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Multi Crop Harvester

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Multi Crop

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  •  Multi Crop It is a true Multi Crop combine Harvester capable of harvesting multiple crops - paddy, wheat, corn, barley, pulses & soybean effectively and efficiently.
  •  Compact Size Its body is compactly designed which makes it a true compact-sized combine harvester for uneven, wet, and swampy and small fields.
  •  Lightweight Fieldking Multi crop combines a harvester is a light-weight machine that reduces the earth's pressure and makes it convenient for the operation in swampy and wet fields.
  •  Cutter bar Its cutter bar is 2.2 meters which help in harvesting more acres per hour and it has a large feeding bridge for better feeding capacity.
  •  Track Type It's Longer & wider rubber track causes less ground pressure which makes its operation smoother and quicker in swampy, uneven, and wet fields.
    •  Engine It has 88 HP powerful Engine which makes it's harvesting operations smoother and quicker
    •  Fuel Tank & Grain Tank Capacity It's fuel tank capacity is 130 liters, Grain Tank capacity is 1400 liters due to which it causes less downtime in refueling and unloading of grains which results in more productivity
    •  Thresher Type It has a linear type Thresher which results in lesser damage of grains and grains are much more cleaner & unbroken during grain processing operation in the thresher
    •  Easy Control HST (Hydrostatic Transmission) with 40cc & electromagnetically operated valves for high efficiency and easy steering and operations in the field
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