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Shreeja Healthcare

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No. 26, Ground Floor, Ratansagar Apartment, Near Varachha Police Station, Surat,Gujarat,India.
Surat 39500

Shreeja Health Care Products is the First Indian Manufacturer of Oil Maker Machine.

Shreeja health care products were established in 2017 and it is located at Pipodra G.I.D.C Near KIM Surat. Shreeja oil Maker Machine is one of the best Edible Oil extraction Machine for being healthy Life.

We are manufacturing various kinds of Oil Maker Machine for Home. We are also exporting and supplying oil maker machines in India & other foreign countries.

Generally, we all are using Refined Oil. Refined oil is also called a processed form of natural oil. which is obtained after adding so many chemicals to natural oil. This oil is very harmful to the digestive as well as respiratory health of the human body. It is also responsible to cause various diseases like Cancer, Digestive System Problems, Respiratory diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and many more.

To protect our family from these many diseases we should consume 100% pure oil which can extract by an oil maker machine. Our professional team assists us in manufacturing oil extraction machines to make our lives healthier.

Oil Extraction Machine can Extract oil from many seeds like peanuts, Sesame, Coconut, macadamia nuts, soybean, sunflower seeds, walnuts, vegetable seeds, flaxseed, etc...

You can extract 100% pure edible oil without any chemicals in front of your eyes. This oil is highly hygienic and healthy. It will prevent you from heart deceases.

You can also use wastage generated by a machine in various applications.

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