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В2B e-commerce platform that Handles 100,000+ products without customization

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B & B2C is a professional e-commerce platform to build online stores for manufacturers and wholesale companies.

With the khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B e-commerce Platform, you can easily automate the purchasing process and the cooperation with purchasers.

No more manual operations!


khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce platform advantages: Powerful catalog management

What is khojinINDIA B2B Global Marketplace at E-commerce Platform?

KHOJinINDIA B2B Global Marketplace having over 5+ years of expertise in the digital marketplace.

The khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace currently caters to registered users and briskly expanding its database of manufacturers,

suppliers, and companies from all over the world. khojinINDIA B2B Global Marketplace platform is intelligently designed and developed

to address fierce business competition by providing a safe, fast, reliable, and authentic medium of trading. KHOJiniNDIA is integrated with all

new advanced features and functionalities that have never been offered by any other B2B portal. To compete with aggressive marketing trends and brand development

KHOJinINDIA is the only B2B portal helping millions of traders in expressing their presence Nationally.

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce platform advantages: User-friendliness

Can I link khojinINDIA with an existing website or it should be used on its own?

KhojinINDIA.com Marketplace can be used both as a stand-alone website or as part of a current internet web page and is extraordinarily effective in each instance.

If you want to use khojinINDIA.com as a part of your net website, you may need to hyperlink out of your static pages to the purchasing home page.

For example, "Our online keep" would want to link to www.Instance.com/store. You additionally have the ability to customize the khojinINDIA.com

layout to healthy your current internet site.KhojinINDIA.com additionally has a completely powerful feature called Widget Mode.

It allows you to embed a khojinINDIA.com storefront in any present web site together with WordPress, Wix, and others. 


khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce platform advantages: Unlimited integration capabilities

Does khojinINDIA.com work with PayPal?

Yes. PayPal, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout price gateways are supported by using

khojinINDIA.com. There are extra than 50 charge carrier vendors completely integrated into khojinINDIA.com. 

If your selected payment company isn't on the list, you could continually make a request and we can broaden a custom

payment module for you.



khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce platform advantages: Perfect price/functionality balance

Can I prevent order and other touchy statistics from being accessed by staff?

KhojinINDIA.com Marketplace features a couple of ranges of administrative get right of entry to that may be customized for

every administrator inside your organization. You determine which records every employee can access.



Why Start a B2B E-Commerce Store on khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace


If you’re running a manufacturing facility and selling your products to businesses or you’re a wholesale company, you need to automate the purchasing process. The easier and faster your purchasers can buy from you, the more they are satisfied, and the bigger the chance they will stay with you. khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace can help you build an effective and easy-to-use

B2B e-commerce store.




Choose storefronts, hide prices

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Close storefronts, hide prices


Close your B2B storefront to hide merchandise and expenses from unauthorized customers.

To see the catalog, a purchaser needs to log in to the shop. This function additionally facilitates

to strengthen the moderation—the admin will check registered customers manually.





Personal prices for purchasers


khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Personal prices for purchasers

You can create personal businesses with extraordinary privileges on your b2b on-line keep.

For example, create distinct corporations for small and massive wholesale shoppers

and set character reductions for them. 

If a product has a discount already, it could be ignored—the client best receives the character bargain.

Another cool characteristic here is Client stages. It assigns a purchaser to a privileged person institution

once they spend a certain sum of money. It substantially automates the price formation for customers.

You may even schedule the regular user institution update through CRON.




Easy integration with third-party services

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Easy integration with third-party services

KhojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B & B2C functions an effective API,

which permits you to integrate the b2b eCommerce platform with any third party service:

accounting structures to replace prices automatically,

CRM to get more orders and keep in touch with your consumers, ERP, EDI,

advertisements, analytics, and whatnot. Create a powerful, perfectly operating

b2b e-trade atmosphere with khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace in its core.



Multiple storefronts

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Multiple storefronts

With khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace, you could create a vast

a number of storefronts and manipulate them through one management panel.

The cool aspect about it is which you are unfastened to configure storefronts independently:

the look and experience,

merchandise, charges, charge and shipping alternatives, pages, and other parameters.

For instance, create two storefronts: for B2C and B2B. Set different charges,

product descriptions, dispose of the online checkout

from the B2B storefront or even near it for unauthorized users.

