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Our company’s name is Novem Fores Naturelle Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd .The first two words are derived from Latin : Novem means NINE and Fores means DOORS in English and that’s how our Brand NINE DOORS® originated. In such a measured life, where we have dynamic deliberations, we follow to live within the encompassed world of nine doors. The salient nine doors signify: nava-dvāre pure dehī In Hindu philosophy, one of its branches emphasizes on the nine universal substances, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, Time, Space, Soul, and Mind. We at Nine Doors, create Herbal Products by inculcating centuries old Hindu science of therapeutic known as Ayurveda. We have infused modern & amp; classical formulations based on the true classical Ayurveda preparation. We judiciously maintain the safety and efficacy of inherent Ayurvedic principles. We did a deep dive and explored the consumer bazaar and comprehended that there is dearth of premium herbal products relevant to skin, care and hair regime along with joint and muscle care. And NINE DOORS has established that array of premium products in personal skin care like handmade soaps, lip balms, lotions, cream, and scrubs infused of Ayurvedic properties. We also cater to hair care solution like hair oil, shampoo bar, herbal hair colour products. Last but not the least we have the perfect in-house solution for your joints and muscle care oil. Our entire exclusive ranges of products have exceptional Ayurveda properties along with herbal Composition amalgamated in balanced proportion. We use plants-based ingredients for achieving better health and restoring back one’s health to normalcy without any worry about side effects. At Nine Doors we strive in creating the perfect balance to energize the nine elements in the universe with human body. It’s a one-stop solution for your skin and hair care regime.

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