Double Bed Sheet Digital Printer

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Vee Kay Enterprises

Bharat Wadhwa

5/7, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area
Kirti Nagar
New Delhi - 110015, India

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Product Specification

| Inks | 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors optional, support with reactive, acid, pigment and sublimation ink |
| High Speed Print Output | Delivery quality produce speed 50 m2/hr |
| Agglutinant non Tension Belt System for Transporting Media | Fit for knitting fabric (elastic or inelastic) & Woven fabric print |
| Automatic Belt Clean Dry Installation | Always keep the belt for drying in order to support print continuously |
| Infrared Heating Installation | Dry quickly the fabric after printing, without belt residue and cross color |
| Print Format | PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AI etc. (RGB/CMYK) |
| RIP | Texprint, PhotoPrint Seeget |
| Temperature | 20-30dig C |
| Humidity | 45-75% RH |
| Gross Power | 5.5 kW |
| Pakaging Dimension | 3630mm x 2280mm x 1980mm (LxWxH) |
| Minimum Order Quantity | 1 Piece |

Product Description

We are Offering Digital Textile Printer Resolution & Speed - High quality mode 720x1440dpi 26m'/hr - Standard mode 360x1440dpi 50m'/hr - High speed mode 360x720dpi 80m2/hr Print Head - 4 EPSON DX5 print heads - Minimum 3.5 pl variable ink-drop nozzle - Absorb ink automatically, ink Stack protect system self provided Charging Method - Release cloth automatically, optional tension system can be chosen Automatic belt clean & dry installation Infrared heating installation. Media - Modalities Roll to Roll media - Specification Max width 1.8 meters, unlimited length - Classification Cotton, Silk, Wool, Cashmere, Polyster, Chinlon and other chemical fiber fabrics High Quality Digital Print - Maximum output 1440 dpi, high definition images - Minimum 3.5 pl variable ink-drop prnt technology Dedicated digital print color soft - 4 EPSON five generations high-precision nozzle enables output more exquisite Suit for multiple fabrics - Reactive ink, acid ink, pigment ink, sublimation ink, disperses ink - 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors ink optional - Adapt to cotton, silk, linen, wool,nylon, polyester and other fabrics E-Press New Features - Equipped with new auto cleaning function, pneumatic system - Equipped with auto feeding control system, adopt air swelling shaft roller - Equipped with material auto- flatten system - Equipped with auto band correction function - New stretching and control system - Enlarged infrared tube heaters - New drying system - Printing width enlarged to 1.8 meter, look grand and magnificent

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