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We’ve brought hundreds of qualified manufacturers and suppliers into one marketplace. You can list and sell products without ever having to buy inventory up front or pack and ship orders. is that the answer to all or any, that continues to serve you with such a typical B2B platform wherever multitudinous makers, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, service suppliers, etc. have registered in. a whole resolution supplier to all or any your business queries, KHOJinINDIA is that the destination wherever business enterprises have benefited by a lot of required promotion and exposure within the current situation of the worldwide market.

KHOJinINDIA has become a powerful supply of responsibleness thanks to the employment of unmatchable technology and innovative measures. This online B2B directory is that the home of multitudinous merchandise and businesses across the world and therefore it is the perfect destination for each one WHO desires to witness a bloom within the international trade situation.

What Advantages Selling Product through KHOJinINDIA Marketplace

KHOJinINDIA Online Marketplaces allow you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces provides a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs.
The potential advantages to be gained by joining an KHOJinINDIA online marketplace will vary between industries and businesses, and indeed between buyers and sellers.
Advantages of online marketplaces for your business

Some of the potential benefits are summarised below:

it provides an additional channel to market and sell your products
the platform offers reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels
it allows new opportunities for overseas sales - there has been noted online marketplace growth in the categories of homeware, pets, fashion and sporting goods
they are popular with customers and offer a convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source being part of an established online marketplace provides a level of trust between you and the buyer impartial reviews of your products and service may give new customers the confidence to buy they offer opportunities to establish new trading partnerships with traders and suppliers, either within your supply chain or across supply chains
they provide greater transparency - availability, prices and stock levels are accessible in an open environment it is possible to operate a round-the-clock - time constraints and problems with varying international trading hours are removed.

Advertise and get your products noticed

Sell Globally to customers around the world

When you sign up for KHOJinINDIA-Marketplace, you can reach customers in upto National + other countries, and give your products global reach

How to Grow business -Expanding into Global markets.

Whether you’re selling erasers or carburetors, we can probably guess one of your biggest business concerns: finding and attracting new customers.

The good news is that a world of potential customers is out there, just waiting to buy what you’re selling. You just have to think a little more globally.
If you have any doubts that selling internationally is a real opportunity for your business, just look at the numbers: according to a Forrester Research, cross-border B2C e-commerce is expected to more than double to reach $629 billion by 2022.1 And with broadened Internet availability, buyers in developing – and even established – markets will have better access to businesses that sell products online all over the world. Businesses just like yours with KHOJinINDIA Marketplace.

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