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When our founder Jiten Agarwal came back from Singapore to India to join family-run spices business, he was shocked by the profuse use of pesticides and chemicals in the food. He felt that this was not the reality he envisioned for Modern India. He also was deeply moved by Farmer’s condition across India and wanted to work with them to make their life better. Today we work with local farmers across India to produce the best quality spices. We make sure every ingredient that goes into your plate is passed through several quality checks and grown sustainably.



Customers First

We believe in providing the best services to our customers. Our customers are the sole reason we strive for excellence. We want to make sure that the customer’s food is filled with nutrition and aroma with our high-quality spices used as ingredients. We here believe that no customer is a small customer. We treat every customer as a first customer and with high priority.


Never Compromise On Quality

We at Justspices take oath in making sure we never compromise in quality. We make sure that we source the best quality produce from the farm and process it hygienically and naturally. We have 20 years of experience in sourcing the best quality spices from India and exporting it to the world. We want to bring that export quality to our Indian consumers


Work For And With Farmers

India is a country that is blessed with so many farmers that work hard to make sure we get food. Yet the farmer community is extremely poor and backward in our country. We want to change that. By removing any middleman and adopting the ``Farm to Fork`` model we work with our farmers to enrich their life and providing them above market rate of their produce. So, next time when you buy spices from JustSpices not only you are getting high-quality ingredients but you are also supporting our farmers.


Strive For Best

At JustSpices, we always strive for nothing but the best. It starts with a first seed sown in our Indian soil and ends at your plate. We make sure that there are no quality misses in this entire process. We have achieved mastery and hired experts in fields of Agriculture, Food Packing and Producing to make sure customers get the best quality food.

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Bay Leaves tej patta
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Big Cardamom
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Carom Seed (Ajwain)
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Chat Masala
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Clove laung
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Coriander Seed Dhania
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Cumin Seed Jeera
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Flax Seed Alsi
Save 35%
400 260
Garam Masala
Save 68%
200 64
Pan Mukhwas
Save 58%
500 210