On the B2C storefront, create promotions for stop customers and on the B2B—

for corporations (merchandising guidelines for B2C and B2B can fluctuate loads).

Now, you actually have two impartial shops controlled from one admin panel.


Multiple users in one customer account

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Multiple users in one customer account

The clients can create multi-person debts. As a rule, the

the shopping process in businesses includes more than one individual.

For instance, a supervisor creates an order, supervisor exams it

and can pay, and an accounting man works with the papers. 

No need to percentage account credentials—

all of them can work in a single account as extraordinary customers.





khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Warehouses

This function is available in one hand if you have several warehouses.

Warehouses can have a one-of-a-kind range of objects in inventory,

and the delivery length from exceptional warehouses can fluctuate lots.

The consumers want to recognize the exact number of items in stock and the transport time.

And you want to track the stock one after the other in every warehouse.

That’s exactly what this characteristic does—

informs clients and helps you track inventory in warehouses.



Fast order creation in the admin panel


khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Fast order creation in the admin panel

Create orders manually within the admin panel without even touching the mouse.

Your managers might be able to quickly create orders for consumers to speak to them on the telephone.

From our clients’ revel in, some clients don’t need to reserve via the website—

they just got used to name and order through the phone. 

In khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace, all of the orders—located by using consumers on a website and on the telephone—

are accrued and processed in a single area. No mess, no confusion.





Product variations


Product variations are a perfect tool to effectively demonstrate your product range 

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Product variations

To the consumers and help them pick the proper product from a range of comparable merchandise.

You are free to show variations as separate catalog objects or group versions beneath the figure product.

Variations are generated automatically primarily based on product features.

Let’s say you sell a smartphone. It has 3 shades—black, blue, and white, and the storage capacity 

of 32 and 64 GB. Color and garage ability are smartphone features

.Combine these capabilities and generic versions in a single mouse click—

no need to create separate products from scratch.

Variations are configured as separate merchandise with man or woman costs,

quantity, and different parameters. Purchasers can find versions via search and filtering.




Price list downloading

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Price list downloading

Purchasers can download the rate listing right from their b2b client debts.

The cool aspect is that the charge listing indicates real prices for the patron,

contemplating person discounts. Moreover, a customer can download the charge listing from the internet portal.

This rate listing most effective consists of merchandise.

The purchaser simply bureaucracy an income thought from it and sends it to the closing client.







In-stock notifications for purchasers

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: In-stock notifications for purchasers

If a product is out of inventory, you may allow the purchasers to reserve earlier or 

subscribe to the in-stock notification. This manner, a patron doesn’t 

need to test your internet site daily to recognize if the product is in stock once more. 

The customer will obtain the notification to the mailbox as soon as you have got the product.







Low-stock notifications for vendor


khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Low-stock notifications for adminsTo offer your purchasers the best service,

you need to refill your store before the product

runs out of stock. Low-stock notifications

can help you keep track of the number

of items left in stock. Once the number decreases to a

defined threshold, you will know that it’s time to refill the stock.





45 product parameters

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: 45 product parameters

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace features a flexible product configuration page that offers

over 45 product properties to configure.

For example, you can set the minimum order quantity for cases of soda to 20,

so that purchasers could buy a minimum of 20 cases of soda or more.






Automatic invoice generation

khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace B2B ecommerce software features: Automatic invoice generation


After a purchaser places the order, khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace automatically generates the invoice.

If then a purchaser adds or deletes products from the order,

the invoice is updated regenerated according to new order details. This feature greatly saves time on paperwork.






Why khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace is a Perfect Fit for B2C, Too

If you propose to have a B2C storefront further to B2B, khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace could be a super match. All way to its multi-shop characteristic: create unbiased B2B and B2C storefronts and manipulate them through the same admin panel.

35,000 customers in one hundred seventy National locations chose khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace for his or her B2C stores

Because it’s extremely straightforward to install, use, and hold, it’s attained in functionality, properly-supported, and ready to be custom designed.It doesn’t require to increase the default capability—there are lots of equipped-made accessories. And Google loves khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace stores because khojinINDIA B2B Marketplace is a search engine optimization-pleasant with its integrated SEO equipment.





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