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How KHOJinINDIA Works How does KHOJinINDIA help in generating business?

KHOJinINDIA is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers. Sellers get access to buyers all over the world, which helps them expand their business horizons.
More than 5 Crore business enquiries are generated on the platform every month. Sellers can make the most of these business opportunities through this new business channel (KHOJinINDIA platform) for themselves.

How to find for potential buyers on ?
You can find for potential buyers on KHOJinINDIA using the given link click here. Provide your product requirements posting at KHOJinINDIA the requirement then filtered by KHOJinINDIA and then shared with the suppliers who deal in that product. To acquire more business using BuyLeads:

How will buyers connect with me?
When a buyer is searching for products which you sell, he/she will be able to see your catalog listing on KHOJinINDIA platform. Buyers can choose to connect with you through three channels:
Post a buy requirement on KHOJinINDIA
Post a direct enquiry on your catalog
Call you through our preferred number service
Note: KHOJinINDIA is only a platform for connecting buyers with suppliers. It does not have any role to play in the transactions between the two parties.

What is a Buy Lead?

BuyLead is the purchase requirement sent by prospective buyers for products and services, which is filtered by KHOJinINDIA and shared with the suppliers dealing in those products/services.
The BuyLead alerts are sent to relevant suppliers via email, SMS and app notification Suppliers then consume the relevant Buy Leads By consuming a BuyLead, supplier gets access to buyer’s contact details.

How is a buylead different from direct enquiry?

Buylead is posted as a buy requirement by the buyer on KHOJinINDIA platform. It is then filtered by KHOJinINDIA and shared with the relevant sellers. Direct enquiry is posted by the buyer on seller’s catalog if the buyer finds required product in his/her catalog.

What are the benefits of BuyLeads?

Suppliers get instant access to new buyers Details of BuyLeads (i.e. buyer requirement) is visible to suppliers even before consuming it. Hence, suppliers have the choice of consuming BuyLeads only if they find it useful. Suppliers get instant notification of most recent and relevant BuyLeads through multiple channels (email, SMS and app notification) Helps supplier in reducing the dependency on existing buyers, thereby, giving suppliers opportunity for expanding their business.

How do I get notification for the most recent BuyLeads for my products?

To receive instant notifications for the most recent BuyLeads through email, SMS and app notification, visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Privacy Settings’. Under ‘BuyLead Alerts’, check the email, SMS and app notification check boxes.

Why do I receive multiple notifications of the same BuyLead?

To ensure that you do not miss any business opportunity through BuyLeads, we send you BuyLead notification through multiple channels such as emails, SMS, app notification (provided you have enabled BuyLead alerts through these channels
Additionally, if the buyer’s requirement is not fulfilled, then we send out the same BuyLead to relevant sellers multiple times, so that they connect with the buyer without delay and close the deal.

Where can I check BuyLeads most relevant to my business?

Under ‘BuyLeads’ >> ‘Relevant Leads’, you can view all your BuyLeads with the most relevant on top. The most relevant BuyLeads are determined by KHOJinINDIA based on factors such as your history of BuyLeads usage, categories to which your products are mapped, your selected location preference, etc.

How can I track the performance of my business on KHOJinINDIA?

Your seller panel is a comprehensive platform for you to track and manage your business efficiently. To this end, there are concise reports available which give you an overview of your enquiries, BuyLeads and buyer calls through KHOJinINDIA. You can visit the ‘Reports’ section on your ACCOUNTS to access these reports such as:

Enquiry statistics report
Product-wise enquiry report
Location-wise enquiry report Sales funnel (new enquiries/leads/calls, contacted, quotation sent, negotiated, etc.)
Reply tracking report
Upcoming reminder report

How do I search for buyers from a specific city or state?
To search for buyers/ buylead from a particular city or state, use BuyLead filter on your seller panel/app. Using this, you can select buyleads from any city, state, only foreign leads or all-India leads.

Advanced Tips on Enquiry

KHOJinINDIA seller panel allows you to manage all your enquiries efficiently on the panel itself. There is no provision for exporting/downloading enquiries data in a spreadsheet/MS Excel, etc. We recommend you to manage enquiries, send message and quotation to buyers through your KHOJinINDIA panel.

What are some of the best practices for responding to enquiries for maximum buyer interest?

When you reply to an enquiry, please consider the following:

* Assess the buyer requirement thoroughly
* Try to respond to an enquiry on the same day, however, do not send reminders too early
* Reply with all the requested details
* Keep your reply precise and don’t include unnecessary details
* Reply with the same currency and measurement units as quoted in the enquiry
* Add a personal signature on each post including your business address and contact details
* Always maintain an updated record of the communication you have with the buyer * Your seller panel gives you the option to send messages to your buyers using ‘Message’ section.
* You can chat with your buyer to understand his/her requirements better, thereby, increasing your chances of conversion.

Pricing Tips

Keep the product prices competitive
Offer a range of prices*
*Keep the prices negotiable

Communication Tips
Avoid spelling mistakes and short forms
Refrain from sending too heavy attachments
Maintain the replying sequence as per buyer requirement
Follow up regularly with the buyer for conversion

How can I promote my products on KHOJinINDIA?

There are multiple ways to boost visibility of your products on KHOJinINDIA.

#1 Map your products to the most suitable categories and product group so that whenever a buyer is searching for the product, you appear among the relevant sellers.
#2 You can choose from our star and leading packages which help you promote specific products.
#3 You can also choose from our city listings and keyword listings package, to promote your products in specific cities or for specific keywords.
#4 You must enrich your product description, upload high-quality product images and name products correctly to appear in buyer search results.
#5 We also recommend you to use KHOJinINDIA regularly, consume buyleads, reply to enquiries, attend buyer calls, as more active sellers are more visible on our platform.
#6 You can also promote some of your products as ‘Hot Products’, which you wish to promote over others.

How do I improve the quality of BuyLeads that I receive through KHOJinINDIA?

In order to boost your business through high-quality BuyLeads on KHOJinINDIA, you need to follow a few best practices.
Consume IMA weekly BuyLeads daily, so that you do not miss fresh and useful BuyLeads for your business.
Increased consumption of BuyLeads by you also helps us give more of such leads based on your consumption pattern.
You must always carefully peruse the details of BuyLeads such as its location, order volume, order value, product specifications, etc., to be able to make the best choice.
Use appropriate BuyLead filters (location, order value, lead type, top categories) to save time and effort in selecting the best BuyLead for your business.
Sharing ‘Not Relevant’ feedback for a BuyLead and shortlisting BuyLeads also help us in understanding your leads preference better, thereby, providing you with the most useful BuyLeads for your business.

How soon should I respond to buyer enquiries?
KHOJinINDIA has over 10 Lac sellers listed on the platform. Keeping in mind the competition, we recommend you to respond to buyer enquiries as soon as possible to seal the business opportunity.

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