is capable of crimping SAE-100-R-2 hoses From 1/4" Dia to 1" Dia Hoses

Special Features
  • Indigenously Developed with Patent Rights
  • Suitable for All International Swaged Fittings
  • Uniform Pressure Force
  • Mounted on Pedestal Box (Optional)

Technical Data
  1. Wire braid SAE- 100 R2: 1/4" to 1"
  2. Connected with Hand Pump
    700 Kg/cm2
    Length: 500 mm.
    Width : 600 mm.
    Height: with pedestal 950 mm.
    Weight : 35 kgs.
    Pump capacity: 1.5 Ltr.

Crimping Procedure
  1. Select Suitable die set through Chart
  2. Insert the pipe for crimping
  3. Close the valve of the hand pump & start Building the Pressure
  4. Check the crimping of the hose-If O.K. release the pressure of the pump
  5. Hose is ready for testing & usages

  • Pedestal Stand (Optional)
  • Connecting Hose
  • Hand pump
  • 4 Set of jaws of 8 segment each
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