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Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus combines 5 essential nutrients, calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. It includes calcium from algal sources found in the deep waters off the coast of Iceland, which is one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of calcium. Vitamin D is critical for calcium absorption from the gut to the bloodstream in your body. Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and zinc supports a healthy immune system. Manganese for normal formation of connective tissue.


  1. Not only your bones and teeth need calcium, but your body also uses it for a lot of different things like critical metabolic functions as cardiovascular function, muscle function, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling, and hormone secretion.
  2. Calcium is an essential nutrient that needs to be taken as part of a healthy diet.

Suggest uses

Potential Users –

  1. This product is recommended for adults and adolescents (12 years and above), all individuals who want to support their diet with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D
  2. People with inadequate dietary intake

Suggested Use –
Take one tablet, two times daily with meals


  1. Build bones while you are still young! If you get plenty of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc in your early stages in life, these act like investing in inner strength for years to come
  2. Your bones act as a repository by storing calcium within their structure. But, if you don’t get enough dietary calcium every day, your body will steal it from your bones for essential body functioning, making your bones brittle



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