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Just imagine !!

      You may be located in any corner of the globe, be it France, Germany, Greece, Italy, England, U.S.A. or Canada no matter what corner. You still have the facility to order the best sweets of your choice from the ‘CITY OF SWEETS-Jamnagar .(Gujarat-India) Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Now read further…

      Suppose you may have any complaints regarding taste, quality or quantity. In such a case you also have the facility of getting your money back!

     Unbelievable isn’t it?!

      Right since 1918 H.J.Vyas Mithaiwala have been the top most among the sweet manufacturers and for good reasons too. We have always been very particular about the health & taste of our customers and purity & standard of our products.

      With full conviction we assure you that the above mentioned request to imagine the unbelievable will remain only an imagination as we are pledged to maintain the purity of quality in each and every grain of all varieties of our products.

      Nevertheless the choice is yours whether you want the best of sweets or your money back.

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