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Stockarea is a Digital warehousing ecosystem for e-commerce, OEMs and Importers. We help businesses get on-demand optimal warehousing contracts with the help of our logistics network. Stockarea provides flexibility and scalability to supply chains by providing access to the partner network, order management, inventory visibility, seamless system integrations, single-support and a cloud-based platform to manage it all. We aim to empower e-commerce players to decentralise their inventory by giving them access to a logistics network which is on par with existing marketplace giants. We also aim to empower OEMs/Importer's supply chain by giving them access to a logistics network to scale as and when they want. Our services include: Storage/Warehousing services Fulfillment services Leasing warehouse Warehouse Possibility Report First-mile and Middle-mile services. To learn more about Stockarea, visit our website at https://stockarea.io/

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