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It is what we do that defines us. And what We do is help Architects, Interior Designers and Construction firm owners to scale their business by connecting them with top skilled execution teams of a city and reduce their rework losses by giving them the power of managing their businesses better so they can focus more on what they love doing. We building this platform that will reduce the barrier to business expansion for architects and interior designers. Will be launching in a couple of months. This platform will be called KreativBricks. Here's are some benefits of this platform: - Workforce availability eliminates geographic barrier for business scalability. - CPM based project management for boosting your firm's performance. - Seamless convergence of all agencies and stakeholders on a single platform. - Easy to adapt, a simple learning curve to scale across all your projects. - Execution teams onboarded by Ars/IDs themselves, ensuring a quality workforce. Execution teams (contractors) are the biggest part that contributes to the success or failure of a project.

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