Anant Raj Industries


With an enviable track record since its inception in 1969, Anant Raj Limited has become synonymous with the highest quality, excellence and innovation in the field of construction and real estate development. The founding principles of honesty, professionalism and eco-friendly business practices have equipped the group to be at the forefront in changing the skyline of the National Capital Region with its pioneering developments.

As one of India's leading infrastructure development enterprise armed with an extensive land bank, the group is in the process of revolutionizing corporate spaces with the development of Special Economic Zones and IT Parks. On the societal front Anant Raj Limited is committed to delivering institutions for education, hospitals and healthcare centres. The group also promises to enhance the quality of millions of lives by ushering in world class residential / service apartment facilities as well as amusement, leisure and recreational infrastructure.

We at Anant Raj Limited are uniquely poised to leverage the existing real estate development in the National Capital region by constantly enhancing our land bank portfolio, guaranteeing the highest quality levels and professionalism, and by continually innovating on both marketing and construction technology fronts.

Anant Raj Limited is deeply committed to value creation for our shareholders through prudent financial management, maintenance of global quality standards, professionalism and adherence to business ethics.

Anant Raj Ltd. has hived off some of its businesses into a Projects Division under a new entity that is Anant Raj Global Ltd. The businesses and leadership under Anant Raj Global Ltd. have been mentioned in the projects division of this website. Anant Raj Ltd. under the leadership of its Chairman Mr. Ashok Sarin shall continue its focus on its ongoing projects listed under the Real Estate division of this website. The company has clearly defined an action plan for execution of all its projects under the Real Estate Division and is also expanding its future project folios at a very rapid pace.